Tid Bits

Greetings to you dear ones, lighted ones. We are the energy, thoughts and voice of the Golden One.

We come to you today, this new day of the new year, 1999. It is indeed a time of reflection and a time fo forethought. Each of you will indeed begin to feel the new increased energies that are abounding within the dimensions. Indeed all are experienceing these energy changes from the humans, animals, plant life, mineral kingdom to Gaia herself. Many do not know what to do and in fear strike out to all they come in contact. The animals also will experience mood sweings and will nip the hand that feeds them because of fear.

Many animals, fish, and plant life will cease to exist and yet again many of the minerals are and will change within this vibratory change. This is indeed saying to all, change now or suffer from your fears. The Mother Gaia that you know is undergoing her changes and as you change you are aiding her in change. Indeed there is no where to go but along for the ride. You can choose to ride in harmony and balance by accepting the new higher vibrations or you may take a bumpy ride of doubt and fear. It is all up to yu but change is inevitable for all. Ask for our assistance and we will be there to lend you the support for you to grow. We cannot take the experience from you however, it is a part of your assignment.

Open your voice to sound and ask for the healing. Ask for those to come into yur lives to assist you. Your words never go unheard. Your prayers never go unheard nor unanswered. At times you are so busy asking that you forget to be still long enough to hear the small voice giving you the answers that you seek. All things are possible when you open yourself for healing for new experiences and for higher vibrations. It is in knowing that you are being taken care of, healing, and moving onward and upward and you are to be an example for those follwoing behind you.

Do all things for your own growth and for the highest, best, and most perfect healing....then you will be there for others to assist them.

Do not discount anyone, for the creator uses all to be vessels of information. Judge not lest you be judged. Neither be stuck in your way of thinking for in truth many lights are coming to a greater intensity. They have been waiting until the right moment when the light will shine with the knowledge of the truth. Many have changed history for their own means. The light of truth and understanding are on the threshold of time. Many events are unfolding and the hidden meaning is coming into crystal clarity and will be know for the truth. Be willing to reassess your way of thinking, remember with your true light. Become bendabel like the willow tree and refrain from being unbendable like the oak. Both are necessary but one will break and one will bend and survive. Faith leaves room that something else might be possible. Knowing is when you know with your heart and soul that something is right. Use your inner knowing for guidance. Use your ears to hear what must be heard, use your eyes to see what must now be shown, and then use your voice to speak what now must be spoken. We are her for you. Call of us at all times for strength and understanding.

Love all and fear not.

We are the energy of the Golden One.

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