Tid Bits Gathered Here and There

The following are compositions by Nancy Nichols, the author of ALL IS THE SUM OF ONE. She has shared them with me and I will share them with you.


We have all been invited into God's House of Knowledge.
We only have to open the Door of Discovery.
And we will be received and refreshed.
We will be Welcomed by the Light of Understanding.
We will be Fed and Nourished by wisdom.
We will be Comforted by Forgiveness.
We will be Bathed in Compassion.
For I am Love.
And The Light of All light.
(Aug 96)


(Nov 97)
In The Beginning was the Life Force, Indigo
Out of the Beginning came the Thought
From the Thought came the Potential
Out of the Potential came the Intention
From the Intention came the Vibration
Out of the 'Vibration came "The Word"

(Feb 98)
All that exists came from One. Out of the darkness came Light.
A seed is covered in darkness so that it may grow into the light. Creation was born out of the Life Force of Darkness. Opposition residing in harmony is the motion of Love. Creation is the image of opposition in harmony. The purpose of opposion is motion. The purpose of motion is life. If we Love the Creator, we must Love the Created. The Created was the image of harmony in opposition.

Adam and Eve were the image from the Creators motion in harmony. For the continuation of creation man must understand the laws of opposition and force. To center and balance opposition and force is to know the potential of creation,

Indigo enfolds the light of Creation. Indigo is the activator of Light in our body. Indigo is the receptor of our Overself. Indigo represents the I AM within.

Love is the most powerful Force of Creation. Love is the embracing of all that IS. Love is potential in motion. Conflict arises out of the imbalance of opposition and the force of thoughts.


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