Tid Bits Gathered Here and There

ST GERMAINE Channeled by White Dove Aug 2, 98

Good Morning beautiful souls that you are. This is St Germaine. I come to you today also to speak to you about the act of transforming in these times you live in right now. The majority of people living on earth today are living in a negative form of living. They are really not living, they are existing in fear. They are being controlled by the very thoughts and things they don’t want to happen. They are experiencing what they don’t want because they are constantly thinking about these things.

When there is fear there is no room for Love, for experiencing and connecting with us in the higher realms.

Be of one mind, study together and talk about these fears and then rid yourselves of them. Do some type of ritual of cleansing or purification. Call on me and with my violet flame I will assist you in freeing yourselves from these fears that gripe your very souls.

We say to you to discipline yourselves to meditate two times a day but at least once a day. Your very salvation will depend on how open you are to communicating with us. In times of stress, seek us out. That is the most difficult time for you to quiten yourself and communicate with us. Many of you can only communicate or mediate with us when all is peaceful and on your terms. Practice and discipline yourselves so it becomes second nature for you to align with our energies.

Open yourself to the changes that are occurring and have positive thoughts for these changes. When there are happenings that are offensive or horrifying to you, turn the thoughts over to us, don’t dwell on them. The negative will attract more negative and will empower you to feel nothing but the fear and the problems ..Let them go, turn them over to us. Free yourself from all these growth inhibiting energies. Let the love and the light that is within each of you shine forth for all to witness and gravitate

You are experiencing these changes to experience and to allow your bodies to adjust more slowly than you will in the months and years to come. It is true that you are experiencing these energies changes more and more every day than say, a year ago. We did give many the information that these changes were coming and if you weren’t in alignment or balanced it would become more difficult. ASK FOR OUR ASSISTANCE. WE ARE HERE TO ASSIST EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU.

Open your hearts to the healing that must come with the love vibration. It is only natural to want to close down when you feel threatened but opening up is the only way to experience the changes and override the empowerment that fear has over you now.

I leave you all now and will be watching, sending out love and healing of transformation to each of you that asks and be awaiting to be on a constant communication line with you.

Adonai I am St Germaine

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