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Global Coalition of Peacemakers

Tree Island Millennium Gathering - August 18-20, 1998

Greetings all Planetary Peace Workers and Warriors

I am sending this letter out to all on my mail list due to the crucial importance of this event to the success of the global goodwill movement. This event will mark the Day500 Turning Point to the New Millennium. After this gathering, we have less than 500 days left to create a MILLENNIUM MIRACLE. The need to congeal and consolidate the various groups and individuals working for peace has never been greater. I urge you or your organization to consider attending.

United we stand, divided we fall. PLANET EARTH PEACE DAY the most monumental moment in human history is fast approaching; a once-in-a-millennium opportunity to create a global focus of attention on peace and the creation of a new and better world for all life on the planet. The global awareness of the significance of the Millennium Eve and Day to create global peace is becoming apparent to those who are working to create global transformation.

Your support is needed now more than ever.

Now is the time for all individuals and organizations working for peace, social justice, environmental sustainability and the creation of a better world in any way, to join together in a concerted global initiative of collective collaboration, communication and coordination.

Peaceday2000.com fully endorses the Tree Island Millennium Gathering in Klamath Falls, OR on Aug 18-20 as a means to form a Global Coalition of Peacemakers, working together to birth a new era of global peace, goodwill and cooperation... This event coincides with the 500 Day Count up to the new Millennium, and represents a historic moment and launching platform for the birth of a new civilization of peace on planet earth.


1) Register today for the Tree Island Gathering, Fax 541-883-3136 or on the web http://www.treeisland.com The cost is negligible ($160 for 3 days, including four nights accommodation and nine meals), the setting is pristine, the organizations and individuals involved will be some of the most enlightened, visionary and talented people on the planet, and most importantly, the agenda is of vital importance to the planetary peace process.

2) Forward this message along with your words of support to members of your network, inviting their support and participation.

3) Send your letters of encouragement and prayers of support to Linda Grover and friends who are working tirelessly to create this event for the benefit of all humanity-treeisle@kfalls.net

4) Form Prayer and Meditation Groups and pass the word out to those you know to do the same. This process needs the energy and support of all people who desire peace. Form a meditation group at 12 noon on the 19th (Day500) of August to Pray and Meditate on World Peace and send blessings and energy to those working and attending the Gathering in Klamath Falls; We will be meditating simultaneously in Klamath Falls. If you cannot attend in body, then join us in Spirit!!

Together we can create MIRACLES!

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