How I Came to Re-Connect With WhiteCrow

Early in May, a young friend of mine came by for a spontaneous visit. Mandi had recently returned form a six month Greenpeace stint in Washington, DC and wanted to sit and tell me all about her experience. We sat and talked of all the new wonderful experiences she had, people, places, things she da discovered. She said the people were all wonderful and she and one roommate went on a road trip when the training was over. Seems the roommate lives in Tennessee and she wanted Mandi to see some of the sights. During the travels, they stopped at The Farm. Mandi asked if I knew about The Farm and I responded, yes. She then went on to explain a lot of things, people she saw and said there was one very interesting person there when they were. His name was Jesse WhiteCrow and he was traveling across America.

Something came over me and it must have conveyed in the expression on my face. Mandi stopped talking and asked what was the matter. I said that I knew him, rather knew of him and he had come to me in a dream about 7 or 8 months ago. I then went on to say it really wasn't a man, rather a whit crow that came to me and he was walking down the road. This dream was recurring for months and at the time of out conversation, had been sporadic but consistent, but now the white crow had turned into a man, although he was just a shape in the background. I told her that ,yes, I knew of him but not his name nor did I ever ask, I just tuned into him and had his welfare in my mind and prayers.

Soon after she left, I couldn't et our conversation out of my mind. I went to the Internet and did a search and found the web sites (listed below) linked to the site and wrote a quick note stating very briefly what had just transpired.

For whatever reason, for a time, at least we are connected by a thin veil in time and space. He is just as perplexed as I. Email is limited and precious since so many other journal entries must be posted on the blog site. For now the connection, or should I say, re-connection has taken place.

I have also been instructed by inner guidance not to go back and read all his entries, only the one about vinegar that I came across that I came across the say I searched and found his blog site. My mind is to remain unclouded and be open to him in the present moment. I am sure there will be more on this subject when the time comes and will so post here. For now, prayers form anyone who wish to are always welcome.

This incredible man is truly Walking His Talk, and is an inspiration to many of us. For any who would want to help him with this venture, you might want to send a donation to his home base which has recently moved from MA to MN. Jesse WhiteCrow c/o Betty Dunbar, 2888 Joppa Ave. St Louis Park, MN 55416. We sites are listed below and also on my links page elsewhere on this site.

Blessings for a wonderful forever - WhiteDove

WhiteCrow Walking Across America and Walking His Talk. and


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