"Raventree’s Resonance"

Spiritual News from Carla & Mark
Issue #2 May 1999
AUG 11, 1999
by Julie & Joshanna of "Fire In The Belly"

This eclipse has been called by the renowned astrologers as unprecedented, and the most disturbing and frightening astrological chart of this century. It is a tight fixed sign grand cross incorporating the solar eclipse. Fixed signs mean the energy is unmoving and inflexible and the cross is made up of Mars, Saturn, Uranus, and the Sun and Moon. The eclipse is of 18 degrees 21 minutes of Leo.

Eclipses in general seem to be catalysts for world events because they enhance a mood of unease and paranoia in the masses particularly when the eclipse is total. The ecliptic path is total over some of the "hot spots" of the world. All of these places are areas where repressive fundamentalist groups are in power or about to come into power creating a dangerous environment.

Because the energy is fixed and inflexible, tension will build and need release. The Earth herself will also feel the energy stress and will need to release somehow.

In our own personal horoscopes many people will be affected by this eclipse with the resulting build up of tension and need for release. Depending on where it falls on your natal chart will determine what particular issues will be sensitive personally.

We as conscious light workers can aid the Earth at this time by beginning to prepare for this time of eclipse. We can do this by clearing and healing all of our own fundamental core issues that we are Abel to at this time These "hot spots" in our natal charts correspond to the "hot spots" on the Earth. So by helping to release the energy snarls in our own person, we can help shift the energy worldwide. It is my experience as an astrologer that many light workers are being touched at a core level by this eclipse. Enough of us consciously facing and clearing our deepest issues at this time can have a profound effort worldwide. So pull out your chart and figure where the eclipse falls for you and your friends and open to this possibility of change, a shift that will effect your spiritual path as well as the Earth’s.

Mountain local time of the eclipse will be August 11, 1999 at 5:08 am. We channeled that from the solstice June 21,1999. From now till the eclipse is a critical time to do the clearing and releasing of implanted self depreciating messages.

Any beliefs that impede the light from entering into your being need to be let go NOW! These messages have been carried lifetimes to this point of possibility. There is Light and energy being given to us all now to help us to become the Light Beings we truly are.

We are planning a healing vigil on August 10, 1999 evening and through the night to assist ourselves and the Earth and Universe. We suggest strongly that groups all over the world begin this process June 21, 1999 and do some conscious ritual of letting go and entering a new energy of possibility.

This eclipse chart also relates to the Y2K problem dn implicates governing powers.*

[We’ll have more info in our next issue. Please feel free to pass on this information. Please take notice and think about planning a special ritual/service/Vigil, to help with the energy work on this date. Also form now till then we need to all work on our specific personal growth issues and as teachers, as always, help others learn and grow. -MK] E-Mail us at raventre@fone.net

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