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Vital Information: HOPI PROPHECIES

The following is a summation of the Art Bell Show of June 15, 1998. Three Hopi elders, under the risk of threats to their lives, decided to brake with tradition and share the following vital information with the world through the medium of this radio show with it’s 22 million audience. One elder spoke in the Hopi language while another elder translated.

1) We decided to share this information in hopes that some lives may be save is why we’ve come forward at this time against tradition.

2) Some things coming up shortly. World War 3 will take place. There will be mass starvation. Lots of crops will not be able to grow due to erratic weather changes. Locusts hoards are already occurring in the southwest U.S. All these things will happen one after another as in a domino effect, one causing the next in fairly rapid succession.

3) This has happened before, in very ancient civilizations.

4) The animals, wild and domestic will turn against the humans along with the insects as the result of many abuses by humans of mother nature.

5) The Hopi’s know of UFO’s and are aware of life on other planets.

6) The "Purifier", from ancient Hopi legend, are the gods who will war, the positive one from the east, the negative ones from the west creating WW III.

7) After the great "Purification", there will only be one language spoken and it will be a world of harmony and unity and full intermarriage of all cultures and races. What one might call paradise.

8) The anti-christ is coming again and Christ will return again in the end times.

9) Our teachings that were given to us, those of us who’ve strayed away from them, it is already too late for those who’ve not already changed to the path truth and light.

10) The kachinas are real spirits and have their own "home". They come in the form of clouds. The Hopi’s ask help from them, and in a sense, pray to them.

11) The earth will shift on it’s axis and cause lots of earth changes.

12) There will be a large and devastating earthquake in California. The big earthquake that was supposed to happen there was lessened by the Tibetans that prayed there helped to lessen the size of the recent quake.

13) There is a white tribe in central America who were the original "Ghost Dancers".

Yours truly,


(Editors note: The above was forwarded to me and to another 100 who also forwarded. This is for you the reader to be aware the Hopi (and other native) prophecies are real. Many are coming to pass as will many others. As with the meditation of the Tibetans lessening the size of the earthquakes, so our combined meditation will lessen many of the remaining predictions. When we all focus our mind with Love in the Light on the healing of Mother Earth much can be accomplished. See the following articles for direction.)

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