Tid Bits Gathered Here and There

The following are profound thoughts from one of our readers, N. L. Nichols. Read, digest, and enjoy.


What is kinetics? It is of motion or produced by motion. It is the study of the relationships between motion and the forces affecting motion.

Without motion there would be no creation. Motion is an energy of life. Motion creates change in space and time. Motion is the life process and affects living. Motion and change are intertwined.

Although a direction can be changed in motion, one cannot destroy the force of opposition which creates motion. A motion can be misdirected by the lack of harmony in opposition which, in turn, causes an imbalance in the life force. This imbalance of motion produces discord in the fulfillment of potential within the creative Light Force. The vibration of discord serves the assembly of dissolution rather than the Infinite.

Love is the motion of Creation for the many universes of existence. All that exists is an image of the Creators motion. The definition of Love is a place where opposites resides in harmony. The force that carries the creative energy of Love can be described as opposition moving in harmony with all of Creation.

Light is born out of opposition from the enfolding womb of darkness. Light moves from the source of intention through the darkness of potential. Our senses at birth and death are aware of the dark before the light. Yet, many people associate the word dark or black with mystery, magic, or witchcraft. It is my belief that the darkness of space is a combination of the life forces and vibrations of Creation. These life forces and vibrations "inverse into darkness; to be carried froth at speed greater than the speed of light. We have been led to believe darkness in space is determined by the absence of light. Darkness is not the absence of light. It is the totality of light, not separate from light. Metaphysically speaking, darkness is the enfolding of harmonic vibrations of potential creation. It carries the illumination of intention. As the potential in all things created unfold, we see the light coming from the darkness of space. We are looking at the potential of Creation. Only through this force of darkness is the force of Light realized.  In this three dimensional plane of existence, we have come to associate through our emotions, the meaning of darkness with death, evil, and/or the absence of light.  We see an object with no color because it is absorbing all the radiation from light and reflecting none. And we define color by what is reflected off an object or mass.

When I speak of darkness, I must say a few words on shadows. It does not have the same meaning. Visually, it is duplication of an object expressed in light and shadow. Spiritually, a shadow moves between the source of light and the receiver of that light. It interferes with free-will and choice of both the sender and the receiver.

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