White Dove asks your indulgence...........

All the wonderful readers, students, friends, clients and potential clients I ask your indulgence. Since January this year many life changes, and wonderful and awesome things have been happening to me. Over the last six months two family members decided to make their transition, another is hovering with that decision, a family member had major complications after major surgery, another had heart problems, another had long awaited but unexpected major surgery.

During this same time it became necessary for me to have some down time to let go, release, and heal. I am very good at advising others to take care of ‘you’ first but sometimes find it difficult to take that same advice. When it is time for me to go thru healing, my helpers make sure by rendering me either unable to talk to others or interact in other ways. I was quite literally left speechless (no voice for a few weeks) and exhausted due to two severe allergy reactions. It was really a major tune up for me. .

When I was working, in between these unsettling happenings, I would cram as much time as possible in my regular work as I could. Our year ends the 30th of June and many things had to be done by that date. Fortunately all seemed to come together as they usually do and hopefully things are on an upward swing.

Many of you phoned, wrote letters or e-mailed me. An attempt has been made to contact each of you. If you wish you may again call or write and I will get back with you.

All that has happened has been in a timely way and at my request. The Universe answers when you ask for change if you specify . I asked for release and letting go of all that was necessary for me to in a timely way. There comes a time when we have to try our own wings and fly without the aid of our lifetime companions, be they parents, spouse, pets, or friends, whomever or whatever. But at the same time it is necessary for us to heal by taking the time for grieving and taking care of ourselves. Don’t allow others to say what is good for you when they are not the ones going thru these life altering changes.

I also lost most of my files on my hard drive. Not due to any virus. But a long procedure to imput agin.


We are never given more than we can handle! But...we have to do our share in letting go and healing.

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