Why I AM connected to Sri Amma/Bhagavan
& Astrological Experience of Oneness

It may seem strange to some for me to start this narrative back in November 2009, then again for those who know me it won’t seem strange at all.  And it starts with dreams, here again it won’t seem strange to some, others,….well we will see. For those of you unknown to me, much comes to me in dreams and I pay attention when information comes to me in this manner.

 Early November 2009, I started having dreams about India, elephants, ashrams and a golden ball.  When the dreams became more frequent and as often happens with more detail, similar to building a story, I began to take notes. The more notes, the more detail.  I wanted to go to sleep and dream of all this beauty, receive information and jot down notes and see how many new pieces of information came each morning.  As the dream story was building, the one constant was the Gold Ball and feeling of togetherness and family.  The only thing that was familiar to me was the music, dancing and elephants and monkeys and cows everywhere.  After a while, the dreams took a decidedly different turn and I was shown people of all nationalities coming and entering a beautiful white building with dome and spirals and all spread out.  It nearly took my breath away and I felt such vibration just looking at it.  I entered my dream and became one and walked inside,………….it was an awesome feeling.  I didn’t want to leave.  There was such love for all who were there.  People of all ages, very young, very old, physically fit and those who were challenged were gathered.  I wanted to stay and somehow knew that was not possible at this time. 

After this feeling another constant was in my dream, the Gold ball and the beautiful peace & love filled white dome building.  The next night (after this had gone on for several weeks, sometimes skipping a night but always taking up where it had left off), the dream changed and I was seated with all these people on the floor looking to the east toward a man and a woman sitting in elevated chairs.  There was melodious music in the background that enhanced the feeling of love with these people.  The man started speaking and was saying we were all family in oneness not sameness.  It was difficult to understand him due to his heavy dialect so I closed my eyes to hear better.  I did hear better and felt with each word the pure love and truth that emanated from him.  What I saw and felt from this man and the woman sitting there was pure and sustaining and penetrating.  It stayed with me for the next several days.  The dreams stopped and only came intermittently and would replay the last several dreams from sitting inside the white domed building to being on the floor with all the other people.  The last date I had the dreams was January 15, 2010. 

Occasionally bits and pieces of the dreams would come back when I was awake and I would get that wonderful tingly loving oneness family feeling and the gold ball almost as a background.  For many years there have been a group of us that engage in working with energies of all kinds to heal, manifest and transform. This group has members all over the world and is named the Central Plains Reiki Confluence group.  Some of the many energies we work with are from Usui Reiki, 9th dimensional AGLE, Shamanic, Medicine Buddha, spiritual, pure essential organic oils, and all interact and are harmonious together.  The 9th dimensional Angelic Golden Liquid Energy is also very much like the energy I felt when I kept seeing the Gold Ball.  One man in our group, Art, found and shared with our energy group, CPRC, information he had about something that had just started in the Wichita area in early March 2010.  It was called the Oneness Blessing of Kansas and met each Tuesday evening on the west side of town.   I became interested  and went to one of the meeting on a Tuesday evening.*** It didn’t have the feel I remembered from my dreams so didn’t go back. (***Later when I did return, no one remembered seeing me.  Now I shape shift a lot and I bi-locate; could this be what I had done on this one Tuesday in late March, when no one remembered seeing me?)  More information started coming to me about this Oneness Blessing even from out of the state, so I paid more attention. I, passed onto our group when they were having initiation training locally in Derby, then in Bellaire, both times I was busy so couldn’t go even if I had wanted. 

Then, Collette, a dear friend from Wisconsin forwarded something about the Oneness Blessing movement with much more information and I felt the stirring of what I had felt in my dreams.  She was coming to Wichita for Easter weekend and would stop and visit.  She and her daughter Robyn who lives here came over and asked if I wanted to go to a Oneness Blessing meeting they were having that evening.  I said sure……….they came back and it was on the east side of town where I live and was to be held at Barbara’s home.  It was very cool that evening, even so, we met outside and bundled with blankets, sat in chairs, mats and had a fire going.  She played music similar to what I heard in my dreams and I closed my eyes and almost felt at peace. Many people came and quite a few I knew.  There was one young man, Michael from California that had such a golden beautiful aura surrounding him, I kept staring. After a brief meditation, with music still playing in background several got up and came to some of us and laid their hands on our heads for a short time.  The awesome tingling feeling, wow, it was good especially from Michael.  Still, the warm feeling contrasted with the cool evening air and felt wonderful.  We then went inside, had refreshing tea and were invited to come again in the morning, Easter morning, before services to receive the Oneness Blessing again.  They may have said that night, tho I think I would have remember what they called what they were doing to us.  I later learned we had been given a blessing and the Sanskrit word  is Diksha or Deeksha, which means Blessing.

