I have always been drawn to various aromas and even as a little girl noticed how they affected me and others.  Early on I also noticed  that I could bring back a memory by invoking or remembering the aroma.  Throughout the  years when situations weren’t  exactly going the positive way, I would bake an apple pie or home made bread to ease a situation to make things better.

It is no accident that things, topics, situations, etc. return to your life when you are again ready to fully embrace them.  Each time they come, they are endowed with additional frequencies and modalities to use.

About twenty years ago, the sweet smell of aromas came into my life by way of a student. This time in the form of a healing kit with therapeutic oils.  I  remember that it was a gift, rather than me becoming a member and purchasing on my own.  This kit was called  “Raindrop Technique” and the oils and kit were by youngLIVING.  It had a video and one of the bottles of therapeutic organic essential oil was Birch, which is now no longer available. 

All the oils were still as fresh as the day I had received them, since  pure therapeutic organic essential oils NEVER lose their vitality.  You see that I have said the pure therapeutic organic oils NEVER lose their power.  Oils found in Egyptian tombs today are just as potent as they were when they were made, because they were the pure essential oils.  Unlike what you buy today for small and large amounts of money, they are mostly all diluted with additives to make them go further BUT NOT LAST LONGER, and not always for your highest good.

Twenty years ago, a seed was planted within me.  Many times I have come across the kit and thot, “I may use  this some day, I will just hang on to it.” So all these years it has been moved from storage place to storage place just waiting until I gave it some nourishment. 

Well the nourishment came last year when, Linda, a friend of mine kept talking to me about Gary Young and youngLiving and therapeutic essential oils.  She finally invited me to come experience for myself what a Raindrop Technique session felt like and told me how Gary Young came to use this particular method.  I was hooked after I got up off the table and I had grown ¾ inch.  She patiently answered all my many questions and I immediately signed up as a member.   # 969991.  This was September 2007.

That day was a turning point in my life and another door of opportunity opened for me, which I gratefully hurried thru. Since my retirement in 2006, I have been open to receiving many such opportunities from Spirit.

I started using all the oils I could to experiment on me to see just what they would do for me.  I was my own guinea pig as I am sure many of you can relate.  Before I spread the word of what things are purported to do, I had to KNOW for myself what they did for and to me.  The same for the oils and for the Raindrop Technique.

March of 2008, Jacki, another friend of mine hosted an intensive 3 day teaching  the Raindrop Technique, Vitaflex, Oils of the Bible and Emotional Release and Chemistry put on by the Center for Aroma Therapy and Research. 

I knew this was yet another sign so I said count me in and then I waited for the money to present itself for me to pay my registration fee.  When the money didn’t present itself, I told myself that I would still go for what I had money to pay: the classes were Intro to C.A.R.E., Healing oils of the Bible and Emotional Release.  These were at the end of the first day.  

When I arrived home that night, I had a phone call from, Gaia, the instructor saying she knew I was interested  and would I consider taking the rest of the intensive.  I called her right back even though it was 10:30pm.  She said that the assistant instructors in training would not get credit (since one person was a no show) and she would waive my fee until I could pay.  Talk about answers to prayers. Wow, that is exactly what I told Gaia after I said YES. 

The next day was completely booked with readings.  It was 10:30pm, late at night, so I emailed all six and said I would be unavailable for the next few days and  I thanked them for their understanding and said we would reschedule for next week. 

The payment wouldn’t be  a problem since the April Alternative Holistic Fair was coming up and I would use that income for my delayed  payment to Gaia.  At the end of the intensive or seminar teaching Raindrop Technique, you receive a certificate and can go out and start doing this sweet smelling healing on others.

I took the intensive except for the two classes in chemistry that I missed since it was earlier in the day.  I take those classes this last weekend of May in Winfield.  My friend, Linda, who introduced me is now a C.A.R.E. instructor and this is her first intensive to teach. 

I have been eagerly and lovingly doing the Raindrop Technique on my family, students, their friends and others who are guided to me and love every minute.  And I have many testimonials myself to relate, but not here yet.

And I am studying to become a C.A.R.E. instructor myself, no matter how long it takes.  That is how it happens, when you know it is something you are guided to do, you nourish the seed that it sown and let it grow.  Sometimes the growth is fast, sometimes, a little slower, but you do grow..

If you resonate with my story, you too may want to let this seed grow within you.  I am more than happy to answer any questions you may have and if I don’t know, I will find out and get back with you.  Should any of you be interested in becoming a member of youngLIVING under me, please go to the web site and click on the sign up to become a member and when prompted put in my name and number, Henria Smith, #969991. 

When you sign up to become a distributor, there are two ways; one sign up and pay the $40 and receive written information and three bottles of youngLIVING therapeutic organic essential oils or sign up for the auto ship for $150. and you start getting all products at wholesale.  You can also sign up to be just a retail customer and pay full price or as a preferred customer, (also with an auto ship) for a discounted amount but you do not earn points nor have the ability to sign others up.  All information is given in detail.

What I really love about youngLIVING therapeutic organic essential oils and the Raindrop Technique, Vitaflex, oils of the Bible, and Emotional Release is they are all electrical in nature and blend wonderfully with Reiki, AGLE and other healing modalities.  And you also use your intuition and INTENT, many of the directives I teach others.

Henria Smith, youngLIVING  #969991, certified in the Raindrop Technique, Vitaflex, Oils of the Bible and Emotional Release. 
Call for an appointment 316 682 0693.