Tid Bits Gathered Here and There

December 1995 WhiteDove
(Reprinted from the Jan 96 issue of White Dove's Message by guided request)

Good Morning, Dear Ones, this is Kuthumi speaking for several Ascended Masters.

We have come to you today to urge you to take off all your soiled and tattered garments that you
have worn for many lifetimes and that some of you wear with a somewhat misguided honor. These
soiled garments that you wear are in the guise of old memories, thoughts, hurts, guilt for what you
have supposed done to others and for what you think has been done to you. These soiled garments
may take on the form of manifested health problems, constipation, inability to speak your mind,
inability to remember (you call this Alzheimer's).

It is our duty to you to urge you to let go in any means fitting to your nature. We would strongly
recommend that you use natural means to flush these soiled matter from your system. One manner
might be to completely cleanse your system by means of a colonic, or a cleansing, de-tox tea. It
also is a time for you to release the mental, this might be done by going to a good friend (one who
does not judge), a medium, therapist, or ask any of your guides or one of us to advise you. If you
are in the habit of meditating, we will come to you. (It is NOW more important for you to regularly
meditate to build the communication system, for you to hear us when we communicate). All you
ever have to do is call on us and ask. You may not understand nor like what we advise and you
may seek another for you always have free will. It is up to you but cleansing your physical body of
the denseness of all the old residue of this life and in some cases the remains of many lives is
appropriate at this time.

The whole cosmic galaxy is aligning the planets, the photon energy, your own bodies are aiding you
in telling you the time is NOW to shed all the old ways and begin anew. The transformation of the
planet EARTH has begun and it will only intensify as the time draws nigh. You are the
Way-Showers, accept your duty and loosen the ties that bind you to the old system. St. Michael
will gladly assist you in this process with his blue flaming sword; St Germain will be always ready to
render his aid with the violet flame of transmutation. All memories, negative energy, whatever, to
heal you from all of this. perhaps you would want to work with all of us in your task of self-healing.
We will guide you all the way.

Beware, Dear Ones, it will only become more difficult to rid yourselves of this garbage if you wait.
Your reason for being on Earth at this time is to assist others and be an example. As the one whose
body We are using would say, Walk Your Talk and Talk Your Walk. When anything comes to
your mind that you feel is a threat to you. Don't stuff it back to the recesses of your mind. Allow it
to come forward, bless it for coming up at this time and face this fear or unwanted memory. Call on
us to assist you in flushing it from your physical, emotional, mental and etheric bodies.

This is a time also, Dear Ones, when you will be tempted to hold onto all these memories because
they are too painful to bring forward. You will also be tempted (and the ability to manifest) to have
what you have always desired. Whether this is a new job, the person you have always dreamed of,
having all the money you could want etc. Beware, there are strings! The relationship maybe with a
person not of your vibration and so will bind you more to the earth. The new job or the money may
be doing something contrary to your present belief system or with the lower vibrations. In ALL
GOOD. You cannot take another person with you. Each of you have to travel your path and move
at your own pace alone. You may show another, but allow him/her, as your Creator allows each of
you to make up his/her mind. There is much that has been said here today and much that you will
want to ponder. The time is now for "all who have eyes to see and for all who have ears to hear".
Answer your call! But before you do, preparation is necessary and purification and cleansing must
be accomplished first. More and more are awakening and seeking out those people who can best
assist and answer their questions. Take up the mantel and staff you were given and go forward with
full knowledge that you are an example and a Way-Shower. Turn deft ears to all but those who
have your highest good at heart.

Yes, it is necessary to carry your weapon into the battle that you are asked to join, but this weapon
it UNCONDITIONAL LOVE for self as well as all your brothers and sisters whether you perceive
them as friends or enemies. We leave you now Dear Ones and ask that you make haste to make
your bodies light and allow the LIGHT and LOVE to be your body. This is Kuthum, Sananda, St
Michael, St Germain & Mother Mary showering you with protection, love and light.

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