How I Came to Re-Connect With WhiteCrow

ACIM # 245
"Your peace is with me Father. I am safe."
I am safe and protected even in the midst of negativity for the peace of the father is a part of and surrounds me.

ACIM #251
"I am in need of nothing but the truth."
The truth will set me free. The One Truth is all there is and I try to live my life by that truth.

ACIM #237
"Now I would be as God created me."
I am a part of God and am pleased with me as I am. I care not to be what I am not just to please others

ACIM #247
"Without forgiveness I will still be blind."
Forgiveness allows me to heal my life and see with the eyes of love for all creation and judge not others.

ACIM # 270
"I will not use the body’s eyes today"
I will allow my mind and heart to see and guide me this and every day.

ACIM # 311
"I judge all things as I would have them be."
I will judge only thru and in unconditional love.

ACIM # 316
"All gifts I give my brother are my own."
I am a vessel thru which passes all gifts to all I come in contact.

AICM #228
"God has condemned me not. Not more do I"
When God loves me, who am I to pass judgement on myself. No more will I pass judgement on myself. I am a relfection and a part of God.

ACIM #226
"My home awaits me. I will hasten there."
My home is where my heart is. My heart is where God is. I am at peace with God through love and this reflects my home which is with me at all times.

ACIM #231
"Father, I will but to rememeber you."
And with my remembering comes instantaneous change.

ACIM #232
"Be in my mind, my Father, through the day."
God is always with me, a very part of me. It is I who forgets.

ACIM #296
"The Holy Spirit speaks through me today."
I am but a vessel when I remember God being and flowing through me.

ACIM #243
"Today I will judge nothing that occurs."
Nothing changes whether you judge it or not. Only my attitude and ability to be at peace with myself.

ACIM #247
"Without forgiveness I will still be blind."
Forgfiveness is the key to all, peace, harmony, balance and allows me to see all things clearly with new vision.

ACIM #251
"I am in need of nothing but the truth."
The truth shall and does set me free.

ACIM #221
"Peace to my mind. Let all my thoughts be still."
In seeking the quiet communication with God, all thoughts are stilled and peaceful serenity clams my mind. The mind of God and my mind are as one and I know bliss.

ACIM #233
"I give my life to God to guide today."
I release my need to control. God will guide me with wisdom for my highest good.

ACIM #230
"Now will I seek and find the peace of God"
As I seek, the love and the peace that passes all understanding is mine.

ACIM #227
"This is my holy instant of release."
Live each moment in union with my creator and know I am one with all.

ACIM #108
"To give and receive are one in truth."
Whatever you sow, so shall ye reap.
Sow or give yourself in love and you will receive ten fold the same in return.

ACIM #158
"Today I learn to give as I receive"
Giving is receiving and receiving is giving.

ACIM #159
"I give the miracles I have received."
As I give love, healing energy, spiritual insight and myself,
the void in me is constantly replenished so I am ever full.

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