by ZAVENA White Dove

12-31-2006 was my last day working under strict rules and regulations. Many yeas ago this desire for liberation and passion to help others full time was sown and I was ready. However, Spirit had other plans – yes, I would liberate myself with their assistance when the time was right. And so, I waited – at times impatiently.

Seemingly on the spur of the moment in November 2006 – I was advised NOW – Do It Now! All was put in motion – my letter notifying my supervisor was titled: “I Now Reach For The Stars and Follow My Dreams”. Paperwork necessary for leaving seemed endless. It is like jumping off the precipice KNOWING I will sprout wings but still anxious due to human ties to security. There is no longer a regular automatic paycheck. There is now an abundance of spiritual energy in the form of opening doors of opportunity, connecting with like-minded people, and prosperity in forms of food, shelter and money.

A similar letter from me with the same title and including my personal farewell to those who have been like an extended family over the past 27 plus yeas was mailed. Even though I was and am always Spirit guided – it was a difficult decision. Once made, all letters and necessary paper-work and farewells made, it was less difficult to “cut the ties that bound me to the past”. It is easy when you turn all emotional and “I don’t want to let them down” type thoughts, over to spirit to handle for you, which I gratefully did.

2007, January 1, My full time Spiritual life of teaching – transforming – healing and travel is now full speed ahead. My list of things to do when I had more time: clean out the clutter, rest, catch up has gone by the way side and is replaced by my INTENTIONS and INNER GUIDANCE to do what and when time is best and always in balanced harmony. Class guidelines are coming fast and furious and in so many varied topics. Classes, teaching, networking, healing, travel are priority.

Since 2000, multidimensional information has been coming to me in mediation and dreams. My body has been fine-tuned and transformed to receive 8 th & 9 th dimensional HIGH FREQUENCY LIQUID ENERGY. I am guided now to travel (locally and worldwide) to infuse this pure LOVE energy to all healers. This is healers in all modes of traditional and non-traditional healing including but not limited to the following: Medical doctors, nurses, dentists, chiropractors, massage, Reiki, Therapists, Shamans, Medicine woman, Medicine men, ALL who are ready for this – YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE by resonating with these words. Call or e-mail for detailed information, love offering and commitment. Information continues to come and will be on going for some time. As the frequency in the human population changes so will this energy and the levels of infusion. E-mail request to There will be much more information on going the coming months. Please see also in another area more information on this and other topics.


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