After this evening event, I researched as much as I could but still didn’t seem inclined to become a Oneness Blessing Giver, which is what those people were except for Michael who is also a trainer.  I continued to receive email and snail mail about this.  One piece of snail mail also had other opportunities to learn relative to the Oneness and it was from a long time dear friend, Rainbow Mooon, from Kansas City, MO area.  I had tapped into her over the years but hadn’t heard from her,…………was this a coincidence or invitation to seek more about the Oneness Blessing and the Avatars behind it.  It definitely was for me an opportunity to renew my friendship and to further my research about the Oneness Blessing.  She was giving a one-day workshop on Chakra balancing with crystal singing bowls but was so much more.  She included vital information about Sri Amma and Sri Bhagavan, the Avatars behind this awesome movement.  The more I heard, the more I hungered to hear.  She has a very special manner of storytelling vital information that makes you want to hear more.  Yes, it is scientific, esoteric, magical, factual, all types of information but told in a very digestible way that you want more.  Angie, another friend that I rode with to KC,  and I couldn’t get enough.  We took numerous notes; felt emotions long buried, released much and came back for more.  There were several Oneness Blessing Givers there and we, the group, received many blessings in the form of Diksha.  Because Angie and I had been infused with the AGLE energy (see other article in WhitedoveMessage website on AGLE), this felt so warm, familiar yet different and was awesome and felt like a fuzzy warm energy seeping into our brains.

The Gold Ball is very significant with Sri Bhagavan as it is something that he has seen all his life, beginning when he was a young child.  The energy is similar but very different to what AGLE is and feels, however, there is a big connection as they both come from the Divine.  This Gold Ball energy is also used  quite differently.

The day, Angie and I took this Chakra class was May 16, 2010 in KC at the Aquarius Book Store.  It truly was one of the days that changed our lives.  We met so many wonderful friends and danced and had so much fun even tho we were processing all this newfound information and energy. Rainbow gave each information about an upcoming  Oneness Blessing event Awakening to Oneness, Kansas City July 9, 10, & 11th.  The whole month of July is alight with planet and moon configurations with a solar and a lunar eclipse, all of which are energetic, electrifying and awesome. Roller coaster rides!!!

Angie and I decided we were going even before we read all the details.  We talked it up with our friends and several others wanted to go as well, alas other priorities came up and only Sarah went with us. That weekend was truly transforming.  The planets and moon and all energies were contributing to this event…………..and event it was.  Awesome event!.  The trainers for this wonderful transformative and life changing happening were Patrick Wise from India, Debra Garver from Oklahoma City, OK and Katherine Frink from Kansas City area.  It was a very emotional, blissful, joy-filled, happy, and gigglely time spent with many of our new Oneness Family.  We are all tied to each other and shared experiences that only we can relate to.  If we attempt to share with others who weren’t there, they could never comprehend, only if they also took the training could they understand.  Much of what happened was so personal that even now, I hesitate to share all of it.  The kid in each of us literally came out to play as we danced for 49 minutes around the huge room at the Northland Yoga Center in Richland, MO operated by Catherine.  Angie, Sarah and I were hosted by Catherine and husband Philip for the weekend.  Phillip was also in the Oneness Blessing Givers training as we were and the chef for the whole weekend as well.  Some wonderful divine food was consumed, as it seemed we all had a bottomless pit.  All the energy moving in and out made us very hungry.

Prior to our going to the OBG initiation in July, Rainbow suggested we received as much Diksha as we could.  The other OB meeting dates held in Wichita conflicted with our schedules so I continued to have my Wednesday evening class for this Diksha sharing, after rearranging a couple others.  This timing also coincided with the Heartland Oneness Group meeting on Wednesday night.  This felt right. Art, who had gone to the Bellaire OBG initiation came over and gave our Diksha blessings to us.  This same group still meet and more are asking to come.  It is Wednesday evening 6:30 to 8pm and we use the teachings of Sri AmmaBhagavan, tune our charkas, listen to the MoolaMantra and other music and give each other blessings of Diksha.  Any in the surrounding area who are interested in coming are more than welcome. Call to get directions.  At present with the very warm weather, we are meeting outside in nature. 

