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The Prophets Conference - Yucatan

Unparalleled Equinox Gathering - September 15-21, 1998

The presenters include: Elder Hunbatz Men, Zecharia Sitchin, Drunvalo Melchizedek, Joan Ocean, Robert Ghost Wolf, Miguel Angel Vergara, Merilyn Tunneshende and Dr. Edgar Mitchell. Combining Spiritual Ceremony with scholarly inquiry . Our adventure of existence demands a reenvisioning and a reconfiguration of reality. Hosted by Axiom and Elder Hunbatz Men - Maya Mysteries School. Info brochure call toll free 1-888-777-5981 or E-mail prophets@maui.net

The significance of the 1998 Autumnal Equinox and the Prophets Conference in Yucatan from Elder Hunbatz Men, Maya tradition

Ho Creator HUNAB K’U

We venerate this day when the Great Father Sun has returned to the point of balance to our Mother Earth. The sacred Mayan calendars indicate the importance of this date: 8 Lamat, 10 Yax, 8 Ahau.

It is interpreted in the following way; 21 ` 8 universal harmony. 21 - Lamat - day of the examiner - going deeply into the profound cosmic spiritual knowledge to penetrate that wisdom. September - 10 principle of evolution. September - Yax - month of chastity - in order to enter this initiatic road one must be simple and practice the discipline of purity. 1998-8-universal harmony.

1998 - Ahau - year of the great creative master, the year of the initiation when we need to seek the great master of cosmic initiation who comes to teach us of the harmony of the universe.

Ho Giver of Life HUNAB K’U

At 6 AM we present ourselves to the Sun as He rises in order for the Sun to bathe us with His wisdom of life, balancing the energy of the northern and southern lands of our American continent. When the Father Sun appears on the horizon, the planets of Mercury, Venus, Mars and Saturn will be aligned as if to welcome the Great Father Sun.

The sacred 7 large stars of the Pleiades will be also apparently align as if waiting for the Sun. This will be the hour that we human beings also will be aligned in the Mayan ceremonial center of Uxmal, waiting for the Great Father Sun to teach us the cosmic wisdom of the new time.

When the Great Father Sun begins to walk in the sacred Mayan lands, He will also visit and activate the Mayan ceremonial centers of Chacmultun, Labna, Sayil, Kabali, Xcalumk’in and Jaina. All these religious centers will be aligned to the passage of the Sun on this day because we will also be aligned to the passage of the Sun, our sacred energy will be taken by Father Sun and carried to all these ceremonial centers.

Ho Great Stars from the Pleiades of HUNAB K’U

We request that the Pleiades, the 7 messengers of HUNAB K’U, teach us to understand the sacredness of 7. We request that they instruct us on the path of entering this cosmic knowledge, so that day and at night we can access the information in order to understand how to consciously enter into this sacred wisdom.

The Father Sun that is known to all awakens in us the indication that the 7 stars of the Pleiades that we see up in the sky are also housed in our bodies. This is explained in this way in the Mayan tradition: your Father has 7 Brothers. They are the 7 great stars of the Pleiades. When our Father Sun made us He put within every human being the spirit of His 7 Brothers. For this reason, when the Maya see the body, it is know that inside there are 7 powers.

Our initiation work September 21, 1998, will be for the development of these 7 powers. The planets of Mercury, Venus, Mars and Saturn will assist us in this work, making it possible for the profound transformation that will happen in our body and spirit.

The cosmic consciousness requests of us that our 7 cosmic powers be activated, since it is only with these 7 powers that we can understand the education that emanates from the Pleiades. This will be the beginning of a change so great, that those who are unable to or do not want to enter to this change will remain as a black point lost in an unknown place.

Ho Great HUNAB K’U

Help us so that our 7 great powers awaken and we transcend into cosmic intelligence. We can then help our brothers and sisters to enter into the sacred light of knowledge. I request with all respect that all the natural forces help us so that the 7 powers each human being possesses are expressed. For it is in this way that we consciously receive the cosmic wisdom that comes to give us a better life for the new time of Aquarian era.

The Maya are the messengers, the Ancient message is specifically for us and for out time.

Elder Hunbatz Men calls for this hoemcoming as signified by the Mayan calendar.

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