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Astara Joint Meditation September 26 for Abundance and Prosperity for All.


Just received my copy of the Sep issue of Voice of Astara. Every month Astara has joint meditations. This month will be of particular importance to many of us wishing to travel, teach, and share with others and knowing the Universe will provide. Sep 26, high noon PDS for fifteen minutes all those being guided and wishing to join in this communion of prayer and meditation may do so. The following is excerpted from an article on this months meditation by Jeff Meyer.

......when we will combine our individual energies to create this shift in Humanity’s lifewave. We will help bring in a great light that will drive out the dark shadows of humanity’s belief in limitation and lack. During the first 10 minutes of our work together, visualize this light approaching Earth and infusing our lifewave with a new knowledge of manifesting plenitude with this infinite substance. See this light pouring into the lifewave surrounding our planet like a mighty cosmic river, with its immense power instantly dissolving our barriers to a more bountiful existence. See the attachments we all have to limitation and lack melt and burn away as this massive energy permeates our lifewave.

Believe yourself to be the conduit that accepts abundance for humanity. Take deep breaths to absorb this light. Feel its infusion into not only yuor soul, but all of your physical cells of life manifesting in your body. Understand that each of your cells will remember how to draw upon this light to manifest physical things, as well as stiumulate mental and emotional eveolution. Open your heart to this light, that you will better feel it and understand its great purpose. Absorb it deeply into your infinite soul and feel it creating the potential for unlimited spiritual development. You are the conduit. What you will manifest will also be done for the entire human lifewave becasue we are one.

As your entire being becomes infused with this light of abundance, creat vivid images of communities becoming more prosperous, see everyone overflowing with those things that create greater satisfaction and fulfillment, visualize unlimited and creative qualities of abundance springing forth in all people and know that you really have elevated humanity’s capacity to transgfress its false beliefs in limations.

Stimulating plenitude through group prayer and mediation is not oly a matter of faith and belief. There have been numerous scientific studies in both the educational and medical communities that have documented the influence of the power created by a communion of energy, such as the Astara montly meditations series.

The remaining five minutes of this work is usually reserved for personal purpose. This meditation and prayer will surroudn you with an elevated energy field that can permit a greater intuitional ability to see your self-imposed limitations and how you can release them. It can help create a better understanding of what you ned to do to attain greater comfort and abundance, identifying and manifesting personal prosepity and what steps you must take to travel in that direction.

After this Prayer and meditation, keep a journal close by so that you can write down the steps you envisioned that you must take to attain greater abundance and prosperity in your life. Revisit that journal often and try to do something every day to take greater personal responsibility for moving in your desired direction.

(Ed note: For more info on Astara, 792 W Arrow Hwy * Box 5003, Upland, CA 91785; websute http://www.astara.org or e-mail: mail@aastara.org)

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