Easter Invocation

(Taken from the N.S.A.C. Spiritualist Manual for the Easter invocation)

O Great Guiding Force from out the Land of Spirit! -may we in our privileged hour of
communing in sacred fellowship, be worthy of its true import and radiance, be captives of the impressions and impulses coming from the world of Spirit. May our minds awaken to a deeper understanding of this Great Truth, that we may be guided in appreciation of the great art of Mediumship. May we guard and reverence this demonstrator of our Cause. May the eager expectancy that led us into this dawning Truth be rewarded by the kindling of the flame of consciousness of the nearness of the great Summerland to us. May we eagerly and earnestly seek the great riches which this beautiful Truth holds and be capable of visioning what its acceptance can mean to us through living its beautiful philosophy. Amen.

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