Tid Bits Gathered Here and There

Ode to Honey

Great Spirit, thru Trudy, sent you to me
Mother, in her wisdom, from our hurts set us free.
Trust, open-ness, acceptance and love were the test
We mastered these, shared with all who came hurting-well you know the rest.
Honey, as we now lay you to rest, in this home of love, spirit and respect
No more the pain in legs and hips and forgetfulness.
You are loved for who you are on all of the planes
indeed I’m honored that your life you shared with me.
We helped each other along the way for thirteen years your trust nere did sway.
The fears and scars we both came with were magically healed as if in a myth.
You assisted in all meditation, reading, healing, ritual, circle and class.
The combined energy expanded to all in the universal mass.
I called you ‘little girl’ because you were always young at heart
chasing your tail, playing and signing almost from the start.
You were more-you were regal, with an elegant air
A golden bundle of Light, joy, trust and love did you share.
A love like ours is quite unique
but you see we each a reason,...love and trust had to seek.
Blessings on thee, my little golden one as we lay you in the arms of Mother in your special spot
with the birds, the squirrels, the trees and under Grandmother Moon and Grandfather Sun.
Farewell my love, my friend, this is the beginning and not the end.

I love you Honey.

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Only Fare Well

Honey, Honey, Fare well to thee It seems only a short time you came to me
A timid hurt bundle of gold but grew into a joyous loving sight to behold.
Thirteen years to be exact but then who is counting or keeping track.
We were stronger with each passing year As we grew in trust and love and healed the scars of fear.
As below, so above All healing took place with the essence of Love.
And as you were crossing, your thoughts came to me, "My physical body with pain is set free.
"Death is but a hesitation on the bridge to other lives.
"Weep not for me my little one, we are connected in our energy vibs
"I am ready to experience another - and another.
But for a time I will just rest in the arms of Mother.
We are together always, Honey but I so miss you on the physical.
Say hello and give my love to Missy when you meet her.

January 7, 1999 4:50 PM (equals a 9)

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