Planetary Changes and the Ripple Effect

There is no doubt that something is going on out there to even the most uninterested person on the street who knows nothing about how energies or planets etc can effect each of us.

We as Light Workers of the Family of Light are so much more equipped to handle the situations because we are aware but do we handle it. Quite often it also takes us by surprise and we become as distraught as the next person..

Whatever happens to our family, extended family or co workers it does have a ripple effect on our lives as well.

We are the grounding for the mass and it is up to us to take this responsibility and use it to help others. If we shirk our responsibility, we too fall into the whirlpool of energy that is similar to a tornado or cyclone or hurricane, we get sucked into the middle of the chaos of fear. It is better to keep our heads and ‘know’ what is happening. Altho there will be many subtle and camouflaged ways these energies of change will appear but appear they will.

No this is not a doom and gloom or fear motivated article. It is however to focus on what we are here to do and maintain the light and energy level for the highest good of all.

There will be many that will be affected in a very minor way, some seemingly not at all that would disrupt their lives, others will have one thing after another happen to them personally or to those closest to them and so will react as if it were them.

I can best relate what happens to others by sharing what has happened in my own life this year. Some of you have read or heard some of this some of you have not. Please bear with me as I relate the following experiences and the impact that it had and could have had in my life.

The only way a person can help someone else if for them to either go thru an experience themselves or tap into those memories of others and so assist. If a person who is carrying around a lot of excess baggage it is more difficult to wade thru her/his own stuff to help others wade thru theirs.

Since l997 I have been wading thru my stuff and releasing it with love. Last year I asked for this process to accelerate and took measures to consciously help in the release. For those of you who have read White Dove’s Message for a couple of years you will be familiar with some of the happenings I will relate.

Last year I intentionally asked for the intensity and the acceleration of the release and changes to come about in my life for my highest good. (Editors note: Be sure you are aware of what you ask. There will be chaos in all phases of your life non stop. Once something is set in motion it is difficult to halt it, the momentum increases similar to a snowball rolling downhill. As it rolls, it gathers the stuff, increases in size, energy, speed and takes all within the path.) I had been preparing myself for several years before knowing that I would have the alignment of the planets, the vast changes within the planet to assist me.

Last year I took a grape cleansing diet which flushes out all the debris from your body. Do you know that some tiny particles are left in your intestines from when you were a baby because they were never completely cleaned out. Your body has cellular memory, this diet helps to completely cleanse every part of your cells throughout your system. Some only have to be on the diet for a few weeks (not less than 3 weeks) and some will need to be on it for up to a year. Depending on your eating habits, how much has happened in your life etc. Some say it increases the change of healing from cancer and other stubborn ‘dis-eases’ of the body. For me it worked wonders, I started this diet April.. 1, 98 for three weeks. I drank, water and grape juice(pure and not doctored with a lot of extra sugars or artificial flavors) and ate nothing but grapes (all varieties) and raisins. There is a booklet you can get, it is a very old curative remedy and can be found only in some health food shops.

Strange thing, when I began this, I found myself literally wanting to toss out old clothes, shoes, throw away things I thot had meaning to me. Cleaning out refrigerators and closets is a very good method of attracting change in your life anyway. This was almost compulsive. I found this also spread into my career and to the delight of my co workers started throwing away stuff. This life I have been a ‘pack rat’ thinking that I needed to prove what I did, why I did something and had to have the proof to back it up. Hey this was and still is a great feeling of "cleaning out".

Then I had a wreck. A man ran a red light and literally took off the front portion of my Ford Tempo. I had just paid her off, had her six years with 180,000 miles and didn’t want to go in debt to get another car. It was necessary for me to shed the old to make room for the new. I now have a little white Saturn called Little Cosmic White Dove.

1998 was also the year I decided to use circulating fans in my house rather than to use my air conditioning . It was also the year I repaired and painted my bathroom (the room of release) with all types of symbols on the walls. And painted and rearranged my hall of mirrors and bought an air bed to sleep on.

This year continued with the major changes and releasing: my canine companion of 13 years said goodby, (this was devastating, she was more than my pet, she wasn’t treated like nor did she act like a dog, she was family); my mother decided after ninety earth years she wanted to leave (this I knew was coming just not the exact time. Three years ago she wanted to leave but it wasn’t’ her time, she still had karma to work off with her current husband and others) This too was a shock but now she is with me all the time not just when I go back home. My daughter had unexpected exploratory resulting in a hysterectomy, then had latex poisoning. She had many working on her and praying for her so she came thru the surgery better than most. She only took extra strength Tylenol and bounced back fast. Her body mended faster. The latex poisoning was a scare but not as bad as with some people. She is very knowledgeable now about how many items contain latex . Then I had a fender bender, someone backed into me, a one ton truck into my little Saturn, completely taking out my radiator. inconvenience on my part in being without her for more than a month. I was unhurt. Fortunately in all my mishaps with auto collisions I have been unhurt.

The previous day, Aug 5, my boss had a wreck that totaled her vehicle, but she was unhurt. That same day in SE Kansas, my sister also had a wreck that totaled her car, she wasn’t so lucky. She had a broken ankle, same side (left) as the knee replacement she had in August. She has not been so fortunate in healing and is still off work and having problems . Much has also happened to her family: that is wrecks, accidents, etc.

The ‘domino effect’ can dictate your life and you will be fully engrossed in everything that happens which naturally takes you away from your meditation, discipline in assisting others and your spiritual growth. Or you can allow the ‘ripple effect’ to be a part of your life. The latter is what has been taking place for me.

With the ‘domino effect’ you are literally knocked down as with the dominos when they are lined up against each other. You allow, sometimes unknowingly, what is happening to others to also have an effect on you. You are sucked into the very chaos of what others are experiencing.

With the ‘ripple effect’ you feel the ripples but after a time they become less and less until you are aware but don’t really feel them. You become an observer, have compassion and sometimes assist in but do not become immersed in what is happening.

Which do you want in your life? It is really a matter of choice, ‘conscious’ choice. You always have a say in what is happening to you and how you adjust to these is up to you.

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