And yet more changes.........................

And nothing would be complete without my introducing you to the newest member of my family. October 8, 1999, a beautiful feline companion came into my life. Talk about change....! Most of my adult life I have had canine companions and this is completely different.

I was aware even before Honey, my canine companion for 13 years passed that I would not have another dog rather would be blessed with a cat. I purposely did not go out looking because I was too open to extend my heart to any in need of a home and partner. I was told that at the right time I would be made aware of and the object of my future would come to me. There had been three attempts to align me with a cat from as close as my next door neighbor to as far away as Parsons and Hutchinson and none of them worked. Which is how the Universe works as we all know. For the past several months I had been very taken with the Maine Coon cat but gave up getting one because of the cost and I wasn’t to go out and get one myself.

I finally made a list of the qualities that I thought I wanted in a pet/companion and what I thought I wanted and what actually was given to me, as always, was very different. My qualifications: male, neutered, short hair, 1-1 1//2 years box trained, indoor, de-clawed with mellow temperament. Had thought that I would have a companion and still be able to ‘leave the cat for several days at a time’ with little or no worry. Before I had to have a pet sitter for Honey.

I’m getting ahead of myself. The last of September, I had been having dreams of Honey and some of them included a cat but couldn’t really see what it looked like. I knew that this was a ‘go ahead’ and a blessing from Honey and that one would soon be coming into my life. A friend called early in October saying that a Wichita vet had a cat they would give away and they thought I might be interested. But they didn’t know the name of the vet. I called a couple and learned they have a bulletin board for people who want and who want to get rid of cats. I would have to go to the persons house, etc. Finally I called one that I had a feeling about. I called telling them my request that I wanted a male, short hair etc etc. Even before I was finished the lady said she had just what I wanted and I could come out that day and pick her up. I stopped and let her tell me about this cat. She was a long hair, female, spayed, declawed, box trained, house cat and was very shy and quiet....and I could take her home with me that day. She had all her shots, defleaed, etc etc. I said I would come out and look but I really wanted a male etc etc. The lady said that they had kept this little 3 � year old cat for six months in one of their cages and was allowed the run of the clinic except at night.. Apparently the family were going to have a baby and wanted the cat put down. The vet couldn’t/wouldn’t do such a thing to such a beautiful young cat, so she became almost their mascot.

I went to see this cat after stopping by Kmart to get some cat litter and food. When I got there I was introduced to the most beautiful cat I’ve seen. I very definitely had mixed feelings. Part of me said: "This is what you wanted, this is long hair, think of all the shedding and it a female." Another part of me said: " This is exactly what the Universe had in mind for you all the time and yes you will take her home with you." Well, the assistant let this big beautiful long haired cat be with me in one of their waiting rooms to get acquainted. It was not love at first sight. But I knew she was to go with me. I would approach her and she would jump down and run from me. I none the less told the girls in the office that I would take her for the week end to ‘see how things went’. They took my name, phone, address etc and said if it didn’t work out, I was to be sure and return her. She meant too much to them for her to be unhappy.

Maybe here is a good time to say that I wasn’t sure that a cat would be in my life because I have a lot of small nick knacks, hides and skins on the wall and tables and back of bed, other words, a lot of things that a cat could and would get into. I mentioned this to the assistant and she had her doubts too.

Well, Bijou (a jewel or finely wrought trinket) and I went home. She was in a carrier and definitely not accustomed to riding in a car. She immediately hid after being let out of the carrier. I had set the litter box and the carrier in the bathroom to make sure she knew where to go and what to do until she calmed down. Later that evening I let her out and she ran and hid. She ran right for my bed room but I couldn’t find her when I went looking. To make a very long story shorter, it was a hairy weekend. Neither of us got any sleep Friday or Saturday .Most of my plants were knocked down, my nerves were shot and she was totally ignoring me and running from me. I thought this isn’t the way it is supposed to be. Sunday afternoon late, I sat on the sofa and ignored her. If she was to be a part of my family, she would be working with me in my healing, meditation, and so I decided to go from that slant. I sat on my sofa and mentally tapped into her, didn’t get anything in return. We, rather, I did this for some time. Them I calmed myself, rubbed my hands together and formed a Reiki ball of energy and threw it at her. It really got her attention. She wasn’t sure what was going on. I didn’t react, just sat there mentally talking to her. Finally I ‘thought’ Bijou, you are going back if you do not come to me of your own free will and sit on my lap. She had not wanted to get close other than when I was feeding her. Within five minutes while I continued to replay what I was thinking to her, she came across the front of me, jumped into the chair next to me and casually walked onto my lap. All the while her motor was running so loud and she started kneaded me with her front paws for a long time then laid down and went to sleep. This is now a nightly ritual before we go to bed when Bijou wants to.

