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THE ESSENCE OF LOVE Channeled by White Dove Aug 2, 98

And the love of the great Creator and all the masters of wisdom and teachers of love be with you this day.

I am The Essence of Love speaking for all of the group Essence of Love and come to you today to commend each of you and give you counsel on these trying and wondrous times.

We are The Essence of Love and we speak as one, though we each have individual thought. ‘We are pleased to come to you this day to impart that which has long been in the mind of this one whose body and voice we use, White Dove.

Put aside the fear, the self doubt and the individual ego that says I can’t love this one or that one because......they did me wrong .....they did my neighbor wrong......they ignored me......

We say to you. LOVE ALL TO WHOM YOU COME IN CONTACT. But especially love yourself. Forgive yourself as you are right this minute.

In these awesome wondrous days you are living, you have the choice to enjoy each and every new adventure coming to you because of the accelerated energies and the noticeable changes you experience in your bodies.

You can choose to act from fear, be self indulgent and want to over protect yourself and feel the "pain" that you are experiencing. It is all up to you. The positive manner in which you perceive or look and experience will increase your tolerance to all that you desire. You will be increased in all aspects of your growth and will open to the newer vibrations that are constantly increasing.

You may choose to take the negative approach and feel the disharmony in your bodies and indeed experience what you perceive as constant imbalance due to your mind set.

Those of you who live in the heart will adjust more readily to the constant increase in fluxuating and varying degrees of energy of vibrations. Those of you who experience this immediate balance as you live each moment in the heart of love will be there for those who need the explanation and the calming healing energy you have to offer.

Choose your words and thoughts very carefully, they are more powerful now than ever before. You are actually manifesting what you think and say into reality. Shield yourself with the love of heart and unconditional love for all creation, for all situations and be there for those who need you. You have the choice as you always have and will have but the more you assist others the more we and others will assist you.

For some time, many of the masters, angels, and other dimensional entities of Light and love have been saying the energies were accelerating and requested you to work on allowing us to assist you in adjusting to these frequencies.

Many of you have the thought that was in the future and not in the now. Be aware, the now is here and the future is the now that you thought you could do later.

We are here as are all the lighted ones who have assisted those in transformation to help you rid your bodies of the fear that holds you in its grip. Open your heart to the love of feeling, of life, of helping others and stop being fear ridden and paralyzed by fear of ‘what if...’

We leave you now in the essence of love, the one heart, the group mind that speaks from the heart for your heartfelt good in these wondrous times of transformation and fulfillment. Be unique and be strong and open your heart to love unconditionally. LOVE IS POWER! With our assistance we will empower you with the Love to conquer all that is not for your highest good. Always with you, always caring and filled with love for you, we are The Essence of Love.

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