August 20, 21, 22, 2010


What an awesome weekend I had in my town of Wichita, KS.  August 20, 21, & 22, 2010 I attended a workshop, third that I was aware of and it was good.  It was held on the very west side of Wichita on Ridge Street in a hotel setting.  The AC was turned high and everyone was wearing the blankets they brought to lay on during meditation. 

OK let me set the scene,……….. It is Wichita in the late summer, the last of August, the temperature outside in the high 90’s and high humidity. Inside the hotel the AC is turned on to accommodate many bodies so very chilly.  Mercury is in retrograde so makes life very interesting.  Mercury has to do with commuting (transportation, driving, flying)  and communication and energy levels.  Just means everyone has to be more aware of what we hear, read and ask questions to make sure we really understand what we thot we heard or read.  It is also one of the times when intuition is unusually high in some people.  We also had a Full Moon in Virgo to help us  this weekend.

We were  on the basement level for room to accommodate our group and the level of music and dancing we did and less distraction for the guests renting rooms.   Michael Ma opened Friday evening by introducing most of the trainers who were there.  Debra Garver from Oklahoma City, OK, an angel in our midst with all the qualities of connection with the Divine, Maleena   from Los Angeles, CA, fairy energy, happy, laughing connecting the divine in all forms and Michael Ma originally from California, now a Kansan who does Oneness Blessing outreach to the prisons, unaware communities in and around the area.   Michael has very old wise sage energy in a very young body and has such a happy spirit that just by osmosis you become happy in his midst..  Matt Lilly the Oneness Blessing trainer who brought the phenomena to Wichita in March 2010 had other commitments for Friday but was there doing his part Saturday and Sunday.  The energy of two males and two females was evenly balanced and a good mix. 

Michael orchestrated a fantastic  weekend of  learning, laughing, healing, sharing, growing, dancing,  and interacting.  Debra led us thru a Power Point presentation with  information on the charkas and how they interact with everything we do;  when they are open what the energy field looks like and how you feel when you are open and when you are closed.  We had breathing, chakra and  Yoga workouts everyday and sometimes more than once led by Debra, Maleene or Michael.  Many were completely unaware of the chakra system and how it relates to how you feel, emotionally or physically on any given day.  Music was definitely a big part of the whole weekend and as a background and also focal point.  Music connects directly to the emotions and cells.  Certain types and tempos of music actually enhance the brain to take in more information and retain more.  All this happened this weekend.  Many also said there was so much going on how could they every remember even with copious notes we each took,  the answer is,……….. the music, what we eat, deeksha (blessing), hugging, interacting  all will be retained and you will remember.  Don’t stress, it is there and there will be triggers that will allow you to remember just what happened at a certain moment or with a certain person, or certain ‘ah ha’ moments. 

I felt so privileged to attend a workshop in Wichita with many people I knew and meet a wonderful group that soon became family.  Most importantly to me was sitting and watching each of these people grow in understanding and awareness of how really awesome is the Oneness Blessing phenomena and learning how to connect to the Divine and knowing others share similar challenges.  It makes no difference if you are brand new to this movement or have been aware for years; this weekend was very healing, enlightening and rewarding.  If anyone came and left and said they received nothing, they didn’t have their hands and hearts open to receive.  That is what energy, love energy is all about, giving and receiving with intent.

Now that I have given a brief overview let me go back to Friday evening.  Michael welcomed all and then talked about the topic for the evening, a very important and timely topic, I might add……… Relationships.  Sri Amma Bhagavan have many teaching on relationship and the process for going back and healing certain ones so as to enable us to make those we have now healthy.  Certain relationships have to do with certain aspects of our day-to-day life and until we correct them, our lives will continue to be un-balanced or mis-aligned.   For instance if we had a  troubled relationship with our father or father figure, we might have financial problems.  We see our mother and father in every person we have as a friend or acquaintance in our live.  

We were honored thru, Skype, a direct real time communication, with a fully ‘awakened’ person by the name of Alena.  She gave experiences of how she felt before and after and that she exists totally in the now, the present moment.   There are many yogis who meditate for life and never reach the state she is in now.  It all has to do with the fact that the Avatars Sri Amma and Sri Bhagavan, both had a vision and it has become a reality, but more importantly they had a life’s mission this particular life to lead people into the Oneness Blessing Family.  I will share  websites you can research for more information on this at the end of this narrative. 

What is written here is my truth, how I perceive it and how it affects me and how I relate to it.   It is also my very strong belief that ‘there is no accident’ everything happens for a reason..  As Sri AmmaBhagavan states…. “All things are Happening Automatically’.  We think we make goals, set deadlines ,,,,,,,,,,,,, not so,  if it is meant to be, then it will happen automatically, sometimes co-insiding with our plans ( and we take credit, ha, ha. ) or with some tweaks here and there by the universe..

The next morning bright and early, we did simple exercise, similar to yoga and breathing exercises.  We were also cautioned throughout the weekend and prior to eat light food and drink plenty of water.  What we put into our bodies makes a difference how we receive and utilize the energy we have.  Each day we were given a blessing and in Sanskrit this is called Diksha or Deeksha.  It is a laying on of hands onto the head of the receiver.  This laying on of Diksha is causing the brains cells to reactivate., to engage, to become alive.  It is documented proof  the human brain only uses a very small portion, I believe about 80%is unused, and  just lays dormant.  Diksha opens it and makes it come alive, thus helping  cause the Awakening to happen.  As I mentioned in another article I wrote, I see energy and have all my life.  It is beautiful and awesome to watch when Diksha is given to a person.  There is documented proof taken by electrical thermagraphics  that show the before and after.  What I witnessed this weekend and each time I give or receive Diksha, it is spell binding.  It is wonderful to behold. 

