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Giving Your Heart Away
A meditation to Open Your Doorway to the 4th Dimension.
Also from AlunaJoy, Hauk’in Spectrum October 1998

I learned a process to help crack the doors open, I call this process "Giving Yourself Away". I know for some, this may be a wild idea, but once you have had even a small experience of a doorway, you will not be thinking the same way as you are now. It is not as outrageous as one might think. It is perfectly natural! We use to do this all the time.

Here is a meditation/focus/prayer you can do to begin the process of moving into the next dimension. Since there is a doorway right in front of you all the time, you can do this meditation anywhere. I find it helpful to place a picture of a sacred site that I am drawn to in front of me. So you could choose a photo of a site that calls to you. If you do not use a photograph to focus on, allow your eyes to soft focus about 8-10 feet in front of you. Let your eyes relax and go blurry. This is called shamanic visioning. Allow your perspective to shift as if you were watching pond ripples. Face in the direction that feels right for you. You may need to turn your body to a different direction. I like facing north, but it may be different for you and the direction may be different in various locations. Hold strong attention on either the photo or the empty space in front of you.

Tune out the world around you. Enter your own little world. Settle in and allow yourself to feel otherworldly energy coming toward you. If you can’t feel it, image this energy at first as this encourages you to connect to the energy that is already there. Allow your deeply felt emotions of love, gratitude for life and the Creator, and your great desire to connect with your 4th dimensional family to grow inside your heart. Allow these feelings to well up in your heart until you feel that you could burst. Sometimes I use heart opening, uplifting music to help my feelings of gratitude to grow inside me. Sometimes I sing along with the music. Sometimes I cry tears of joy. Other times I am filled with profound peace. Use anything you need to get the good vibes going inside yourself.

Don’t try to see the doorway with your eyes. See the doorway with your heart, emotions and intuition. You will begin to feel a doorway in front of you. Put your focus on the doorway. The more focus you give the doorway the more energy you will et back from it. Soon you will feel yourself being pulled toward the doorway as if a big rubber band was attached to the next dimension. The energy of love and bliss will expand inside you. This is the way we were intended to feel all the time! Allow your body to feel heavy and relaxed. Show your breathing and allow the energy to begin to pull you.

Pour your Heart outward into the doorway and simply give yourself away. You will feel the energy from your heart disappearing into a void in front of you. If the energy is going beyond the focus point you are holding you need to focus harder and let all outside distractions go. Sometimes I’ll pray. "I give myself to you." "I do not belong to me anymore. I am in service to humanity." I make dedications and send thanks, etc.

Soon your current reality will fade and you short term memory will fade also. Soon all of your 3D reality will disappear and you’ll be in the next world not remembering traveling there. Do not let this frighten you as you’ll be snapped back immediately. You won’t like coming back so soon, I can promise you. Remember surrender and trust and the complete absence of fear are absolutely required. LOVE and a grateful heart are essential. These requirements to enter actually safeguard these other worlds from negative interjection. No negative energy can pass through. If you have fear or doubt, you will not make it through the door. Remember DESIRE and an OPEN HEART are the keys to entering the 4th dimension. How much you desire and how clear our hearts will determine how quickly we will enter these new worlds.

It is time for many of us to begin to move back and forth from these realities. When we do this, we will experience a highly refined energy that will alter and quicken our spiritual evolution. When we return, we will bring some of the 4th dimensional frequency with us. This energy will affect everyone around us in a positive way. Sometimes we do not want to come aback and that is up to each one of us. But there is a lot of work to do here to help humanity. When we do this work, we become bridges between the worlds, trying the realities back together again. We also become door openers and will hold the doors open for others to pass through. We will be the way showers to the next world.

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