Update 2012        
New High Frequency Angelic Gold Liquid Energy

Update 2012 for continuing thru and beyond 2012
New High Frequency Angelic Gold Liquid Energy

Are you ready to be the most dynamic energized person you can be? Are you ready to go out and help other people become their highest potential?  Well, now you can by submitting to an Infusion with the 9th & 16th dimensional high frequency energy called Angelic Gold Liquid Energy, AGLE. 

The information here is to be incorporated with the guidance first shared. Updates will be in bold or in ( ). 

Early in 2000 some definitive and amazing things were going on in my body, abilities, mind, etc and it continues.  Cleansing, transforming and high mental energy are only the beginning and I was anxious to know just what was going on.  Patience is what I am learning this life so I waited and journaled the various aspects of my changes.

Late 2006, I decided to cut the ties that bound me to my current 9-5 job of constraint and sought confirmation from a valued friend.  She had just been made aware of the Gold Angel energy while in Peru. Confirmation did indeed indicate that I was working with this gold liquid energy and it was from the  9th dimension.  In dreams and meditation, the Gold Angel would come to me and inform me they were from the 9th dimension and I had been chosen among others yet to come to work with this incredible high frequency liquid gold energy.  They assisted me in giving an acronym because it is un-namable and have been and continue to assist me all the way. This continues ongoing in all areas of my life and assisting others.

This wonderful valued person that I have known for a long time further confirmed that it was now the time to work with my healing group, infusing them and spreading the word.  There were other things that I had wanted confirmation,  but they seemed to come of and in their own time.  Primary was to work and fine tune and be support with this “old” new high frequency gold liquid energy.

December 2006 and January 2007, I was guided to give the Infusion #1 to all my healing group and several others who also ‘knew’ they were among the initial group.  We have held monthly meetings with the topics being channeled through me from the A.G.L.E..  Information and visual guided meditation and additional areas of use were only a few.  At each meeting the question is asked, “How is A.G.L.E. working and helping in your life?”  There are astounding reports and in every area. 

My dreams have intensified and become crystal clear as to what we are to do.  This is only the beginning.  January 2008, I was instructed to do an A.G.L.E. Infusion #2 on all of the initial group who chose to accept.

Update: March 2011 I received urgent messages and dreams giving directions for infusions III-VII.  These infusions were to be given in April and finished in October 2011, if possible prior to 2012.   Now after such a long pause from 2006 to 2011 I had wondered why and was guided NOW was the time, to do as many as possible and as quickly as possible.  Which is exactly what happened. And what a wild wonderful ride it has been and continues to be during the early months of 2012. November  2011, I started receiving more guidance and directives for the infusions, VIII – XII; instructed I would know when to start. That came about on 1-1-2012,  which we are in the process of doing to all who resonate in person, remote or distant. Geographic location matters not.
We are and have been working very closely with the Mayan 9th Wave and other chaotic energies that demand we transform and release all that no longer serves our purpose. 

Early in 2010 Whitedove was given guidance to share with all the value of wearing a moonstone to help balance and deflect the solar flairs bombarding the earth.  Ear rings, finger or toe rings, necklace are best as they are worn 24/7. May also be attached to underclothes, lapel, other items you wear.   The solar flairs actually are very beneficial but until you acclimate with the higher frequency can and may be potentially harmful.  The solar flairs are becoming more and more frequent and focus on the weakened portion of the physical or emotional body.  Moonstone normally is not worn for working with or harmonizing with the Sun energy. It is guidance I received and right on target.    

***Are you ready to be the most dynamic, energized person you can beAre you ready to go out and help other people become their highest potentialWell, now you can by submitting to an Infusion with the 9th & 16th  dimension high frequency energy called Angelic Gold Liquid Energy***

What have been some of the amazing results after the infusion?  Serenity, a feeling of total calm and protection in any situation.  Enhanced mental acuity and recall for testing and memorization.  Lifting the veil for children with mental and physical challenges and better interaction.  Assisting in balancing the male and feminine energies.  
Comprehension of creative methods.  Intense healing abilities and knowing how and what to do.  Releasing emotional trauma. Quickening, increased sensitivity and perception.  These are only a few of the many areas.

Update: Helping our minds to focus and maintain with intention for manifestation in the many areas that are for our highest good. Assisting the grief process in all areas with compassion, understanding and release.

A.G.L.E.  is for the person in the area of, but not limited to, all healing and healing modalities; dentist, eye, ear, medical, chiropractor, veterinarians, psychologist, emotional counselors, ministers, pastors;  teachers on all levels of education but not limited to and additionally those who interact with the challenged person, emotional and/or physical; scientific, and research.  Those who work with Mother Earth, in agriculture, the plants that provide our food and herbs for medicinal purposes such as farmers, forestry to name a few. A.G.L.E. is for everyone, for animals, purifying water, and the list goes on.

It is for the average person who can use a little focused direction in their life.   It is for the parents of the Indigo, Crystalline, and other Star children who are desperately needing someone to help them communicate.  It is limitless as to who and what it will assist and the result is almost instantaneous. This is only the beginning. This A.G.L.E. goes directly to the source of the problem to help resolve it. It can solve problems of all kinds, lessen pain, and the energy can even draw that pain from the body so it no longer needs to be experienced.(Unless there is a life lesson to be learned from these challenges.)  A.G.L.E. is boundless and can be used for any and everything. 

