April Messages

As with many of you, there are many changes and transformations going on in my life. I say a
thanksgiving prayer for that which I am about to receive. When I am made aware that something
really big is about to happen, I ask for; The right person with just the teachings, knowledge,
information, etc that is harmonious with my vibrations, is for my highest good to come into my life
and be made known to me. Ask and ye shall receive. Just such a person did come into my life.
Perhaps 8-9 years ago, in meditation I kept receiving a name of someone that was to help me and
would be instrumental in altering my life. The recognition would be by vibration, and the sincerity of
his "walking his talk", not by name nor content of information or knowledge. the name didn't mean
anything to me at the time since it was one big long word: dovenadel.
About a month ago, I heard about someone that would be coming to Wichita to teach classes on
certain procedures to help the body that he had founded. These procedures were more harmonious
and less stressful in assisting the body to heal itself with minor but powerful techniques. I had known
of these classes for the past couple of years and there was always so much in my life that I
couldn't/wouldn't alter my schedule.

This year I signed up for one of the classes, but wasn't going to be able to attend the whole session
because of prior commitments. Three days prior to the starting of the class while I was meditating, I
was given very specific directions. Those directions were that I had asked for just the right person
with just the right knowledge to be there for me and I WOULD MAKE TIME FOR THE WHOLE
TEN DAYS he would be here teaching. There were roadblocks that I kept putting up like not
having the money, having to reschedule classes and appointments. Once spirit say you will do, the
you do just that, and so I did. You know, everything started falling into place and the money

This has been perhaps the most informative, experiential, joy-filled, enlightening, and tiring but
refreshing adventure. When I was at work I could barely wait to get to class to see what more I
could learn. And the funny thing, but not really, is there was so much I already knew and had been
doing but hadn't a clue as to why. We are all guided and receive from the Universe at the
appropriate times in our lives. There were a few others who also said they had been using
techniques similar but didn't know why. We are all guided and receive from the Universe at the
appropriate times in our lives. When we are ready to be guided by unseen forces for the good of all,
wonderful and glorious things happen.

Yesterday was the last day of the classes taught by Dov Nadel and his innovative techniques of
NMR or Neuro Muscular Release. He comes here at least once a year to teach this class and has
many students and friends in this area.

Am I saying that Dov Nadel is a saint or a guru? No I am not. Am I saying that his way is the only
way to teach or his techniques are the only way to help people? No I am not. What I am saying is
that Dov Nadel is a very human man who is seeking and walking his spiritual path similar to some of
the rest of us. But unlike some, he truly does "walk his talk" and "talk his walk". He is a
Naturopath, personal health consultant and Sensei. He lives by the principals of teaching, doing
service to others, sharing human qualities, and having a genuine love for his neighbor and allowing
himself to be guided by his angels and inner wisdom. By unseen forces, his name was given to me in
an unrecognizable manner, when the time was appropriate he would be made known to me which
was at this particular time. He had much to offer me which I will incorporate into my own way of
ministering to others. Each of us in our own way "LIGHT the way thru LOVE and
SERVICE." (check out his website listed under White Dove's Network of Friends)

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