Curiouser & Curiouser

The 24th of April, this year, a truck run a red light and hit my car, Spirit Little Bit and me. If it had not been for my guides, angels that caused me to look up, apply breaks and swirve, he would have hit me broadside on the drivers side. It was a rainey morning. I was the second car in the intersection, we had the green light and the car in front had already passed thru the intersection. I was just crawling, picking up speed when something caused me to again look to my left. When I did, what I saw was an aqua colored newer heavy duty pickup truck coming, not stopping at his red light, right at me. I applied breaks as best as I could under the wet condition of the road, surrounded myself with my angels and protection, swirved a little to the right. Just before impact, he took in the situation and applied his breaks, also swirving.

As it was the impact took off the front end of my car. My radiator was leaking but drivable and when the police came I was instructed to pull into the parking lot across the intersection. Directly behind me in the lane of traffic had been a police detective and was the first to come to see if I was OK. There was also an EMT vehicle that ‘just stopped’ to see if they could assist and they also called 911.

I came away from that physically unscathed but a little shaken. Later I was to learn just how shaken I was. Because I ‘knew’ that I was physically OK, I declinded medical assistance and was allowed to leave when the tow truck came. For the next four days, I was to learn a lot about the man who ran into us.

Because of the rainy condition the copy of the report was blurred and only faintly could I read anything. The report was not sent directly to traffic affairs since it was covered by a subdistrict. After four days attempting to call traffic affairs to find the insurance name of the other person, I decided to do things my way. I called the phone numbers that I thought were the correct ones for the insurance and his home address. Many long distance phone calls later, a man returned my call giving me the name of the town he lived, almost to the Nebraska border. After making four phone calls to his home and leaving a message, finally about 10:30 PM one evening I received a phone call from the wife. He had not told her what had happened nor had he been home nor contacted the family for four days. Apparently he lives in Wichita during the week where he works. Instead of blurting out what I wanted, I was guided to patiently explain in a very low key manner what had happened, what I needed and no he was not hurt. She then said that he usually called each evening to talk to the children but had not. Also related that his father is dying of cancer and he is sick with worry over this. She gave me the information that I needed, name and phone number of the insurance company.

I then did a healing ceremony for this man and his situation and asked for the release of all anger that I was holding onto and also that he was holding onto to be disapated and released with love and forgiveness back to the Universe. I truly think that our lives had to cross for this reason. He and his family are still in my prayers for them to have the strength to do what is necessary in whatever happens.

Next day when I called the insurance company, they were unaware of what happened. Another three days pass and finally I again call the insurance company. They had reported it to the local office and gave me that number.

To make a very long story shorter, they couldn’t do anything for me until they verified it with their insured, even from the police report they had. Eventually, I was given a vehicle for three days. My car was totalled and I had to buy a new car immediately. After asking for referrals, and going into the lots of a couple and turning right back around, I was guided to the vehicle I now have.

During this period of time and for the remainder of May, I was wanting to astral travel all the time and not stay in by body. My bodies would not stay aligned. What I saw was as if I were looking into a mirror in a ‘fun house’ and the shape is all distorted. Had to think of various methods to ground myself. My brain wasn’t wanting to stay focused and my eyes were not wanting to focus either. After one person physically did energy work on me, another doing tonal energy work over the phone, I was just a little better. For a time, it seemed, but then it would start up again. Then the opportunity came to go to St Joseph, MO with a group of friends to a healing temple. Star, the lady who did the channeled healing energy work was incrediable. For an hour she worked on me and the outcome was very apparent to those in the group. I felt so much more connected and together.

But then we come to the month of June. Want to relate some strange things that happened during June and into July. Have had bits and pieces of similar occurances but not like the following.

Every so often, my answering machine goes crazy so I go out and buy a new one. This time I have not, ...yet. The first part of June I would hear from various people through the mail or in person asking if I ever stayed home. Because of certain commitments, staying home has been a necessity this last year. I answered in the affirmative and didn’t think much about it. My answering machine is hooked up to my fax machine, so I keep it on most of the time. Most of the counseling that I do is via the phone or fax so this has an impact on many people.

Then the local clients and friends who wanted to get in touch with me would sometimes call my daughter and have her relay the message or to get in touch with them. When my daughter asked why they didn’t call and leave a message on my machine, they said, my message machine was always full.

I was home one day in the early afternoon preparing some paperwork and getting ready to return to work when the phone rang. When I had come in, I had jotted down all the messages to call them later that evening. The answering machine came on and gave the greeting and then said ‘the message tape is full’. It couldn’t have been. I had just erased them all

Just a minute, ......this gets ever better.

I changed the tape when I got home later that evening. For the past 5-8 days, the same thing would happen. Once in a while there would be messages and I would return the calls and think OK, all is fine now. Then someone would tell me I really should take my messages down and erase the tape so others could leave a message.

Then something different started happening. And I thought OK things are looking up since I had about 7 messages flashing on the machine. WHEN I PLAYED THEM BACK.....ONLY ONE PLAYED BACK! Took the tape out and put it in my tape recorder to see if anymore would play back. There was only the one played back on the entire tape.

This happened until the last of June. Only one message and sometimes not a whole message would be played back. But there would be anywhere from two up to seven or more flashing. My machine does not record the calls when people hang up without giving a message, so that wasn’t the reason.

July 1, we had a terrible electrical, thunderstorm come rumbling through. I sometimes get a migraine with that type energy so I called in to tell my boss that I wouldn’t be in. That was sometime between 4-7 AM. Later when I did get up, I noticed the microwave flashing 888's so I knew the electricity had gone out. But that was the only room in the house that the electricity went out. Like throwing a breaker on overload. That room, the kitchen, is where the phone line is located.

Much later in the evening, I was feeling better so thought I would check my e-mail. Couldn’t get on-line. No phone connection. Went to my next door neighbor to use the phone to call SWB to check out where, what, was the problem. When I used her phone, the phone number dialed but would not ring. She attempted and got through and gave the phone to me to talk to the customer service lady. It was determined that indeed there was a problem and it was on the outside of the house. She said sometimes, squirrles like to knaw thrrough the wires. Someone would fix the problem next day.

Frequently when I am under a lot of stress, or when I ask for a little peace and quiet so I can meditate or work on White Dove’s Message my ‘gate keepers’ or protective guides keep the phone lines free. Especially if the phone calls are unwanted or not the best vibration such as sellsmen or people taking surveys or wrong numbers etc.

Personally I think that we all go through testing to get us up to speed. Electrical machines malfunction all the time and as more and more people use them, will continue to do so. We are meant to communicate with each other telepathically and some of us do so now, but not to the degree it will be necessary when all electrical systems fail. We are to practic using our inner communication system and telepathic abilities to fine tune them now.

This also is a time when I found it difficult to control my energies and as has happened to me in the past, all manner of things go awray. Usually it is for only a short period of time, street lights going out, static on the recording tapes, or static

phone lines. I do think it is a direct result of the vehicle accident which promtped me to seek and be sought out to assist with the dislocated bodies and energy shifts resuling after the impact. We are so much more than our physical bodies.

When you are involved in an accident of any type, get some type of energy work immediately. I worked on myself as did others. This type impact does do a lot, maybe not immediately but it will show up and take longer healing.


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