There has been so much transformation within each of us, it is mind boggling, like funny, but happy & weird.  We break into laughter, act like a kid, & do a lot of inner healing.  Absolutely wonderful and I wouldn’t change any of this for the world.  I am so happy that I paid attention to my dreams last year and took notes.  Had I not, perhaps, things would have been different and I wouldn’t be typing this information to share with you.  Perhaps I wouldn’t be changing and loving every minute and wanting to tell all I see they too can feel blissful, joyful, work thru their early childhood problems with guidance and have them be healed.  I do pay attention and that is the main reason why this story is happening and on my website, for you and all to see. 

Each one of us will have a different experience with the initiation of becoming a Oneness Blessing Giver.  Just as each of us experience every other event in our life, in a very unique way.  There are portions that I willingly share, some I still hold very close to my heart and others are laid out for a select few.  The change, transformation continues just as you peel away the very thin layers of an onion, so the healing process takes place.  Allow it to happen. Be in the moment and live thru each moment.  Sri Bhagavan says: “All things happen automatically.”  You really are not in any control of your life as you think you are.


Awaken to Oneness

What happens when you Awaken to Oneness?  There are four factors involved in the Awakening Process. Namely, first of all, the Teaching: there must be a right understanding of the Teachings. Second, there must be passion to become Awakened. Thirdly, the process must be done with a high level of awareness and attention. And lastly, you must be able to invoke Divine grace to help you in the process.

It’s very important that the Teaching is correctly understood. Now, in the process, we could use any teaching from any faith, from any teacher, but, it must be rightly understood.  There must be great passion to become Awakened. And how do you get passion? Anybody who is seeking Awakening must be intensely aware of the mediocrity of one’s life. No matter how successful you are, how famous you are, still your life is only mediocre unless and until you become Awakened. Unless you realize this, the passion to be awakened would not be there.

Then we come to the Process. The Process must be done without a break; that is the key factor. And, you must put in the right effort which means not excessive effort or not under effort. It means optimum effort, just the right amount of effort. Too much, also would not produce the results.

Then we come to Grace. Now, (for) Grace, you have to invoke the Divine in whatever form, in whatever way you prefer. There are no conditions attached. But invoke you must….. You could invoke the divine the way you have been used to invoking the Divine based on your culture, your religious belief or whatever has been your idea of the Divine. You could use your icons. Touch them. If touching is not allowed, you could look into the eyes of your icon. If touching and looking into the icon’s eyes are not allowed, you could touch your holy books; the Holy Bible or the Holy Koran or any other holy text. If that also is not permitted then you could just pray as usual to the Divine. (excerpt with permission from the Awaken to Oneness, Kansas City class book and http://www.onenessmovementflorida.org/webcast-5-2-10.htm {pgs 1-2} 5-5-2010)

Diksha and Awakening

Awakening to Oneness cannot be attained. It must be given. Oneness Blessing (Oneness Diksha) is the direct transference of an intelligent sacred energy which causes the heart to flower and initiates a neurobiological change in the brain.  This brings a shift in perception and the realization that the sense of a separate self is an illusion. This is not just another concept, but an experience of Oneness with all of Creation and with the Divine Presence. (excerpt with permission from the Awaken to Oneness, Kansas City class book, pg 5)    “…When one individual becomes Awakened, s/he could affect as many as a hundred thousand people. That is the power of an Awakened Being.” Sri Amma/Bhagavan (pg 12)

If I have whetted your appetite for more information as I have intended, please consider researching more information from the following websites. http://www.onenessuniversity.org  http://www.worldonenesscommunity.com/group/onenessheartland http://www.meetup.com/Oneness-Oklahoma/  
Astrogical Experience to Oneness, just one of the many opportunities that continue to come for our education, awareness and connection to the Oneness Family.  Rainbow, has for years, charted astrological charts for people and is just now seeing the need to continue.  In fact, I have one of her Lunarian charts from 1993, when she was doing everything by hand.  In July she contacted me with the information that she was offering to the Oneness Blessing family and  public a course on astrology and the connection to Oneness.  The course would be in honor of and dedicated to Sri Amma, whose birthday is August 14.  The Astrological Experience of Oneness was to be held on August 15 at the Northland Yoga Center in riverside, MO.  Well, when I heard about this I jumped on the bandwagon and told everyone.  Again many wanted to go although commitments were already made and again it was Angie and I.