While relating this to a friend, she reminded me that cats are highly intuitive and Bijou had originally been sent there to her death. The vet didn’t tell Bjiou that she wouldn’t be put down...., and it was almost like Bijou was on death row with the run of the place during the day. She was kept in a cage in which she stayed most of the time and was quiet. Wouldn’t you be quiet and not make any fuss if you were sent to be put down. Bijou had no way of knowing that I wasn’t a part of that same plot to have her be put down. She was merely putting up a ploy to put me off until she became acquainted with me. She also never really was allowed to play, not so now, We play hide and seek in the bath tub and sitting on the sofa quite often. She loves to sit in the bathroom window and look outside at all that is going on and in the bedroom window when the weather is nice for the window to be open.

She is a highly intelligent, playful, really hyper feline and very intuitive and the telepathic communication between us is growing constantly. Yes, I have had to put up some of my hides and skins that she would like to play with and some of my plants have gone by the way, but she is worth every bit. We are still getting acquainted but she has learned that she is loved. I tell her mentally and the spoken word that she is loved and will not be put down. She is not the meek and mild, quiet cat she once appeared to be. She is blossoming into the intuitive helpmate she was meant to be.

Oh yes, I almost forgot. She is a Blue and white Tabby Norwegian Forest Cat. Very similar in appearance to the Maine Coon cat I thought I wanted. She weights just 4# 4oz but is long and when she stretches will reach better than 3 foot. Needless to say, she can reach most anything she puts her mind to reach without climbing. Although she does more than her share of that. One of the Norwegian Forest Cats main past times is climbing and isn’t deterred at all if there is no easy manner to climb, they will fly though the air almost with the greatest of ease. To the extent that Bijou, was doing just that when she set off my security system motion detector. Fortunately, Misty, my daughter, was home and could come to her rescue. She also is able to shapeshift and hide in open spaces. One day Misty and I were both looking for her,....she came out a little later when she wanted to and had been right in plane sight.

I did some research on the internet regarding the Norwegian Forest Cat or the Skogkatt as they are also called. They are like a small but beautiful version of the Lynx. Has also been referred to in Norse tales as the ‘fairy cat’ it is believed the Vikings left the cats progeny on North American shores. They have a wide collar of long fun around the neck and as they get older it becomes longer and more pronounced. (For ease in keeping her coat neat, I have trimmed her collar a bit.) They have two layer or two coats of fur; a thick woolly undercoat with a coarse glossy overcoat. Apparently for the weather conditions in Norway. The outer layer is considered waterproof and is said the cats really never need to be bathed although they really love swimming. And they love to fish when in the wilds. The hind legs are longer than the fore legs and they love to climb the steepest trees and are very good at it. They have also been known to be capable of climbing up sheer rock faces. If any are interested in finding out more information on the Norwegian Forest Cat you might want to go to

She is definitely tuned into the vibrations of some of the people who come to visit with me. She hides in the bathtub behind the shower curtain when the repair men or salesmen are in the house. But sticks her head around the door when friends, family or friendly energy is nearby. She didn’t like Halloween with all the different people coming by. And the energy in the air set her in a tail spin that she was even more hyper than normal.

Now you have met my feline companion. We are going to be busy for the months to come getting acquainted and learning how to harmonize our energies to helping to heal and meditate.


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