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1994 and now 1998 the FDA and DSHEA

The attached letter and information was e-mailed to me Sep 17, too late for it to be in the September issue of White Doves Message I am including it to let you be aware of the continued effort on the part of the FDA to take over the regulation of many of the nutritional supplements and health benefits that we now have free will to pursue. Even though I was not able to get it out to all of you, I did FAX the info on to many who value their free will in caring for their body with the many vitamins, minerals and herbs now available to us. Thanks Patricia for the info and I did pass it along.


Good morning. I would like to call your attention to the fact that the FDA is fine tuning its regulations covering what can and can’t be said about nutritional supplements under our current operational guidelines, the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act.

In order to protect our Freedoms and not have to live with excessive regulations, we are suggesting you send a letter to Dr. Michael Friedman at the FDA.

Read what this recent bulletin from the Citizens For Health had to say:

"Your Voice Is Urgently Needed! FDA Plans To Restrict Information and Access to Dietary Supplements.

In 1994, millions of Americans wrote Congress asking for passage of the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act (DSHEA). One of DSHEA’s key victories allowed you more scientific information about using supplements to maintain health.

DSHEA allows for ‘structure/function’ statements on labels-science-based information about how a supplement affects the structure or function of the body.

Now FDA has proposed regulations to direct how these ‘structure/function’ statements can be made that will completely change what Congress, and millions of Americans, intended.

FDA’s proposed regulations, in an effort to narrow what can be said about supplements versus what can be said about drugs, have redefined disease to say that any deviation of the body from a ‘natural’ state would be considered a ‘disease’. If these proposed regulations become law, you will lose valuable information about vitamins, minerals and herbs:

*Aging, pregnancy and menopause will be defined as diseases-and manufacturers of dietary supplements won’t be able to tell you how their products can help you or what new scientific research has been linked to supplements that address these ‘natural’ states.

*FDA will be able to prevent you from getting information on how to use vitamins minerals and herbs to prevent disease.

*FDA will be able to restrict access to vitamins, minerals, and herbs based on how you ‘intend’ to use products. For instance, if you use a product to lower cholesterol even if the label makes no such claim, then FDA could reclassify that product as a drug!

Unless FDA hears from you and 100,000 other Americans, these proposed regulations will become law.

1994 and now 1998 the FDA and DSHEA

Print a sample letter HERE

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