I am receiving higher frequencies from the 16th dimension that will be fine tuned within me and after recording and documenting will be ready to open that as well when I am guided to do so. (Update: April 2011 time is now. Infusions III thru VII to be done immediately.)

For now, the 9th ( & 16th) dimension high frequency Angelic Gold Liquid Energy is to be made available for ALL who resonate.  You know whom you are and will make contact. 

In 2006 there were only four people including me in the world who knew of this incredible liquid energy. And only two of the four  actually using it.  One person who lives in Siberia had recently started using this awesome liquid energy and I who have been using AGLE since early 2000 and been aware previous to that date.

(Update: The lady in Siberia is still only using for her own benefit and help heal others.  Whitedove is the only one who is sharing to all and infusing all who resonate for self-healing, balancing self, others and Mother earth, plants, animals etc.  With the constant barrage of chaotic energies, continuation and acceleration, it is vital that there are those who can assist others in balancing and helping.  A.G.L.E is the answer!!!)  

Blessings for a highflying time unlike you have ever experienced.  Be prepared to be transformed into the New You and help others to their highest potential to become all they were meant to be.

If you are one who resonates with this, please contact me for further information regarding an in person appointment.   Even though infusion is done individually, small groups are encouraged. Geographic location makes no difference. Update: In 2006, Whitedove traveled to infuse many.  November 2011, she was directed to initiate the A.G.L.E. infusions to those world-wide by remote, distant or triangulation.. She continues to do this with continuing requests, usually via word of mouth. Awesome!!

In the beginning, I was guided to receive a love donation of $259 for each of the Infusions. I traveled to many areas to infuse those who resonated in the early years. This is a high frequency number, 2 for partner, balance, 5 for positive change, 9 for Universal Divine Service added together 2+5=7+9=16=7, a spiritual high frequency.

***Update 2011, time is crucial for as many to receive A.G.L.E. infusions. I am guided now to infuse any who resonate for $25.90.   I am told there will be many.  The amount still has to add to the vibration of 7,  as stated above. US or American currency is necessary and appreciated.  There are now XII Infusions*****

Henria has been informed that since 2000, the energies we have been using are changing. Therefore the ways we used to solve problems in health and earth issues normally, just aren’t working.  The activating frequencies are changing and don’t work as well as they have in the past.  This new (old) Angelic Gold Liquid Energy will allow balance and harmony of everything; refining the old energies so they are more beneficial. As a person becomes more in tune with AGLE they will be drawn to wear more gold & gold colored items. Including clothing, home décor, bed clothes & bed covering, jewelry etc.

Unlike Reiki, and some other forms of healing energy, this is immediate acting energy.  Unlike Reiki, no permission is needed. You will find as you work for 21 days with this Liquid gold it works more evenly & you will notice a marked tho gentle difference. Whereas with some older energies it will make little  difference or you will see only a slight difference in the change of a situation.

A.G.L.E.,  the highest LOVE energy, is gentle, subtle and harmonizes with all other modalities of energy.

Initially when Henria Whitedove was receiving information in her dreams she was shown only seven levels.  The dreams are intensifying again, ongoing, and additional levels eight (8) thru twelve (12) are to be given immediately during 2012 for assisting during the chaotic, turbulence of 2012 and beyond. You can start to receive A.G.L.E. Infusion I thru XII at any time for great healing and balancing benefit.  Contact me via phone or email and put in subject line AGLE infusion..

Each month our A.G.L.E. group meets to share experiences, receive further information, energy and share with others.  Those who cannot attend tune in and connect telepathically receiving A.G.L.E. as the group receives.  The Golden Angel is in communication with us in healing and guidance.  We are a small group and growing and have been empowered with this awesome gentle, healing LOVE energy from the Divine. We are assisting in the transformation of ourselves and the world and the chaos that surround..

In her very early dreams, she was shown these infusions would be worldwide.  This has become a reality!!!.  A.G.L.E. infusions have now been given to those in the US, Canada, Japan, China, Hawaii, England, Sweden and India.  Additional requests usually ‘word of mouth’ are coming from the US armed services and  from Mexico, Peru, Russia and Australia and are in the process of receiving infusions.  The youngest person is 5mo old in the US and the oldest is 94 years in Japan. How is this possible?  By an intension &  commitment  from each to be at a certain place at a certain time; infusions will be accomplished by remote, distant, triangulation sharing. Geographic location matters not.  Appreciation is given for those who change love offering of $25.90 into US currency. 

As of July 2012, infusions are now being triangulated and given to animals; therapy, guide dogs, rescue dogs, cats, kittens, horses used for those unable to walk,& other animals all in the service of helping heal. So far we have infused a kitten for helping autistic children, Golden Retriever search & rescue dog & an  aged race horse helping MS, CF, paraplegics regain and relearn balance.

Whitedove is now also giving AGLE Healing Phone Sessions, call to set your appointment.

                                         Share this forward with any you choose.

Henria Whitedove is a Reiki Master Teacher as well as many other healing modalities.             A.G.L.E. harmonizes with all forms of positive healing.

Zavena Henria WhiteDove  RMT. A.G.L.E. EITM
P O Box 781792, Wichita, KS 67278  316 682 0693



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