"And if Christ be not risen, then is our preaching vain and your faith is also vain." Easter is the story
of the Cross and the Crown: of Effort and Reward: of Resurrection.

At this Season, we tender our tribute of praise for the resurrection of the springtime, for its lessons
that give birth to everlasting hope. As Mother Earth at Eastertide dons her robes of Spring, having
faith in the productivity of the soil, so Jesus donned His robe of Immortality having faith in the
persistence of the soul.

Easter has a universal significance, but the keynote is found in the idea of Resurrection. it proves
that the personal identity of the individual continues after death. Jesus' rising from the dead impinged
upon the consciousness of man the fact that life includes a resurrection for all. his demonstration of
this important cycle in basis of man's conviction that immortality is a fact. This episode transmuted
faith into knowledge. It unlocked the doors of the soul to trust, hope, knowledge and wisdom, thru
the proof that death could not conquer, nor the tomb imprison.

Man has ever lived in Eternity. Throughout eons of time countless millions have preceded us. All
mankind did not begin life at the same time, have not lived under like conditions, why should all
mankind be resurrected at one time, or under like conditions? Nothing in Nature lends proof to such
a theory. natural Law demonstrates that in each day, each year, each life, the cycle of birth, death
and rebirth are constantly taking place.

Why was Jesus crucified and resurrected? To expiate our errors? No, -so the great Christ
Principle which He taught and so able exemplified, might forever endure.

The Easter Story carries many significant lessons for the spiritualist and demonstrates several phases
of mediumship. Prophecy: "Today thou shalt be with me in Paradise." Levitation: In the lifting of
the stone. Apportism: In the disappearance of His Body. Materialization: When He appeared
before His disciples. Independent Voice: When He spoke to His disciples--all governed by Natural
Law. If demonstration of Psychic Phenomena today are not produced thru manipulation of the same
law, the same Spirit Power--why did He say: "Greater things than these shall ye do." "Go thou and
do likewise."

He demonstrated qualities that prepare the inner self for spiritual mediumship, viz: unselfish love,
boundless sacrifice, endurance, courage, serenity and loyalty.

"I have overcome the world." Death held no fear for Him. Life is universal and persistent. Earthly
life is but a moment in Eternal Time. This thought must have been embedded in His inner
consciousness. Does it not account for the calm and composure that quietly steals o'er one when the
shades of eventide begin to fall?

When about to bid adieu to Earth, Daniel Webster exclaimed, "I still live." Victor Hugo said:
"Never say to me that I am dead."
Eastertide occurs in the existence of all mankind causing life to break into eternal bloom.

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