Petition for Healing

If you wish to add names for healing while reading this prayer, you are encouraged to do so.

Infinite Creator:

We Offer the following names to YOU for healing, partial or total, on, whatever level that healing will take place. Further, we ask that if for any reason, healing is not to take place this lifetime, we ask for inner strength be given them and their caretakers and to accept "THY WILL BE DONE, NOT MINE.":

Kelly, Joyce, Misty, Beth, Dave, Sheily, Kim, Erin, Delbert, Jamie, Kristy, Retta, June, Clinton, Mel, Linda, Pearl, Jim, Nomia, Tony, Margaret, Nelson, Patti, Jerry, Veronica, Dona, Thelma, Helen, Wanda, Joe, Debbie, Lyndy, Judi, Mick, Michael, Jane, Bill, Mary, Todd, Ruth, Kyle, Patricia, Jerry, Dale, Hallie, Gina, Terry, Bonnie, Royal, Gretchen, James, Robin, Diane, Edward, Erick, Pedro, ReNee, Jerome, KaNeisa, Troy, Shala, Ben, Barry, JoyNell, Carolyn,Alice, Barney, Bob, Bill, Kevin, Josh, George, Mickey, Crystal, Gladys, Tom, Jack, Roger, Clarence, Diana, Billy, Kalie, Steven Thomas, Grant Koss, Adarsh, Honey Ellie, Debby, Pam, Nancy, Serena, Robin, Dave, Georgia,   Evadne, Diana, Daniel Wayne, Larry, Elaine, Henria, Phanes, Amy, Gil,
Larry, Carmen, Lila, Lynn, Bill,  Heather, Jeremey, Mickey, Julia, Sam, Honey, Laine, Lindy.& add those you wish to add.

We ask this in the name of the Master healer, Jesus, Amen, Amen, and Amen.

Please send your name or others you wish to add to the prayerlist.
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