Meet White Dove - Oneness Blessing Giver

wtdove2.JPG (11393 bytes)The "White Dove" name was given at two years of age by her Angelic playmates. "We are from your guardian Angel Gabriel, and when the time is right there will be three confirmations, when they come to pass you will become a MESSENGER OF SPIRIT and start using your rightful name." In the late 1980's an Apache, a Cheyenne and the third, a vision in 1991 from the spiritual Indian Hierarchy let her know the time was now.

During this same time, "White Dove" had her third Near Death Experience. This left no doubt in her mind! She has a mission to fulfill now. Yes, she is to be a Messenger of Spirit but more important, she is to set and be a living example of Unconditional Love and Peace. This she does in her messages (readings), counseling, teachings, hands on healing and in her newsletter WHITE DOVE'S MESSAGE. In January 1997, the Zavena name was given to her during an initiation ceremony. She was told her life is no longer hers for now she is a Cosmic Inter-Galactic Server. Her life is now to be one of service. Again she would know when to start using her full name Zavena WhiteDove; this happened, September 21, 1997.

She interacts with many of the Ascended Masters but Kuthumi seems to be there most often. PUMON, TaLONA, and THE GOLDEN ONE are entities from the world of light giving direction and guidance. An Indian mentor, SILVER EAGLE is constantly with her as is FIREFLY, a lightbeing, and TruSonA has recently arrived and is now guiding her in other modalities of healing and KNOWING."

Pinkdot.gif (110 bytes)Auras
Purpledo.gif (108 bytes)Pastlives and regression
Pinkdot.gif (110 bytes)Contacting departed loved ones
Purpledo.gif (108 bytes)Contacting Angel and Spirit guides
Pinkdot.gif (110 bytes)Contacting the World of Light and your Light Beings
Purpledo.gif (108 bytes)Reiki Master/Teacher/Practitioner and attunements
Purpledo.gif (108 bytes)Soul Retrieval
Pinkdot.gif (110 bytes)16th Dimension A.G.L.E. Healing, Executor and Infusions l - XII
Purpledo.gif (108 bytes)Raindrop Technique, *Vitaflex, *Emotional Release, *Oils of Bible 
Purpledo.gif (108 bytes)Young Living Therapeutic Organic Essential Oils and Balancing
Pinkdot.gif (110 bytes)Color Healing on-site and distant
Purpledo.gif (108 bytes)Dream Interpetations

Absent, spiritual, emotional healing, cleansing and realignment,  in person, by phone, regular or e-mail. Appointment necessary prior to reading or  healing.

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