Moringa    The Miracle Tree

I am so excited and I just have to spread the word about MORINGA, The Miracle Tree and the ZIJA proprietary formulation. October 9, 2009 when I became involved and the research that I have done and so much more.  One of the best channels of getting the information out is where many people will see it, thus my website is a good medium for this exposure.  
Before I go any further, it needs to be said the following information is my take and how it affects me. This is for information and research only and not intended to counsel anyone on medical problems nor is it in any way to diagnose. Each person is encouraged to seek counsel from his/her health care provider if you need medical care and prior to starting any new product.  These are my words and I only wish to share them with you and this is the most efficient and fastest manner.

The Moringa Tree or the scientific name Moringa Oleifera is thought to have had its origin in the Himalayas but now it is grown all over the world, literally and grows well indoors as well.  It is grown in all climates, grows best in temperatures from 77 to 104 degrees F, and has been on this earth since before Christ.

The wonderful, awesome fact this is a tree that is used in its entirety for food, medicinal, shelter, and so many other uses. 

The leaves of the Moringa are about 40% protein. Moringa is considered to have the highest protein ratio of any plant so far studied on earth.  It is unique because, even in small amounts, it can supply daily, a wide gamut of vital nutrients with few calories. 

One plant, The Moringa, has it all including great taste.  It is Enzymatically Alive, Bioavailable and Organic.  Russ Bianchi states:  “There is no better liquid beverage or supplement for beneficial long-term health currently on the market globally that gets anywhere near ZIJA’s quality and overall benefit.”


ZIJA uses 100% Natural Moringa: Vitamins: A (Alpha & Beta-Carotene), B, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B12, C, D, E, K, Folate (folic acid), Biotin and more.  Minerals: Calcium, Chloride, Chromium, Copper, Fluorine, Iron, Manganese, Magnesium, Molybdenum, Phosphorus, Potassium, Sodium, Selenium, Sulfur, and Zinc.  All 8 essential amino acids: Isoleucine, Leucine, Lysine, Methionine, Phenylalanine, Threonine, Tryptophan, and Valine.  10 additional amino acids: Alanine, Arginine, Aspartic Acid, Cystine, Glutamine, Glycine, Histidine, Proline, Serine, and Tyrosine.  Other beneficial nutrients: Chlorophyll, Carotenoids, Cytokinins, Flavonoids, Omega (3, 6, 9) oils, Plant Sterols, Ployphenols, Lutein, Xanthins, Rutin, and more.
Many, but by no means all, of the benefits include the following:  Nourishes body’s immune system, Promotes healthy circulation, Supports normal blood glucose levels, Natural anti-aging benefits, Anti-inflammatory support, Promotes healthy digestion, Heightens mental clarity, Naturally increases energy, supplies antioxidants, antibiotics and hepatoprotective substances to protect the liver.

The Asian community and other indigenous people have used this plant, tree for food, shelter, and for medicinal uses as a way of natural means as they do with so  many other plants. The Infinite Creator provides the plants for healing and for food, man  willingly consumes and uses as natural what he has been given. 

Every part of the Moringa Tree is used, the pods, seeds, seed oil, leaves, and the flowers.  This slender tree or shrub is amazingly fast growing and  can reach up to 36 feet in height and live for 20 years.  It can grow up to 9 feet in just 10 month after it is planted.     Many are harvested on an average of twice a week. 

Let me just share a few of the awesome and wonderful things this plant does to help the body. There are many ways and each person is unique in his/her needs so the Moringa supplies the needs for many purposes depending on the person and the interaction of their chemical body makeup.

Some of the purported ways that have been documented are the following: The Moringa helps the body to heal itself, lowers cholesterol, normalizes blood sugar, high blood pressure, weight maintenance, weight loss, hair growth, skin clarity, cognitive focus, enhanced memory and longer retention span in memory focus, helps bring the body into alignment for balanced healing.  More importantly it is also thought to ‘turn off the desire, craving, addictive, switch’ in the brain so you become less and less desirous of your craving.  This includes foods like chocolate, sugars, pastries, soft drinks, alcohol, smoking, and many more forms of cravings the body has that isn’t healthy.  You are almost unaware of the lessening desire to eat or have a certain thing until you consciously don’t want it any more. 

Every person has some form of desire or craving and many have addictions so this XM3 Extreme Weight Management capsule is good for all.  Even the person who does not need to lose any weight may be put on it to help turn off this desire etc switch.  The synergy of the ingredients is the reason it works. For example  a 98# woman would take ½ to 1/3 capsule over a period of a week to turn off the switch

The Moringa products from the ZIJA Company have maintained the integrity of this  complete natural productThis is why the body responds to it in so many ways with virtually no side effects. It is when laboratory or man-made chemicals are introduced into any product the body starts to have adverse reactions.  This does not happen with the ZIJA Moringa plant formulation of any of their products.

