I Remember TiMar

TiMar touched in with me in my dreams a few weeks ago, the last of September. The next night, she & KC, & the following night, she, KC & Bezon and the group as well as my Light Being companions, Pumon and TaLona.  In each of these dreams I was taken down “memory lane”, was asked to re-read TiMar’s and the groups book Travel the Winds and record our time together. This is the recording of some of our time together.

I believe the first time I saw TiMar was not the first that I knew of her. I did know her with her name of Mary Greene.  We had passed and nodded but not really gotten together. This time was in Wells, Kansas at the Sunset Spiritualist Church and camp.  I say I believe because it seems I have always been aware of her so when we met it was ‘da ja veu’   I had been working at the camp as a spiritual reader and volunteering where I could.  We, readers, workers, clients were all gathered on the north patio.  KC came up behind me put his hands on my shoulders, leaned over and gave me a butterfly kiss on my cheek and whispered “TiMar has something to say to you.”  This all felt so natural, I didn’t think about this action nor the request or statement.

TiMar said she had some information for me and was guided to give it to me.  It was to be recorded on a tape recorder but might not all come thru due to the spiritual and high frequency of the Light Beings.  This session was short and more of a memory jogger (I found out later) and I was given a short reading from my Light Being, Pumon.  I can remember that today as vividly as I did in the early 1990’s when it happened. During this reading I was given answers to many questions that I had never asked aloud to anyone.  I had only thot about but had not voiced. I was reconnected to this hi-frequency energy and the vivid impressions on my mind of what Pumon looked like briefly.  When a Light Being communicates, it is thru pure energy and colors but infrequently TiMar glimpses their shape and form. Usually this is just the head and shoulders.  This time, however, she did not see him at all but I did. {Come to find out this was not our first meeting so naturally I could see him. And interestingly, in all our time together, TiMar could never bring forth other than the frequency and color, no form. She asked a few times for me to describe so she could do a portrait likeness.  This was not to come about – after about 3 sessions when I would sit, converse and describe him – she could never do it.  I did a likeness of him.}

Time passed and I would get the tape out and listen to the static for that was what was recorded. But I understood the static and it was not the voice of TiMar.

Wells Sunset camp has always been a very harmonious location for UFO, ET and Light Beings and other sightings during camp and other times as well. I remember one day as Evelyn Logan and I were driving up from Wichita, we stopped the car for better visual.  We were almost to the camp and it was bright daylight.

TiMar and I reconnected and I would go to ET or space meetings in her home.  All the people who came were almost like family.  Her home was also my drop off location for my Whitedove’s Message Newsletter and we began seeing a lot more of each other.  She and I also worked the Spiritual fairs in Wichita.  She asked  me one day if I did the Colorado Springs and Denver fairs.  I said I had just gotten an invitation and would be.  She asked if I wanted to travel together and share expenses.  For the next several years, we traveled together going to Colorado, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Texas, and Missouri.  When we were traveling I would spell KC and TiMar driving.  During this time we became more acquainted and I became more focused on my memories of ET’s – my earliest  adventure on space ships and reconnection with many other dimensional energies and entities.

Since I was still working and couldn’t always take time off for the fair – they would come by for me about 5pm Friday and we would drive as far on I70 as we could then get a motel room.  I would pay for it going up and they would pay coming home.  We would get one room with two double beds and I would sleep in one and she and KC in the other.  KC usually slept with his head to the North or at TiMar’s feet and she with her head to the South or at his feet.  I didn’t think this odd but she did explain that the spacers, Bezon had guided them to do this. 

When we would go out to eat-it was always lengthy as TiMar couldn’t eat very fast-only little bites at a time then have to rest.  Later she would be directed by Ybon to have surgery to her esopegus and they would be in the room guiding the surgeons and she would heal very fast.  She did!

