Tid Bits Gathered Here and There


This next 'creation' was given to me to put in White Dove's Message when the time was right. Carol the time is right and I thank you. The inspiration behind the creation was from a mutual friend who is know for giving or sharing her knowledge of crystals with others. Alice you were the inspiration behind this creation. Thank you from both of us.


Once upon a time the Creator stretched his arms and decided that He needed to try something new,
something that He had never created before. As always, His idea was to invent a plan that would help His children. He love His children; He loved to watch their souls sparkle as they danced upon the clouds and spiraled gracefully through space. They were magnificent beings who brought as much pleasure to their Father as He brought to them.

But the Creator knew in His heart that it was time for a next step. The magnificent children needed
opportunities to grow. They needed the challenge of adventure and daring deeds. They needed to
recognize that they could make choices and control their own destinies. They needed to learn about the power of love as well as the feel of it.  Even for the Creator, putting together a plan for this next step required a lot of thought. he squinted His eyes, pursed His lips, mopped His brow, and finally He shouted, "I've got it!" (The whole universe shook a little at the sound of his voice.)

Yes, He would make a new planet where the soul-children could spend various lengths of time. This
planet would have a new form--a physical form--and the soul-children would wear physical bodies. On this planet, they would be encouraged by necessity to provide for them selves. They would do this by tapping into the abundance which they would find on the planet. They could learn the value of helping one another. And they could test out their own talents for creating in the same way their Father did.

The Creator smiled as He considered the new plan. But soon the smile turned into a puzzled frown. it
would not be fair to turn these soul-children loose on such a venture without a parent. He could not go himself, for the whole point of His plan was to develop a kind of independence in the children. But he could send along a mother. Yes, that would help a lot.

So He pulled some energy from the feminine side of Himself. Then, as He constructed the new planet, he infused it with the gentle harmonies of this energy. When He was finished, He gave the planet a name: Mother Earth.

Mother and Father worked together to make preparations for the arrival of the soul-children.

Mother Earth chose her own path in the sky and the colors she would wear. (She was very fond of blue.)  The Creator laid out the electrical necessities-the ley lines and the magnetic poles. Both of them werepleased with their work.

But, on the day before the first of the soul-children were to arrive, Mother Earth felt herself going into a panic. Was she taking on too much responsibility? What if things went wrong? What could she do to keep things on the right track? She asked these questions of the Creator. His response was stormy.  "Of course you can do this. Nothing will go wrong. You must have faith."

Mother Earth insisted, "I would feel so much better if we had some kind of back-up plan.." The Creator felt great impatience. But He realized that this argument was going on between different parts of Himself. Maybe a back-up plan would be a good idea.

So, during the night, He planted seeds underneath the surface of the new planet. According to the new plan, the seeds would grow into crystals of all colors, shapes and talents.

They would bring beauty, energy and guidance into the lives of the soul-children. They would open new doors to truth. They would teach and heal and enhance the lives of all who touched them.

"Oh, how wonderful" said Mother Earth. "When the soul-children need help, I can give them crystals."

The Creator shook His head. "No, you must let them find the crystals themselves. When one soul-child becomes pure of heart and loving in spirit, a way will become clear to lead him to just the right crystal.  He will touch it, study it, play with it, and discover its small miracles. That child will teach his friends about this new helper that has come from Mother Earth. His friends will teach their fiends. Then another soul-child will be led to another special crystal and he will teach others what it can do. They will pass the word along to others. And on and on and on. "Mother smiled because she understood how much help would be there for the children.

The soul-children arrived for their life's journey on Mother Earth. They had many new things to play with. Sometimes they lived in sheer pleasure. Other times, things didn't work out very well. The children took some wrong turns and eventually noticed that they were not becoming what they wanted to be. it ws very distressing.

One day, though a very quiet soul-child became pure in spirit and loving in heart. As he walked along
the path, he saw a crystal sparkling up at him. He picked it up and felt the wondrous energy that it sent though his body. He held it up in the sunlight and saw how it focused the light rays. As he played with it, he realized that it was a healing stone. With this crystal, he could help his friends feel better in body and spirit. He used it often and he taught others how to use it. They passed this good news along to many others.

On another day, another child, pure in spirit and loving in heart, was led to another special crystal. This one gave the gift of information about Mother Earth and her history. This child taught his friends all about the new cresol and the amazing stories it could bring to mind. The stories spread among all the children.

On another day, -and on--and on--and on.

Until today when Mother Earth is becoming a new being and her children (you and I) are coming close to being pure in spirit and loving in heart, new kinds of crystals are appearing every day. They are excited about helping us and we are delighted to be their friends.

And we are learning that we are all One--The Creator, Mother Earth, the crystals, all the beings in the Universe and us. Carol Gruenke

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