Using energy throughout my life and now teaching about it was more than reason for me to know specifics.  I know the planets have such an impact on when you were born, but,….boy, not until I was in the class did I learn just how much.  Sure, you can pick up the Horoscope magazine or newspaper and check out what it has to say about your sun sign.  Each of us is so much more than our sun sign.  Thousands of people share your birthday, but no one shares exactly the time, alignment of certain planets and longitude and latitude that you have.  Where you born, time zone, daylight savings time, exact time you were born, all have an impact and are the reason you chose that particular time to be born. 

Rainbow teaches that the sun is just a very small piece of the puzzle and the moon and planets and your Soul have so much more to make you who you are.  With her permission I will share with you some of what she wrote in the Astrological Experience of Oneness, Course Book compiled by Rainbow Mooon  and is under copywrite.  I will excerpt portions I know you will find interesting.

Before I do share that information, I will also say that she is offering this to the Oneness community and to the general PUBLIC. For those of you reading this in the Kansas City area, she has an advertisement with a coupon you might want to check it out.  This is just the first of many on this awesome and enlightening topic.    Yes you can take this course again, and you can go up in levels of understanding.  Astrology in itself is a science, and it is so much more. There is an order that if you pay attention will benefit you in ways you will appreciate.  The connection with Oneness also shows that we think we are in control of our lives but we are not.  As Sri Bhagavan says: “All things are happening automatically.”


Astrological Experience of Oneness

Awakening to Oneness opens the doors of Consciousness, enhances memory retention, heals hurts and brings unconditional love to relationships, instills compassion and infuses vitality, heals the body by healing the mind, helps build love and appreciation for the Divine Self, creates a prosperity consciousness, and removes blocks that hinder success.

Receiving the Oneness Blessing on a regular basis definitely aids in your experience of Oneness. But understanding your astrological consciousness reveals the cycles and rhythms chosen by your Higher Self, and thus delineates the energetic patterns that specifically outline your pathway into you fully awakening to the Divine within you.

The Oneness Teachings strongly recommend we review and understand our earliest relationships with our parents and siblings; that our individual awakening is basically dependant on healing those first hurts and resolving inherited fears. Though forgiveness and gratitude seem to be necessary components to all that we do collectively on our spiritual journeys, these concepts seem to hinge on the idea that as evolving beings we have hidden agendas of Soul growth that our conscious personalities do not always recognize.

This introductory course is a great deal more than a discussion of your Sun Sign, it is an exploration of your fuller natal astrological makeup, and offers a deeper comprehension of your potential for awakening to the Self and to others in your life. The class introduces integral astrology as a method by which to uncover the “hidden agenda” of your Soul.

It is strongly suggested you bring a copy of your natal chart along with a notebook for note taking.

Intro to the course.  The intent and focus of this Astrological Experience of Oneness Course is that it be used as a primer for your self-discovery, for knowledge of your Self and the others around you.  Nothing written here is engraved in stone since everything has two polarities and numerous symbolic points in between.  There  could never be a definitive astrological or shamanic interpretation of anything. What we offer you are three basic tenets of neo-shamanic astrological symbolism as we see it combined with Sri Amma/Bhagavan’s Mukthi (Awakening) Teachings guiding each of us into our own Awakening into Oneness. Think of your Personal Medicine Wheel as your operator’s manual for the cycles and rhythms of your life indicating your role in Oneness.

Again whetting your appetite for more information on how you can learn more about your own self-discovery, I hope this narrative has helped.  Rainbow is bringing her Astrological Experience of Oneness to the Wichita, Kansas area.  Please feel free to call me and we will schedule a time for a class of 15, fee, what to bring, etc.  This class does take approximately five to six hours depending on questions and if you bring your natal chart.  If you require a simple natal chart Rainbow can generate for a nominal fee prior to the class.  If you are unable to attend the class and desire to have your natal chart, relocation or others generated, she can help you with that as well.  You may contact her at rbmooon1946@att.net . You may contact me Whitedove by phone 316-682-0693


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