METATRON channeled by WhiteDove

Good Morning little one, Beloved messenger White Dove, I AM METATRON!

          I shower you with the Divine Love from all the Ascended Masters, Sananda, Mary, the Star Nations, Great White Brotherhood, our Mother/Father God creator, the Angelic Realm, the Pure Light of LOVE from all dimensions and beyond.

          We watch you from on high and are pleased with your evolution, and dedication to carry the message to all who will listen.  We are most pleased that you speak of loving yourself and your neighbor and even your enemies to all you come in contact.  You are truly one who is ‘living your life as an example to others’.  And yes, the Christed one does shine through you.  And now let’s proceed with the message I wish you to convey to your readers.

          So many of you are concerned with Peace on Earth especially at this time.  Speaking for all of us, I tell you this.  You cannot grow or help achieve in the universe what you have yet achieved in your self.  Your body is a small planet within a microcosm of the total.  If within your microcosm (body) you are in turmoil, you are in disharmony with others, with yourself, your family, your immediate and extended family, your neighborhood, your town, your state, your senator, your governor, your president……..HOW CAN YOU BRING PEACE TO THE UNIVERSE? 

`        Detach from the emotion and the outcome and know that all will be as it is divinely choreographed when the time is right.  The vibrations are all important and it is the frequency of LOVE that is crucial now.  This is the frequency you must have in your heart to fulfill what you are attempting to accomplish.  If you only act out of wanting to be a part of a group but do not have the balance and harmony of LOVE in your heart, it is all for naught. 

Many have said they feel this way and yet act and think another and then wonder why things go awry. Many wear the clothes of a group and then take them off.  When will you dawn the garments of LOVE and retain them as your skin.  Be that which you are seeking!  Be the LOVE that you desire!  Be the LOVE to heal!  Be the LOVE to transform!  Be a living example in all you say, do, think and indeed are.  This will reflect in your higher frequency and vibrations and you will know.  Others will know.

          One who ascended to our realm but had many lifetimes on earth and one in particular when he was Shakespeare very aptly wrote: “To thine own self be true.”

          Until you are at peace with yourself, love and accept yourself as you are, you cannot help bring peace, harmony, balance and love.  If you do not have peace, harmony, balance, and love within yourself, you cannot know how to show others what these are and expect them to do your (self & group) bidding.  You, each of you, indeed have to be a living example of what you wish to help others and the universes achieve.

          If each would look inside, balance and harmonize the love, acceptance and peace within the self, you would not need to despair.  Peace and Love and Acceptance would be automatic in all because it is the total and starts and exists for each.  All of us, monitoring each of you love you unconditionally as you are this very minute.  Allow that Divine Love to penetrate your denseness and feel.  Your evolution depends on you.  We assist you in changing your molecular system, but it is you who must meditate for your vibrations to increase and the first step is with Self, acceptance, Love and then allow it to RADIATE WITHOUT EXCEPTION.

          Many will choose to leave during the next years because their time is up. Many others will choose to leave because they will not change.  Indeed, they do not even now think they are worthy even though they proclaim our words.  The burden is too great.  You each have free choice and make your choice with no disapproval on our part.  Indeed, we do not make judgments.

          We do welcome and applaud you for the increase in recent years of the LOVE and Light frequency and vibrations.  Many of you are now choosing to be the new YOU by allowing a transformation in the old you.

          Thank you for meditating and raising your vibrations so we can communicate with you on a conscious level.  This message is vital for all to hear.  We leave you in Peace and Love and Know that you will ‘spread it around”. Adonai  I AM METATRON


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