Tid Bits Gathered Here and There

Assembly of Dissolution

We chose to come into this physical world to experience the opposites for the evolution of creation. Through this knowledge will we understand the Laws of the Creator and become Co-Creators with the One. Now this becomes a dilemma for the assembly of dissolution. They do not want to have their authority usurped, their power lies in keeping us from ascending into the higher planes of knowing.

Satan is the head of the assembly of dissolution, the deceiver, the great pretender of enfolding. Satan Became the product of opposition to loving that which was created. How? Through fear. Fear breeds anger, hatred, bigotry and rage, all the forces that keep us from the I AM within. All these forces are what the assembly of dissolution relies on for its power. How can we, in this physical dimension, defend ourselves against dissolution? First of all we have to love all that is created. It is for us to neutralize the imbalance or discord of opposition. We first have to forgive ourselves of all past and current fears, anger, rage and hurts. As we forgive ourselves, we forgive others, it is the true power of Love. We are now ready to Love ourselves. As it has been said, "Love Thy Neighbor As Thyself". We have now put back in us what has surrounded us since our fall from grace in the Garden of Eden. In this period of transition through self Empowerment, we need to thank God for the opportunities to experience the opposite of love.

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