1999, The Year That IS!

January 1, 1999! What a wonderful time to be living in. With the advent of this time, you , each of you, are truly starting life anew, beginning all over again. As with each minute, hour, day and month so this whole year will be. Numerically, counting the year 1+9+9+9=28=2+8=10=1.

One is the beginning or starting the cycle over again. One is action. You will want to take action for your life and be hesitant to take advise from others. You will want to take care of yourself first and as they say fill your own well before others. The decisions you make and the actions you take this year will set the pattern for many years to come. Use caution and allow yourself to be guided.

For some of you this is a time like none other in your life. You will be out there ‘doing’ the things you always wanted to try, or do and will succeed. You will be un-stop-able. And as you move forward and ‘do’ these things, you will become aware of a constant flow of energy to maintain all you are doing.

This year will bring many ‘firsts’ to you and the number ‘1' will be very significant One person will come into your life and be instrumental in shaping your future. This person could be a ‘significant other’, a new teacher, guide, mentor or a special friend. This is a memorable year. Take heed and enjoy.

This 1999 is starting off on a new vibration also because of the fact for the first two months there are no ‘retrogrades’ of any planets. In addition, January and March have TWO full moons each and February has no full moon.

With these energies and alignments of the planets to assist, the opportunities are wide open to us. This, of course, does not mean there won’t be any set backs or curves or blockages. Remember ‘what you fear, you will draw near’.

The flip side of this is to draw your fears to you for healing. Allow the shadow side to come into the light and be healed! There are many who will assist you and many ways you can start this healing on your own (with the guidance of your angels, spirits or higher self). Allow yourself to be drawn to the individual(s) who may assist you in this road to healing always with the use of your higher protection.

Be gentle with yourself in all ways! Like most humans, we want what we want when we want it and ‘right now’ is usually the time. What has taken lifetimes to create can be gently healed but not all at once. You will go through stages of growth, stop for a time for assimilating, then growth again. Some will go very slowly, because of the security of the known limitations and fear the insecurity of the future.

This is the year for opening the heart and working with the heart chakra. The use of love will indeed conquer all the fear. There are a few lines of song that come to me when I am working on fear. I am not sure what the name of the song is but the words are: "Where there is fear there can be no love. Where there is love, there can be no fear." Both cannot exist in the same moment. It is impossible.


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