Thanks with LOVE, GRATITUDE, and APPRECIATION for being in my life!
Oneness Blessing Family Sri AmmaBhagavan and each of you

Today I so saturated with Love and appreciation for each and every person in my life. You are a reflection of me and by being in my life, no matter how short or long a time, you are special.  On the other hand, I also reflect a portion of your life and I am honored to be that reflection. 

This saturation of Love for all is all consuming and what I feel is incapable of being transformed into mere words. I feel compelled to do something and so I am writing this to share with you.  Many of you are also going thru similar feelings.    Actions are limited since you are many and are so  scattered over the globe.   This post to my website and email will suffice and the vibration that is contained herein will permeate to all regardless if they understand or not or even if they receive it or not, it is the intent that I send this.

Each of you has been or is in my life for a reason; I don’t need to know the reason only acknowledge the fact.  My appreciation and gratefulness is intended whether I say it to you or think it. On some level you also are aware. 

My life has always been one communicating with Great Spirit, Goddess, or the Divine in all forms and so it continues.  Is it intensified now due to my connection with Oneness and all the blissful family of Sri AmmaBhagavan? 
Is it so much more intense this morning due to the web cast last night, 9-18-2010 CST, and all the other web casts? 
Or is it just that “All Things Are Happening Automatically.”, and are surfacing now. 

I am more aware of being in the present moment each hour of the day than ever before.  My senses are enhanced and heightened to the degree sometimes I have to leave an area due to my “feeling” what others are feeling, smelling, tasting.  This is only one of the many forms my life is changing. Others will experience something very different. 

What I am feeling is too large to stay enclosed within the walls of my self.  The feeling of Love and appreciation for all of you has be sounded and expressed or I truly feel I will burst. Screaming from the highest roof tops or mountains could not even put a dent into how I feel.  And so sharing how I am guided is what is happening.
Many of you who know me are aware I am a private person and don’t share my personal life often.  With what I am feeling now, things are happening and changing and we all need to share so we feel like family. If we feel JOY, LOVE, GRATITUDE share with others. Likewise, if we feel despair, depression, loss, grief, we also need to share this.  In sharing these latter feeling, the emotion is lessened and others become like a sounding board to you and you begin to understand what is happening.  Believe me, these are the times when we will experience what is hidden deep deep into our very being and when it surfaces needs to be addressed alone or with help.  Continue to stuff and it will manifest into a physical illness. 

Apparently the above needed to be said within this post and email although it just happened.  Remember to listen to your body and address any issues of past hurts.

I am so blessed by the many who have been in my life and are now returning. Many have been students and live in my neighborhood and just stop in to say hi. Others stop in after years, knock on the door and say, “Hey, Miss Whitedove, do you remember me when you taught classes?  Is there something I can do for you?”  This is happening quite frequently and I love and savor every visit or phone call.  When I have a need, someone shows up, when someone needs me, they call.  We help each other.

Many of you are following your own path and that is your right. You will be experiencing changes now or in the near future.  I guarantee it! :>)  How you go about it will make a difference in how quickly or how long it takes.  Things are changing and we must change.  Many are ready to help us, but we must use inner guidance in choosing what manner & who is to help us.

Bright Blessings filled with Love and Gratitude to each of you. 
And each of you truly does reflect the Divine.
Thanks for being in my life.
Thanks for Being.

Henria Whitedove



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