Tid Bits Gathered Here and There

Indigo and the Tree of Life

The perfection of Creation is represented by the Tree of Life. The sap that runs through the Tree is the force of Creation. It is the enfolding of the light of creation represented by the combination of all the spectrum within light. When man lost his/her grace of understanding, s/he lost the sustenance of the Life force. Therefore; the enfoldment of darkness (their potential) could only be seen and felt from the outside, in. Now, when we balance our physical, mental, and soul centers, or our Shikhinah, we are activating the I AM within. What happens when we realize this activation, We become as the Creator.

What do I mean when I say we will become as the Creator? We are using the forces of creation within, to sustain and nourish our mind, body and soul. For example; The blood (sap) from the tree of our body runs through the many branches in our bio-system. Each system takes its nourishment from the different vibrations inherent in the electromagnetic spectrum. Our system will not require to receive motion from another source of light against that source's will. Nor, will we send our motion where it is not needed nor wanted.

The black cube of Mecca represents the Life Force of God outside ourselves. When the outside is inverted to the inside center1 it will become the sign that mankind will again function in the image of Adam Kadmon*. We will be a spiritual being first and a physical being second. We will be able to transform mass. We will be able to move mountains with our kinetic energy of thought. We will sense the motion of an object and move with it rather than oppose its motion.

(Editors note: Adam Kadmon reference the Keys of Enoch

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