Channeled by WHITE DOVE August 18, 1994

    Greetings to each of you beautiful Souls of Light, you Starseed, Starborn and LightWorkers.  I, Kuthumi, bring you Love and Light from Sananda, the Ashtar Command and all the Ascended Masters.

    I come to you with an urgent plea from all the Ascended Masters, Sananda, Great White Brother hood, and me, Kuthumi.  TIME IS SHORT.  The quickening has commenced.  We have much vital informaiton that must reach the Starseed, Starborn, Light Workers, while awake, asleep in the dream state, or a relaxed state of wakefullness.

    We need channelers in the Light.  It takes a great deal of time and effort for us to lower our vibrations to come to you.  We do this with love because the time is growing short.

   All who can channel, think you know, don't know for sure or have a fear are urgently needed. We are in an accelerated time.  Already the 24 hours you know is at 12 hours. (Ed note: it is now at 18
hours)  many of you are not sleeping, use this time for meditation to allow yourself to rise your vibrations to meet and join our frequencies.

    All who are "thinking" in a different way or have information you have never thought before or have strange dreams you recall are receiving us.  We are doing our best to get your attention in
any way we can.  It is also up to you to do your part.  We  communicate with all who are open to the Light - to our messages.  No matter how silly they may seem to you, pass them on to a trusted Light Worker.  We assist in putting the very people in your lives just when you need them.

    You do not have to be "like all the other channelers" you know or hear about.  Each of you have your own unique way of communicating with us, sending and receiving.  Perhaps you hear, or see or use automatic writing, we come to you in all manners to see which is most effective for you to receive.  You must, MUST, be open to us.  Please do not let your ego or personality interfere in your being a  LIGHT RECEIVER

    This one who is writing down what we send to her is doing so while she is driving her car.  She meditates and receives best while in her car on short/long drive, doing her regular job.  We come
through her and she has a big tablet and pen she takes dictation or some call it automatic or spirit writing.  We take care of her while she is in this state.  She is aware of where she is going and what
she is doing and sometimes unaware when she is receiving so doesn't even look down at the notes she is taking.  (White Dove just said the notes sometimes are so cold she needs our interpretation to
transcribe.)  She does not dot her i's nor cross her t's always so it is sometimes difficult.  She also carries a tape recorder and other times we send messages while she is at her computer.

    We're trying to let you know there are many ways for you to receive information from us.  Some new to receiving may even think it is their imagination or thoughts.  We do this to make it easy for
you.  You will now know it is us because it is usually of a nature alien to you with words, descriptions, etc., you are unfamiliar.

    We have used this one for some time as our messenger and it was our intention that she put into reality White Dove's Message; a means of connecting and transmitting information from other Light
Workers to all points in the Universe.  This is a reality.  Contact this one for answers if you choose.

    Please open yourself to LOVE, yourself and others and love us and express your desire to channel.  Ask to have your fear and doubt removed.  Ask and you will receive!  Seek and you will find!  Knock and the door will be opened to you!.  Protect yourselves at all times when meditating or channeling.  Make it a habit to meditate and lift your vibrations, soon you will be opening nicely and will soon be spreading the urgent message.  White Dove raises her vibrations by saying or singing the Lord's Prayer or Amazing Grace.

    We take turns coming to you as it does take effort to lower our vibrations to meet you.  Soon there will be many who will raise their vibrations and meet us.  The time is short, we need each of you for our messages to come to those who have eyes to see, ears to hear and voice to speak.

    I leave you all beloved Light Workers with much Peace, Love, and Light so that each of you may give it to all you come in contact.
    Blessings on each of you,  I AM  Kuthumi

Ed note:  When I first received this in August 94, and it was printed in September 94 White Dove's Message it was urgent to get the word out.  That urgency is still there.  There are constantly new ones awakening and for this reason, I have been instructed to reprint this.  The information is time less and valuable for the newly awakened but also for those who have become weary from the daily
endeavors to communicate with the higher realm.  Perhaps you are trying too hard or in areas that you think you want to do.  Open yourselves and allow the higher vibrations to assist you in
developing the avenue most suited for your vessel.

"For ye may all prophesy one by one, that all may learn, and all may be comforted."   1 Cor 14:31

"That in everything ye are enriched by Him, "in all utterance, and in all knowledge."  1 cor 1:5

"Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven."  Mat 4"16  

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