Many of the trips to Colorado we would be visibly accompanied by Bezon and the group.  We would play hide and seek with the Space ships in the clouds. More times than not we didn’t have to refuel as often as they showed us how they helped us.  They would put us in an invisible bubble-we would continue down the highway and the odometer would continue to work but we used no fuel for up to 50-70 miles.  It would seem and feel like we were hydroplaning. KC or TiMar or I could literally spin the steering wheel and we would still be on a straight course.  These trips were training for us and fun while learning.  {Years later in my own vehicle, I have hydroplaned and it wasn’t raining or wet and used no gas and took less time in my many travels to Parsons to see family and KC to see my dying cousin. This didn’t happen often but when it did, I was very appreciative in knowing they were near and in conserving fule and taking care of me especially in dense foggy drives in hilly country.  The group was with me. Maybe just their way of staying in touch in a familiar manner, for I always knew they were there.}

During one of our many trips to Denver we would go to Herrah Casino to play the slots, high in the mountains outside of Denver on hair pen curves and in cold icy weather.  We always had our entourage guiding and protecting us and even in the dark they provided the light so we traveled safe going and coming back.

I remember TiMar would channel a little black girl (her name escapes me now even when I have channeled her as well).  She would take over TiMar’s body and when asked she said she just wanted to experience things and TiMar felt good.  TiMar’s voice would become very child like with  a very southern accent. This was also during the time when KC was convelsing after surgery or when he was depressed.  She would come thru and liven up her life and get him laughing. There were times early on TiMar didn’t know when she would come in and KC would relate to her later what had happened.

While we were driving and in our motel rooms she would come in and delight KC & I with her constant questions.  When she fist started she was about 5 years old and TiMar’s voice would take on the voice & tone of a very young child who had limited schooling. TiMar said one time KC asked her why she came in and the little girl said she wanted to learn and experience and it felt good using the body of TiMar.

On one occasion this little girl came thru me. KC and TiMar asked all kinds of questions and later they both told me what had happened.  I have no recollection of this happening even though I channel many entities. The reason for using my body – ‘she wanted to see what it felt like to be in my body and it felt good.  Apparently my voice and mannerisms were the same as when she came through TiMar, (Later she would infrequently use me but I made sure she would let me know and I would have memory  she did and I did.
At one of the small motels that had a lounge next to it in Oklahoma on our way home from a fair, something different happened.  TiMar and KC didn’t  indulge in alcohol – maybe infrequently a little and nothing more.  I went to their motel room and TiMar was late getting dressed and ready.  I smelled liquor in the room and wondered what was going on. Apparently the little girl was wanting to experience tasting liquor. Now spirits can’t indulge without a body and they don’t completely experience the after effects either.  TiMar definitely had a hangover and wasn’t feeling all that great. She was quite upset with her little companion and later told KC to tell her NO MORE.

Once was enough. Another time, she was wanting to experience driving a car. TiMar was driving and all of a sudden the car was going all over the road and I was in the passenger seat with KC right behind me in the back seat. I didn’t know what to think but KC knew. He looked at TiMar and started asking questions. When she answered, it was in a little girl’s voice.  She wasn’t tall enough to reach the pedals and steering wheel and see out the widow so she was doing it in an erratic manner.  KC told her to let TiMar return; as it really wasn’t safe for her to experience driving on a busy highway. He promised to take her out when they returned home.  She said OK and TiMar slumped ever so slightly and was back and driving normally.

Later TiMar would become aware when she wanted to come through after much scolding from KC. She let both of them know when she could be coming

For as long as I can remember when I meditate at times I speak in another tongue. On one occasion, I was in my motel room and had the door partially open. TiMar came in to see if I was ready to go eat. She heard me talking and only after stepping inside realized I was not speaking English. She stood for a while then quietly left.  I have no idea how long (later they said 45 minutes). I went to see if they were ready to eat.  We conversed during the meal and TiMar asked if we could talk in my room later. I said sure.  When we finished and went to my room, she asked about my speaking in tongues during meditation.  She said she had come over and heard me and the energy felt like Light Beings and Extraterrestals.  I said I had been doing this most of my life. We did some exploratory work where she guided me back to my first encounter.  It was when I was 12-14 months old. Seems like ever since I was born I cried almost continually and the Light Beings and Extraterrestals  said I was crying to enhance my lungs, which had been almost collapsed on one side when I was born.

