Looking Into The Future
by ZAVENA White Dove

leaf2.gif (92 bytes)Lightening will strike more often, without warning, and without rain or threat of bad weather and will be various colors.

leaf2.gif (92 bytes)Don't throw away those seeds or peach pits, save and dry them and keep for future use. Some commercial seeds on the market am contaminated by design. Use inner guidance to test.

leaf2.gif (92 bytes)Two of the UK monarchy are taken seriously ill. This will try to be kept under wraps. Word will leak out and emotions will run high. Sometime in late 1998.

leaf2.gif (92 bytes)Don't put away your summer/fall clothes. You will need to have light weight and heavy weight clothes most of the winter.

leaf2.gif (92 bytes)Mild winter in most areas but extreme drops of temperature within hours. This will not be foreseen on the weather maps. Caution that you keep your gas tank full, carry blankets, extra cold/wet weather apparel and boots, water, food, candles and waterproof matches in your vehicles at all times.

leaf2.gif (92 bytes)Increase in liver, pancreatic and intestinal cancer. As we become concerned with improving our eating habits, our bodies will turn on us. This is only the rejection of many toxic foods. Our bodies for years have become resistant to the pesticides and water spill off from dump sites. When we attempt to correct the situation and put wholesome food into a body conditioned to the opposite. Something has to give. Use colonics to assist purging and seek massage therapy to aid in opening and be guided to those who can help you.

leaf2.gif (92 bytes)Increase in deaths by lightening. Includes being out in the open in a rain or threatening storm and lightening coming in through the phone and electrical lines and outlets more often than ever before. Also cellular phones will be conductors for killing drivers while using them in cars. Use caution any time them is a storm of any kind anywhere around when you are using electricity or phones.

leaf2.gif (92 bytes)As some species seem to die off, other supposed extinct species will reappear. This is true in the fish, animal and bird kingdom. There will be a surge of "new" old species found during late 1998 and early 1999.

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