1998, The Year That Was

Last year, for me and for many others, was a year of change, shedding the old and making ready for the new; truly a roller coaster ride. Early on I knew it was a year of drastic shedding and major growth. I initiated it and constantly reenforced it by asking for acceleration in letting go of the past; cutting the ties that bound me to that which was not for my highest good.

Well it started in March when I took a course with Dov Nadel called NeuroMuscular Release. Continued in April when I took the "Grape Cure", which incidentally works wonders. It truly does get into the core issues of stored memory and flush them out of your system, literally. (Anyone interested, give me a call for diet and source).

Also in April, I was struck by a man running a red light and my car, Spirit Little Bit (that had 140,000 miles) was totaled. The whole front end had been taken off but for my angelic protection I would have been hit in the drivers side and wouldn’t be here to write this.

Going into debt to buy another vehicle was now necessary. My new car, a white Saturn, called Cosmic White Dove is really the only one I looked at. The decision had already been made for our meeting.

I came out of the whole mess, a little stiff physically but unharmed. This did have an effect on all my other bodies, however, and it precipitated the process of energy exchange which I had requested. (Be careful HOW you ask for change.)

This accelerated change request was in the form of an influx of energy that for awhile was causing all my electronic "gadgets" to go crazy. This would continue until all my bodies would be aligned and balanced and I could work harmonously with the higher more refined energies. I sought help from the healing networks on all planes and two energy minded friends.

I couldn;t use the computer at work. At home the lights, the TV, the phone, the computer, the answering machine all had a mind of their own. Many phone messages went unheard because they were scrambled or completely lost. Others from years ago would come thru clear as day. When I would call these people. They said they had not called recently but it was nice to talk with me again. In many cases they were in need of talking to someone and poured out their problems. As I learned to harness and work in tandom this newer higher vibration of energy things simmered down and we would work in harmony.

During this time, counseling others slowed down but the absent healing and Reiki attunements increased. All this had to do with fine tuning the energy. Taking care of me before taking care of others.

Used this slow time to create and recreate. My bathroom was in need of repainting and the hall way. Minor repairs (for others but for me it took a little longer) had to be made prior to repainting. All the work had to be done with my energy, could not have a repairman or painter come in to do the work. After I started the task, I really began to enjoy the transformation to myself and the rooms on which I worked..

I chose this last year not to turn on my air conditioner, it only cools one maybe two rooms but the back part of the house is hot. I decided to use only fans to circulate the air. It was difficult at times but it did allow me to ‘sweat’ out or should I say ‘glow’ out the toxins in my body and caused me to drink gallons of water.

In the bathroom, I stripped off the old paint, did the minor (Ha) repairs and actually was having fun. As I stripped off the old paint, I allowed myself to strip off layers of hurt feeling, abuses, and all hostility that had accumulated since the house had been first painted. Some of the feelings were mine, some were others, now they were being stripped away and the healing began. The bathroom is the room of release and the best place to start for any release work.

I then painted the walls white. During a creative urge, one usually goes with it.......this is what I too did. At the paint store, I purchased small cans of paint in purple, gold, red, pink, silver, green, blue. When I got to the checkout I paid for them thinking why on earth had I bought all the small cans of colors. I readied the surrounding by laying paper so the paint wouldn’t get on the tub, the floor etc. Then I sat down in the middle of the floor and meditated. When I was finished and still in an altered state I began painting. Sometime later, I was aware that I was cleaning up and washing my hands. I went back into the bathroom and was overwhelmed. During the time I was painting I had painted all types of symbols, powerful symbols, from all different cultures on the walls in the various colors. Quite literally, I could not stay in this rom for very long, the vibrations were too strong. It was wonderful, and beautiful but why?????

I then meditated again later that evening with the fan directly on me. There would be three coats of white paint and each would have various symbols painted on them. The last would not show many symbols but this was for the transformation of the ‘release’ or transformation room in the house and those that used it. My meditation quite often is done in the water either soaking or taking a shower so this was logical to me. The creation was breathtaking to me. Others when they saw it thought I had flipped for sure. This was not for them, this was for me.

The next room was the hall and I have always called it my ‘hall of mirrors’ since it has many mirrors. The room is very small and to increase the appearance in size I started putting all shapes, sizes and types of mirrors. I painted it white also. Hung my mirrors differently than before, added a few and hung a few crystals in the ceiling corners.

Found myself drinking more and more water, eating nuts, raisins and dates, staying up later and being very refreshed on waking despite the hot water. Also found that I wanted to be outside all the time and would sit watching the birds, Honey (my canine companion), squirrels, and other critters that came thru my yard. During this same time, my passion for reading was reawakened. Paolethic stories about the first humans all taken from anthropology research and woven into interesting, factual and fictional readable material. This was occupying my brain on something interesting but allowing the assimilation for all the other ‘things’ happening on other levels.

My interest in crystals increased; I wanted to create and handle them and work with them. I started incorporating them into my absent healing more and in hands on healing. With the capable help of Zandra with the Crystal Dock, I made a healing wand. I am fascinated by what now occupies my mind and the pictures of creations that I will be making. I also had the pleasure of working the Island of Light Metaphysical November fair when Melody was there. Her energies are as her books, full of positive vibrations and intuitive knowledge. She signed my copies of her books and I just had to purchase a few of her ‘gems’ to work with.

The last of the grudging changes is ebbing with my right knee and my right elbow. The elbow is tender all the time with any range of movement from a hard bump to my funny bone many weeks ago. I will wear an ace bandage for a time, do self-healing with Reiki and other energies, crystals herbs, sound, and continue to peel back the layers of fear that need to be brought into the light. The right knee is fine now from rest since I had vacation time to take. It was x-rayed to see if there was a cyst. It had the sensation of having a golf ball at the back of the knee cap causing me not to have full range of use. My doctor examined it and thought perhaps it might be a Casters cyst but the results were nil. It is necessary to get a diagnosis before starting any alternative healing work. Fortunately, this doctor is aware of my ‘quirks’ and wanting to take herbs, etc. He advised me what to take in the medical line then said to take my white willow bark and anything else I thought might help, but to be sure to rest and not use eithter my right hand or right leg.

All of the wonderful sometimes hectic changes during this last year are truly blessings in disguise and are exactly what I asked. It has been a year of letting goo of people, places, things, and especially memories that impeded my growth. During the time all this was taking place, I constantly was asking for strength for the transformation to take place.

How you choose your words when this happens also allows for quicker healing. If terms like, sick, hurt, or use some limiting medical terms this would be labeling and using negativity. You will draw these to you. If however, you choose to use terms as cleansing, healing old wounds, and ask your spiritual medical guides or angels to assist you and guide you to others to assist you will truly co-creat miracles. You will be amazed at the alteration and the new level of energy and insight with your new growth.

Remember there are no accidents. All things happen for a reason. Try to find the reason.

There is a transformation story for each one reading this article. Yours is different but none-the- less a blessing in disguise. It may be painful but it will be cleansing and rewarding for you and for your highest good. May each of you find the rewards through transformaiton that you richly desire and deserve. May you also be directed to seek inner guidance in your quest for knowledge and healing. May you find in your heart to forgive all who have harmed you in any manner. In the act of forgiveness you will find healing and transformation.

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