White Dove's Message
St. Germain Channeled by White Dove September 16,

Good evening. Good evening to each and every one of you dear souls. I am St. Germain, and I do come to you with many things that each of you, in fact the world, is going through a transformation. Each of you in your own way is having their own little earthquakes. Their own little turbulence. Their own flooding, as it were. Just as mother Earth is going through her transformations, so each of you are going through a transformation within yourselves. Each of the nuclei of family, a group, a business, an organization, all are going through transformation. If you look within yourselves at what is happening, you will find something very similar is happening with your your workplace something similar happening with the City government, something similar happening within the State government, the Federal government and on and on and on. If you are having much doubt and you are talking back and forth within yourselves and trying to justify why you do this and why you do that and call yourselves names. Your body is a microcosm of the whole world. Your family unit is a microcosm of the whole world. Your workplace, your city, your state. In fact, of all of the worlds not just his world. it is necessary for you to pay particular attention to what is actually going on within your body and not become angry. Why are you forgetting? Was it really all that important? Get a piece of paper and write it down, or get a tape recorder and talk into it and then listen. Don't make a lot of "todo" over something that is expending a lot of your energy. if there are situations which are in your body that you really are having difficulty with, let me tell you that I can help you with my violet flame.

But let me first address the fact that each of you. at different levels, are undergoing transformation. Now this is a cellular construction, a cellular reconstruction within your physical bodies. This is also going on in your astral body and your mental body and your emotional body. Each of your bodies are being reconstructed. Those areas that are the most fragile are being taken care of first and it will be those areas that you will thing there is such turbulence, such an avalanche of...."What in the world is going on? Am I going crazy?" No you are not. if you are of the emotional type, this is the area that
we are working on first. If you are a person who is very sickly or weak, or you have many aliments, those areas within your body, that are the weakest are what we are working on first. If you tend to have a weak heart, then you will have palpitations. You will have spontaneous shortness of breath, or you will have stoppage of your heart and then it will resume. Be not afraid, be aware. Do not put your energy info fear. Allow your higher self to take over and to calm you. If it is necessary for you to call another, then do so. You will know the difference. We will allow you to know the difference if it is immediate medical problem. It is necessary that each of you know this. If your eyes are one of the weak portions of your body, then this is the area that you will be having more difficulty with as we are reconstructing or working on them. You will also notice that inexplicity you will become very very tired at probable a most inopportune time. If there is any way that you can, take a nap, or take a shut eye or whatever it is that you call it. Even if it is no more than just very briefly. Do so. It is necessary for you to become very aware of your body. For years you, each of you, have abused your body someway. Either you, the expression, I believe , burn the candle at both ends; or you get engrossed in watching a small picture in some box, and you don't want to go to tear yourself away to go to bed, then when you do go to bed you cannot go to sleep. Then when the alarm goes off you do not want to get up. It is necessary for you to be on a regular regime.

Drink, drink, drink that water. Take in enough salt and we are asking to have you take in the natural salt that comes from the sea. Take as many vitamins and minerals as possible, that you are guides to, for dear ones, the vegetables and the fruits that Mother Earth has growing unfortunately do not provide the nutrients that you need. She has had so much taken from her and not put back, that she does not put into the produce that comes out of her all of the nutrients and the minerals and the vitamins that are necessary for the human body.

Pay particular attention to all of the labels that you read. But more important pick up something and go within to check it out. If it does not look right, if it does not feel right, or if you have doubt then put it down. Even if it is something that you have been getting for a long time. That means that what we are actually working on you is finally kicking in.

You are being told to not eat or not go along with something just because you have always done so. if there is something going on within your body and it is going on too strenuous or too intense, then I can help you. Call on me and my violet flame and we will help you. One good way, very short way, is to think of the violet flame as a great big bonfire. And if you have problems with your eyes then you are also having fear about going blind. These fears, throw them into the violet flame and let them completely burn up. Never more to think of them again. Anything that is going on.

If all of a sudden you are experiencing more sweating, perspiring, or if your kidneys are acting overtime, or if your elimination is becoming more solid or more loose or you are experiencing the necessity to relieve yourself more this is good. And bless this, because this means that we are acting on you and the toxins are leaving your body. That's why, dear ones, that we urge you to constantly drink, drink, drink. You are bombarded with so many pollutants, both that you take into your body, that you hear, from your ears, from all of the radio, TV and whatever else. All of the loud noises. Those are toxins also. What you are experiencing from motor vehicles with the exhaust fumes, with
the railroads and the trains; with the jets that fly. All of these are putting pollutants into the air and then you take a deep breath and you get them into your system. These are some of the things that we are working on.

It is necessary that before you go to bed we ask you to protect yourselves by the white light of Christ. To say the Lord's prayer or in some way put yourselves into a bubble. when we work on you, you become more vulnerable. And while we work on you it is necessary for you to lay yourselves open to us, so to speak. Each and everyone of you here are wonderfully going through your transformation. Of course, you say..."But only if I could do this...", or "My gosh, I've had such a
week..." But just think now far you've come even since the beginning of this year..... If you look back and those of you who journal, or write down or tape record or whatever. If you would go back and if you would read your diaries on a daily basis you would marvel at what you have overcome and how far you have come. Even though each and everyone in this room is discouraged because you do not think you are going fast enough. Let me say, you are going and you are exactly where you need to be right now. If we did not work on you during the night time, if we worked on you during the day time your body literally could not withstand what we do and what you consciously do on a day to day basis.  You may feel insomnia, you may feel lack of sleep. know that all you have to do is ask us for a little bit more rest, or not quite so intense or to slow down a bit.

There are those of you however, who want the intensity and the short duration of this transformation. We also help you when you say, "Help me endure this, so that I can complete this part of my transformation so that I can go on to the next level." Whatever it is that you need, we
will help you.

We are again, asking you to refrain from the heavy dense meat and food. The produce that has been sprayed with insecticide. There is no way that you can remove every bit of insecticide off. They go through the pores of the vegetables, the fruits. They go into the root system and they follow into the fruit or the produce as it is being, as it is in each growing stage. It is also in the very water, the soil. We ask you to bless your food before you put it into your mouth. your body is a temple. Treat it as such.

I leave you now in the ever growing Light and Love that we share. I am St. Germain

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