Channeling for June
The Golden One
Jan 1, 1998 - White Dove

Good Morning Little One, we are the energy of the Golden One, the Alpha and Omega, the
Beginning without end.

    We come to you today on this first day of nineteen hundred and ninety eight. Can you feel the
energy we send to you? We have been doing much transformation with you and with many of the
other lightworkers, the starbeings, those who are of the Light of Sananda.

There has been some discomfort for when these energies did come, some of the disagreement within
your digestive system. you were not able to digest some of the food in such a way that constituted
for your well being. Indeed, because of these very things, you no longer have any desire for some of
these foods. Your body is being conditioned in such a way that only certain nutrients will acclimate
with your body from this date forward.

We gave you an inclination of what we propose to do. Those away your so-called diet book, throw
away all of the information that you have been programed, indeed many eons, or many of the foods
that is the best for you to eat.

Indeed in some people that was and very well may still be accurate. In those of you that are of the
Light, it is necessary for your body to acclimate only those things for your highest good.
Therefore we say, if you choose to have ice-cream and your human body has not been able to
tolerate the dairy products, do not be alarmed. Sample and take into your body this ice cream. if
you have only indulged in eating certain food combinations, we ask you to stretch yourself and
actually seek out different foods in small amounts to see if they will acclimate whit your body. If
there is a so called craving for something, indulge yourself. We are not saying that you can throw all
caution tot he wind and start gorging yourself on all the foods that have been at one time been
incompatible to your system or that you can now indulge. We are saying that those of you who are
of the true light will acknowledge what we are saying. We ask you to eat less. But take into your
body that which you have a hunger for. We will be helping you to select those foods that you
take into your body. So it will not be eating so much from things that were not allowed but for us
to help your body to acclimate your body to all items. You will find that many of the same things you
will have a disagreement with you, you will not have the remembrance of loving it. All this is in part
to help dredge all of the memory, all of the programing that has been in your system all these many
many years.

When you come to attempt to conquer that which you desired is no longer, nor even tasteful, now
even sweet to your body. Then we ask you to let it go. This might be likened to the testing that
certain of your medical doctors do when you have allergies. You sample certain foods or in their
case there is some type of stimuli that is placed on your skin. if there is a reaction then you are aware
of it. It is necessary to clear your system. We start with your digestive system on a conscious level
because this is something that is your life support. It is something that you consciously do. We ask
you to do all these things because there is entirely too much food and addiction to certain other
stimuli. If you work with us to flush your system of the desire for the particular thing. We work with
you during the day but we also ask you to assist us on a conscious level.

Another of the factors of certain ones of you who have been affected by the earlier changes or by the
energetic changes of Mother Earth Have been extremely affected; have not been able to acclimate or
to balance. Regardless of how you meditaed or what a medical doctor did to help in this particular
situation of being dizzy. Suddenly when you are sleeping and turn over during the night, whether you
are walking and suddenly find it difficult to keep your balance, whether you are driving a car or riding
in any airplane. Whatever the reason, when the energy changes have affected you it has been our
doing. This too is our way of helping your human systems to acclimate in a small measure of the
great energy changes that are indeed now upon the earth.

And these energies will continue to accelerate. It is true that there are some more sensitive to
the energy magnetic that is going on in the universe at this time. It is also true that there are a number
of you who are the fore runners, who are aware of and who proclaim to all the peoples who will
listen of what is to come. You know who you are. You know that there are some who have to have
going thru some of the transformative changes within their bodies, indeed within all their bodies for
those who come after you and have questions in how to deal with it and what happens. We
understand that it is quiet alarming to some even those who have been light workers for these many
many long years. As long as you are in this human vehicle you will experience much of the physical
on all levels of experience. This is so that you may be there to assist others while they go thru their

We are indeed very very happy and proud of all who have been working so diligently with their
meditation, with their raising of their vibrations so they can fuse with us for longer periods of time.
Indeed there are some who are open to us and hear and listen to us and what we have to say without
too much effort on their part. These sensitive individuals, these are also the very ones who may react
to a higher degree with any type of subtle energy change let alone any other type of energy change.
It is not at all uncommon for the planet earth to evolve to her highest and for all the planets to align in
such a way so as to assist. The energetic changes that are taking place on planet earth within each
individual, you will also notice that these are affecting the animals. Your pets that you have as
companions, some of these dear friends are choosing to leave. Some are of an age so this might
seem natural, some are a younger age. They are choosing to leave because of the high energy
changes. Either they choose not to acclimate to these changes or their reason for being in your life
has now ended. There are many species that are choosing to become extinct from your planet. For
the same reason there are many plants that are undergoing the changes from the energetic field and
indeed are changing their molecular structure and are becoming hybrids Because of all the energy
changes you are also experiencing more mineral changes in all of the crystals. The formation of the
various mineral compounds are changing and are becoming more of a "new species". These are all
because of the conditions of the energies. These are also given to human kind to assist in balancing
and healing. Those of you who work with the animal kingdom, those of you who work with healing
on any level will be guided to those particular transformative changes within the mineral, animal or
plant kingdom.

We ask you once again and will continue to ask you for your highest good to drink more pure
water. We would say to you to use some filter system if you have any intuitive knowing or actual
conditions in your water supply. We would ask you to rub your hands together and hold them close
together over the water for a period of time until you feel the negativity or that which you feel is not
for your highest good has been eliminated. Healers know of this and do this with food, water and
many things. All of you can do this, it is a matter of your focused intent. We would ask also that you
say a blessing or that you give thanks for any food or liquid that you take into your bodies for it is to
help construct and maintain the temple which is your human body.

We go now and we have had much pleasure little one for being with you this day, this first day of
your year. Believe, it is a year that will transform the remainder of your earthly lives. All that you
know will be speeded up, the time is now. Make your connections more secure with us.

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