Here I am getting ahead of myself.  The ZIJA Company founded by Ken Brailsford came into being after he  received a copy of the Discovery Channels Documentary on the Miracle Tree and all of its many uses.  He is also the successful founder of two legacy companies called Nature’s Sunshine and Enrich International. Each of these he sold for millions of dollars.  Money was not an issue, he just wanted to bring the awareness to the world of this wonderful tree, and bring employment to the many indigenous people for a better way of life.

He conducted research, then contacted scientist and world renowned Nutritional Food Formulator, Russ Bianchi for his skills and integrity to create what has become ZIJA products. With this idea in mind, Ken Brailsford’s  desire was to bring this concept to the attention of the public, he went full steam ahead.  It is said,  Russ Bianchi, attempted unsuccessfully over 147 times to work with this awesome plant and maintain its natural properties.  He became dejected, was ready to give up, and would have, had it not been for his wife.  She was a concert pianist and hadn’t been able to play the piano for some time due to inflammation of arthritis in her hands and fingers.  She told her husband that he couldn’t give up… for the last several months, she had been back playing the piano with renewed vigor. She had been taking his formulations, the ‘so called failed attempts’ and they were giving her the mobility to play keeping the inflammation to a minimum.  And the rest is history, so the saying goes. 

ZIJA has many products and keeps growing even though it is only a couple years old.  It started with the liquid Moringa juice called the ‘Smart Drink’, then ‘Smart Mix’ (same properties but in a portable powdered form), then the XM3 capsules for weight management, just released in October 2009 before convention and then all the skin care products.

What am I taking and how has it helped me?  Well, I don’t need the XM3 for weight loss, but I have tried one capsule over a period of one week.  My focus is enhanced and my memory is enhanced.  I prefer to drink the portable ‘Smart Mix’ although I have tried the ‘Smart Drink’ in a can.  It is my responsibility to always try anything on myself first before I ask others to partake.  I have increased energy, even though normally I have high energy but tend to lag in the early evening.  This ZIJA ‘Smart Mix’ allows for proportioned energy all day long.  When I go to bed, there has never been a problem of going right to sleep and the same is now when I drink the ‘Smart Mix’.  It gives me sustained energy, but does not infringe on my natural sleep. 

Also I have noticed my desire for chocolate has diminished.  Now, I have an iron will power and have refrained from eating chocolate for years due to migraines and intense leg cramps.  I purposely ate some chocolate recently and guess what………no migraine, no cramps and best yet, no desire. Even before I ate a small portion, I really didn’t want to eat it. The desire just wasn’t there. 

So does it work, even if you don’t think there is a reason you need it, a resounding YES.  IT WORKS.  It enhances what your body already has or does and assists at a cellular level for other areas that may need improvement or assistance.  Will I continue with this ZIJA Company and all its wonderful products. YES,. Will I use all the products, no, I will use what I am guided to use. Will I try all of the products, Yes, to tell others how they work. 

The other wonderful manner the formulator has achieved is have the skin care products that are for all skin types.  As I mentioned earlier, the Moringa plant in its natural state seems to have a mind of its own and knows what each person needs without the person having to decide. 

Now the main reason why I am so thrilled about using these awesome, wonderful MORINGA products made by the ZIJA company, they all work and interact on the electrical circuitry of the body.  They work synergistically with all other forms of energy work that I do; Reiki, AGLE, Young Living Essential Oils just to name a few.  When the body is in balance and interacts with other harmonizing modalities, you have a body that is closest to being as it was intended, in balance and free from dis-ease and imbalance.

Please don’t take my word for this, even though I appreciate you reading all my verbiage so far, go to my website and check out all the products and videos yourself.  You always have a choice in all that you do, you can accept or you can reject.  Pay attention to what your body is saying to you. 

I invite each of you reading this, if you resonate, join me in helping to heal your own bodies by trying these wonderful products. Go to my website and see for yourself. My number is #271940, Click onto to the videos, the products, the company history, then join me in this wonderful ZIJA company and make a difference in your life and the lives of others. This is also a wonderful business opportunity, and timely for the economic situations.   

You will feel a difference almost immediately.  However, it takes the body a period of approximately three months to re-calibrate and not slip back into old habits.  Give yourself permission to try any of these products for a minimum of three months and believe me you won’t want to stop.  

Over 250 World Organizations are now discussing this wonderful product on their websites.  These websites will open the door for your entry to learning about how to rejuvenate your body and tell others.     (search   Moringa) (Scroll to bottom of page to Purdue Univ., NIH, John Hopkins & other articles are found)  Please also check out the book The Miracle Tree and ‘Moringa, An Introduction by Monica G. Marcu, Pharm.D.,Ph.D


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