Between 12-14 months I was taken aboard a spacecraft and over many times my lung was increased and expanded in size and elasticity. My crying continued until I was 2 ½  years. My mother was constantly telling people she thought I wasn’t going to make it my first 3 years of life.  She would sit and rock me.  It was explained to me that when I was taken to be worked on they had a duplicate that stayed on earth.  These were the times my crying was less intense. After 39 months my crying became less. During the regression, I told TiMar that I had many Light Being and ET playmates and I started talking to them and this was the language we spoke.  In many subsequent times when I would be worked on or in healing sessions there was always a duplicate left that acted similar to me but quieter.

After the regression TiMar said she asked and received an OK for me to converse and translate when she, KC and a few others were present.  This only lasted about five times   This was to be a demonstration only and not on-going.  One of these times was at a location in Wichita for a couple and TiMar and me.  I translated.  Normally it was in a familiar surrounding as my home and or TiMar and KC’s home.

Another time KC was in the front seat of their car and TiMar was to my left to act as a battery for energy to come into me.   TiMar regressed me and each time I was conscious and have total recall as I requested.  There have only been 3 times when I went into trance –channeled and regressed that I was unaware, this is normally called a dead trance when an entity completely takes over your body. One time when I first started when I was a little girl (I was later taken back to that time to remember what not to do) and I was in a cemetery. Another time when a mentor of mine was helping me and when the little black girl of TiMar’s wanted to experience coming through me.  This regression took place near Beech Lake (water is one of the best conduits for energy) North on Webb Road. I remembered the time I was when I was spending the summer with my cousin Yvonne at her home ‘out on the hill’. We would play in a circle of cedar trees.  I have always loved trees, leaning against them, singing to and with the wind as it blew through the branches.

On this occasion, I felt sleepy and yet excited. I didn’t want to go to the house cause Aunt Dot would make us both lay down to take a nap, so didn’t say I was sleepy.  I just leaned up against one of the cedar trees facing the inside of the circle with my back to the northwest.  I remember this as clearly as it had just happened and can even feel it now.  I felt a buzzing go through my body.  I looked at Yvonne and she was outside the circle of trees playing not paying any attention to me.  The exciting buzzing feeling continued with increased energy that was very familiar.   
This went on for a while and then I looked down and my feet weren’t touching the ground. As soon as I thought that, I did touch.  Something came and said to close my eyes – take deep even  breaths and let the energy to surround me and fill me on the inside.  Then I could open my eyes and see who was helping me and be aware of what was happening.  I saw and felt a very familiar light energy and immediately knew this was Pumon.  The thoughts came into my head that we were going on a little journey but one that looks like me would stay behind to be with my cousin. (TiMar had to keep prodding  and reminding me to vocalize what was happening. Otherwise when I awoke I would think it was a dream or not have any memory) 

Pumon surrounded me with his energy and we lifted into the air within the circle of the cedar trees. There were beautifully big white fluffy clouds above us and every so often I would see something shinny peek through.  Pumon told me mentally to take a deep breath and then we were inside a spacecraft.  It was like a uniting of the entities from all over the galaxy – some were tall and thin – some short and squat – Rainbow of colors shimmering. I  could feel the difference and when one entity began and ended and another started.  The control panel was crystal clear circle suspended in space but in a constant  position with lights all over on a smooth surface.  No one entity manned it but several took turns looking in that direction and through thought propelled or flew the craft.

Many of the energies I felt and entities I could see and sense were familiar from my earliest childhood and it felt so wonderful..  TaLona was right beside me as soon as I entered and seldom left my side.  She has been with me many life times.

