As we release all the ties that bind us to the past, it is vital that we put a priority on ‘forgiveness’.  It is equal to or grater than all other ties.  It is a tie that binds us to that person because we won’t let it go.  That person to whom we need to forgive has long since forgotten anything that ever happened.  Sometimes we think a thing was done on purpose and it may well have been, but it might not have been also. 

Regardless if it was intentional or unintentional, if we still harbor thoughts of unhappiness and we cannot forgive, that is our problem.  It is not that person’s problem.  It very well could be they have no knowledge that they ever did anything and this is your perception of what happened.  I do know full well, that when the mind feeds constantly on a negative thought such as unforgiveness, it becomes a mindset, will control your life and will manifest physical problems. 

When we refuse to be the one to forgive, that person and situation is still controlling your now and your future because you keep them tied to you.  It isn’t doing a thing to them.  When you release this and unconditionally forgive another person, with LOVE, for whatever they did intentionally or unintentionally, YOU ARE SET FREE.  Until you do, the tie that connects you to that person or circumstance is binding and will become a strangle hold until YOU set it free. 

A simple way to do this is for you to consciously think or write that person’s name on a piece of paper and say/think that you forgive them unconditionally with love all lifetimes, past, present and future.  You may do so with gritted teeth or with a smile, but do it, for your own sake and happiness.  You then become free to live your own life and move forward.

Another method you might use is to connect with the angelic realm and give the situation or concern to them.  Ask them to intercede for you and on your behalf.  Always do this with LOVE as the main ingredient and for your highest good.

You are in charge of your life.  Do what is healthy, mentally, physically, emotionally and morally appropriate for you and for your highest good.  

There are so many other constructive positive matters for you to focus on. 

Look forward.  Do not look backward.  Nothing can be accomplished by looking to the past unless you do so with healing in mind.  Do it and be done with it and move forward. 

How many of you have had people die and never took the opportunity to forgive them, (loved one, friend or co-worker) for a misunderstanding and then lived to regret it.  It is time to start living your life from a different perspective, live in the now.  Live in a positive manner and be guided by your heart not by a fear of what someone will think

As many of you have already determined the energies that are here now are awesome and intense and will accelerate.  They are unlike anything we have ever encountered before.  These energies also intensify our emotions. Any feelings we have currently or from the past are magnified sometimes out of proportion.  It is now that we must let go of the old hurts, fears and do some healthy forgiveness with love. 

The manner in which we formally corrected situations no longer exists.  Now with these new energies it is necessary that we focus on the problem and come up with a new solution.  The same old way of fixing is nonexistent.

Stop beating your head against a brick wall.  Center yourself, and ask your higher-self or your guides or your angels to assist you in solving a problem or situation or a method of releasing a hurt.

� It does become easier the more you use this new method.  Actually many of us have always used this method.