Tid Bits

Crow population explosion!

January 1999 has seen an influx of crows in the Wichita Kansas area. When I drive to work early in the mornings the trees are black with them. When I park my car and walk around the building to enter the employees door, I watch carefully how and where I walk. Lately the weather has been rather rainy and wet and the stench is almost overpowering.

Yes, the crows are everywhere. But the upside to this is the energy they are providing for this area.

Many people who work with energy will concur and are aware in areas where there are very few or no birds there is an absence of positive energy. Where the birds congregate, you will find there is an abundance of positive energy. When birds are absent, the area is greatly in need of positive vibrations, indeed healing.

Mother Earth while undergoing her changes has seen fit to alert those of us who watch with nature signals. These signals are in the guise of animals, birds, fish, worms, snakes etc changing there normal habits or normal habitats. And even the trees, plant life and streams or bodies of water.

When there is a drastic change, beware and be aware. Be ready to change your own habits if necessary, even to the extent of moving your residence or place of business.

When there is a predator nearby, you will cease to hear the singing of the birds,...everything becomes quiet. Take a lesson from nature and pay attention to your surroundings.

Also when there is an over abundance of energy, there is healing that is being done on another level. Many of you already know that ‘crow medicine’ is powerful energy. The crow will tackle any issue and get to the root of the problem. They continue to peck away at something until there is nothing left, be it garbage on the ground or garbage (excess baggage) in your life. Many of you have crow medicine. You sense others don’t really want to be around you because you bring out the issues that need to be ‘cleaned out’ of the system for healing.

Wichita is changing and healing and coming more into the Light. Crow energy is attempting to get rid of the old garbage of old energies, and that which is no longer for her highest good.

Wichita Kansas is not the only location that these changes are occurring. As you travel, pay attention to the bird population especially.

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