I am very pleased and grateful for TiMar and KC assisting me in my remembrance and reconnection with my space connection.  TiMar was bringing in the visual likeness of each of the group and on one occasion  I sat and watched her do some of the portraits.  They (each one) were very specific as to the color of pencil and in just the correct order the color was drawn.  It was gratifying and a little taxing of her energy. She was always surprised to see the outcome and equally surprised to see the half finished portraits not up to par the Light Being had to have her create.  Equally surprising – the half finished portraits disappeared/vanished within 10-15 minutes of her awakening.  The energy from these was not to be discarded in the trash.  The Light Beings disposed of these in their fashion. It was at the beginning of one of those sessions TiMar asked me to yet again describe Pumon.  She could bring the energy and information through but not his likeness.  I could and yet again described him in detail.  He told me and I relayed to TiMar he was an old familiar entity of mine and she was comparatively young in her time and acquaintance with Bezon and the others of which Pumon and TaLona were a part.  She was more familiar with some and could bring their likeness through while only I could do so with Pumon and TaLona.

TiMar was  spending more and more time at the word processor bringing forth information later to be included into a book.  We would talk about how easy it was some days to get up and go sit down and later be aware most of the day had passed.  Other times she would be more than ready but nothing came.  When I visited I so enjoyed sitting in the music room on the north where she did her channeling into the word processor and did the Light Being portraits. The energy was awesome.

When she finally finished the channeled work and was told it would be a book and what the title was – we talked at length on ways to get it ‘out there’. I made suggestions – others gave her suggestions and she tried them all – only to be told they (the publishers) had legal right to edit.  This the group would not allow.  She asked for my counsel and what Pumon thought.  He came through and said she was to self publish and use any means necessary to pay for it as time was of the essence.  They said to use the plastic money. TiMar didn’t want to go to that extreme with her credit card but in the end that was the only route open.  Only she and the group were to do this.  She was guided to a printer in Arkansas City and the rest is history.  “Travel The Winds” became a published – recorded manifestation.  I didn’t have the opportunity to help proof it but did get one of the first printed autographed copies.

Each of us went our separate and sometimes overlapping ways.

One of her cherished goals was to speak at a UFOM convention. This she did with many other belivers in UFO’s ET’s etc.  I read later from Star people records of this how a tiny-older woman-fragile bird-like but with a strong empowered voice once she started talking about and channeling information from Bezon and the group.  They couldn’t believe the energy or volume of voice coming from this fragile little woman.

Several years ago she came to one of the spiritual fairs I was working at the Indian Center. She still had her Light Being glow about her but she was indeed fragile in appearance.

In 2008, KC passed.  Early in 2009, I started having dreams of TiMar – then KC and TiMar both.  At one of the recent fairs at the Indian Center I heard she had made her transition.  She and KC had been telling me good by.  I saw the obituary after the fact and was unhappy.  She was listed as Mary Greene – her photo was included but not a thing said about AKA ‘also known as’ TiMar. (See other article regarding “Whitedove Speaks Her Mind”)  I think when someone who has an impact on many people other than family, the aka should as least be listed.

This week TiMar, KC and Bezon and the group all came to me along with Pumon and TaLona.  They all wanted me to remember our time together – how we helped each other – grew – traveled, loved and helped others to see and expand.  I thought she wanted me to reread her book – in reality it was a request to pass on to others.  Be ready to Travel The Winds.  The time is now, let yourself go and experience the new and untried.  Remember along the way but always be open to expand your beliefs – your horizon and touch the outer dimensions.  Yes, I Remember Bezon, Spacifica, Ybon, Sog, Rusc, Belonza, Pumon and TaLona.   Bezon and the group are still on my wall sending Light Being energy throughout my home.  I remember. Yes, I remember KC and yes I remember Timar.  I remember our travels and still enjoy their coming to visit me in my dreams now.
November 2009


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