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Celebration of Light - Global Meditation

August 16, 1998 9-9:30 AM Pacific time

--A Group Call to the Great Ones to Assist Humanity--

We are inviting you to join together to call upon the Great Ones to send light to humanity and to all life on earth. In preparation for the coming millennium, it is important that we strengthen the forces of light on the planet.

In this group meditation, we will join together to call upon the Great Ones and request that more light be sent to each of us individually, and to all life on the planet. You will volunteer to receive light from the Great Ones, and to transmit the light you received to others. To receive this transmission, join with all of us on the inner planes on Aug 16.......

Mark you calendar. Invite your friends, loved ones, and students to join us to call upon the Great Ones to strengthen the forces of Light on the planet. You are welcome to notify others of this group meditation as you talk to them, and through your newsletters, internet sites, or in other ways that honor the importance of this work.

--How to Call Upon the Great Ones--

Who are the Great Ones? These are Beings of Light who include the Masters and Enlightened Ones, and those who are even more evolved. Although they never interfere with free will, they can be called upon to assist humanity to evolve, to live as souls, and to assist humanity to lift some of the conditions present. They work through those who call upon them and can hear and respond to the energies they are transmitting. They respond only to group need and lend their assistance when called upon by enough sincere people. They are in touch with the highest forces of light, and can work from these high levels to help humanity create powerful changes.

Join with us in taking these steps Aug 16 to call upon the Great Ones

1. Relax your body, calm your emotions, and clear your mind. Let yourself grow more and more peaceful.

2. Call your soul or higher self to you and let yourself blend with it

3. Imagine that you can sense or see the souls of everyone who is joining together for this meditation. Invite in the souls of all lightworkers. Greet these souls, and feel the beautiful light that all of you are creating together.

4. Picture being joined by many Beings of Light who are here to join you as you call upon the Great Ones.

5. Everyone in the group calls upon the Great Ones to assist humanity by strengthening the forces of light on the planet. Join in this call by sounding an "om".

6. The Great Ones hear and respond. Receive their transmission of light into your head center. You may have a sense of their transmission or you may not. Let this light flow down into all your centers from your head center to the base of your spine. Finally, imagine your heart center becoming radiant with light.

7. Finish by sounding an "om" aloud. Imagine joining thousands around the world to send light from your heart center to:

*Your friends and family *To all those who are most responsive to your transmission

*To all light workers on the planet. *To all of humanity. *To the animal, planet, and mineral kingdoms.

Have no attachment to any results, for there may be none you can measure. You have just made a valuable and important contribution to humanity by asking for and receiving more light.

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