Editor's Notes

Perhaps this energy is what has been happening to me. I have for the last two years been consciously letting go and asking for change. You all remember what last year was like for me with all the things happening. Well this year, more of the same only different. Really smacking at the core issues and what I am willing to let go of and testing me to the limit..

January this year, Honey, my canine companion of 13 years let me know it was time to leave. That was difficult. April this year, my mother decided to leave. I had been working with her to release her hold on this life. Though it was difficult it was accomplished over a period of three years time and not completely unexpected though none-the-less a great physical loss.. [She had attempted to leave three years ago; see White Dove’s Message, March and April 1996, in my article "Many Will Be Leaving The Earth Plane and The Necessity To "Let Go". I was with her at that time to help her go to the other side and return since it wasn’t yet her time. She still had karma to work on with her husband and other things to do.] During the same week in April, a loving uncle in law decided to leave also leaving a vacuum.

In May this year, my sister had knee replacement and was in ICU for a time due to complications and heart problems. A little before that, my brother had two panic anxiety attacks that nearly did him in. He has had ‘real heart attacks’ and he says the panic anxiety attacks the doctor said that he had felt more like the real thing. Mothers passing really made an impact on him. He also suffers from time to time from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. I was, also during this time, grounded by a medical doctor that said I had to become a couch potato to regain my strength due to severe allergy attacks. Apparently going through all the old photos, letters and the cleaning out the attic, the mold spore and dust became a catalyst. Started losing my voice but decided that I could still work with the disaster team after a tornado hit Haysville and south Wichita, May 3. Both acting together let me know that more was going on that mere allergies. During this time I did a lot of journaling and releasing and healing my sibling rivalry feelings. Then in June I had a wonderful very significant birthday. I am ever so blessed and acknowledge each and every change that comes into my life. There are other factors of change going on and will undoubtedly be discussed at a later time.

All of us are subjected and influenced by the planets and the moon in every facet of our lives. Start paying attention to what is going on and know that it is for a purpose. Remember that all change can be looked upon as positive or negative depending on how you perceive the change, indeed how you look at live!


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