Tid Bits Gathered Here and There

Prayer of Thanksgiving

Eternal Infinite Creative Intelligence,

We do give constant thanks for all that we are about to receive, all we do receive and all we have received and not given thanks.

We know that all we receive is already given to us and it is only for us to accept to receive. All that is for our highest and most perfect good, for body, mind and soul. We know that our every need is already perceived before we can formulate the words for asking and we give thanks.

We give thanks for this life and our assignment to assist Mother Earth and the universe in their transformation. We give thanks for all the guides, helpers, spirits, angels, Light Beings, in human and or phantom or invisible form.

We give thanks for our food, clothing, shelter, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health, safety, transportation, friends and family, teachers, growth and transformation. We give thanks for our free will to make choices.

We give thanks for the plant life who offer themselves for our sustenance of food and nutrition, medicinal, emotional and spiritual well being.

We give thanks for the animal kingdom who offer themselves for those who choose to eat of their bodies. Also for their wisdom in guidance and their undying devotion in being pets and friends to us humans.

We give thanks to the bird kingdom for offering themselves for food, pets, and guidance.

We give thanks to all marine life for offering themselves to us for food, medicinal, spiritual guidance and sacred knowledge. The dolphins and whales especially do we give thanks.

We give thanks for all the mineral kingdom which is evolving at an accelerated rate and bringing forth many new varieties of crossed and mixed energies for our well being in physical, emotional and spiritual health.

We give thanks for all who come into our lives when we most need them, whether they or we are aware on a conscious level.

We give thanks for all those who have gone on before us and leave their teachings for us to follow and learn from.

We give thanks for all that in our conscious mind we have forgotten but are thankful.

We give thanks for all we receive.

We give thanks for our knowing For it is in that knowing, not in faith (which always in the future) that all we need is provided, freely given and we open to receive.

We ask. We receive. It is good. Ah Ho!


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