A Gift for the Heart

 The following was mailed to me from a dear friend in Eureka, Kansas, paraphrased from Health Wisdon for Women and is entitled:A GIFT FOR THE HEART During this busy holiday season, take time to start giving a gift to your heart.  at least three times a day, stop whatever you're doing for 30 seconds, put your hand over your heard, and do a gratitude and appreciation meditation.

    Bring to mind someone or something that you love unconditionally, such as a pet or a young child (or recall a happy memory), until a warm feeling comes over you.

    Research shows that this helps balance our cardiovascular and nervous systems by opening our blood vessels and allowing our blood to flow more freely thoughout our bodies.     Your heart will be so grateful for this simple act of kindness.

(Editors note:  I would like to add, this would be very beneficial to do any time during the year.  We need to pay more attention to ourselves in self healing.  when we are in the midst of the most hectic situations is the most appropriate time to pause and give a gift to ourself.)

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