As Saturday progressed we did more relationship processing, listening to music all the time, allowing all the information to filter into our new found cells in our brain.    Maleena spoke on the topic of Sri Amma’s teachings for parenting and raising of children.   Copious notes were taken by all.  We could see how our parents were following how their parents had been raised (in most cases) and how patterns are set up and followed almost by rote.  Also the moment of conception and what is happening will affect your child.  The body has memory and what happens while you are in the womb also directly affects how you interact, what fears you may have, what music or food you may love….. Everything is connected. 

Another teaching from this weekend is “Your vulnerability is your greatest strength”.  Using your weaknesses can make you stronger.  Your greatest teacher is one what has brought you to your knees, so to speak, in bringing out your survival instincts and making you stronger in spite of yourself.  A protective mother will find the strength to move immoveable objects, circumstances for the safety and well-being of her offspring.  Find your vulnerable side and allow it to show you where your potential to grow in strength.

So much was covered in such a short period of time.  There will be other Oneness Awakening workshops and I will attempt to note them on my website or you feel free to call me and I will share.  All of the many topics we covered will be covered at other times.  Only a very few are listed here.  The others are equally important,… time and space allows for only a few  at this time.

Debra touched on “Global Nature of Humanity”.  The vibrations is every increasing.  We become more resonate with the Divine. The Oneness Blessing Phenomena is world wide and growing. Sri Bhagavan is touching the lives of millions worldwide and this increases daily. There are times we ‘catch’ Karma just by being human and connected to the ancient mind.  We may by sad for no reason.  We may be joyful for no apparent reason.  It just is.  We are connected and feel the vibrations of others, so feel as they do.  This is the  reason it is so vital  to be mindful of what is in your thoughts and words.  The connection is becoming stronger.  And like attracts like.    We have all been given a beautiful tool to use and we must take responsibility and use it wisely…., this awesome vibration frequency and share  with all…………The Oneness with the Divine.  We are indeed changing the world.

The Growth formula is INTENT + EFFORT+ GRACE = GROWTH
Intent differs from desire.  Intent makes you want to move, get out the door and MAKE THIS HAPPEN.  You want to leave your mark.  You want to co-create your new reality into your solar plexus  from your HEART

Desire is what I wish for, one day, no major urging to get you off the couch and make it happen.  It is in the future and hasn’t received the increased amp to get things moving.  Maybe you are thinking someone will come along and help you make it happen or right now it really is too much effort and where will you find the time or money to get it done.    A major difference in desires and Intents

Effort- How to make this happen.  You propel yourself to research,  put action into your thoughts and  make what you co-create a reality.  You may have ideas, inspirations, spontaneous moments of insight that you will act on.  This does not take away from what Sri Bhagavan teaches…..All Things Are Happening Automatically.  Of course they move automatically when they are in alignment with the Divine.

GRACE FINDS YOU.  Gives you the energy and takes you further than you have every been before or have dreamed of going.  Takes you outside yourself to be the person you truly are but don’t see.  Grace carries, holds and wraps you in total awareness, total love and allows you to become your dream.

The best growth comes from pain and abundance  of grace is very apparent.  

Let go and allow.  Growth is not comfortable.  Let the Divine lead you to the cliff and stand with you as your jump off into the void. 
Grace has bigger dreams for you than you could ever have for yourself.  Grace turns into the Divine.

When you have fixed goals and won’t budge from those, all other opportunities and outcomes collapse.  Allow the Divine to guide your life.
When a person says, maybe I will do that or maybe I can do that…………this is desire……….  INTENT IS ACTION and knowing your will be supported by the Divine,

Spiritual Law is Intent+Effort+Grace
Ask yourself these questions….  Is your effort mutually beneficially nourishing to yourself and others?
Is your effort consistent with your growth?    
If it is not, turn around and go back, it will collapse  
What is holding you back?  Is physical suffering, psychological suffering, emotional suffering,  or spiritual suffering?  These are roadblocks and your mind attempting to redirect your goals into something simple that it can control.
With Spiritual Law we grow into our Awareness.
What we, each of us, do affects all people
You walk into a room and your presence shifts the energy, sideways, up & down, in all directions and beyond the room.
We, Oneness Blessing Givers, are Ushers of the World
We, Oneness Blessing Givers, are elders of all Nations
We, Oneness Blessing Givers, are the only ones who know before the Shift arrives.

There were so many excellent teachings, it boggles the mind.  This weekend was awakening, (as all that I have attended and will attend), and the topics covered are directly in line with the timely teachings and guidance of Sri AmmaBhagavan.  The vibrations, teachings, are only going to intensify.  One other phenomenon is the planets are helping with their energy to make this happen.  Some of the planets are in alignment to other planets they have never in our lifetime been associated.  This itself is GRACE at work for our highest good and for the highest good of the planet and all her inhabitants.

Sunday was the chocolate topping (bliss) on the wonderful smorgasbord of awesome spiritual food from which we feasted.  Many beautiful servers attended our every need and made sure we had plenty.  My utmost humble thanks to all, Matt, Michael, Debra and Meleena, plus others who helped.

Sunday, we did breathing exercises  which prepared us for the strenuous day before us.  Plenty of nourishing tidbits of nuts,  & fruits  were there for us to nibble on as well as pure water to quench our thirst.  When you work with energy, you must hydrate yourself constantly otherwise you become dizzy, lethargic  and/or extremely tired. 
Malta (sp) beads were given to each new Oneness Blessing Giver and congratulated.  Contact information was circulated for all email and contact information from all present.  This information within a short period of time must be sent to the headquarters at the Oneness Blessing Temple in  India.  Sri AmmaBhagavan is aware of each and every person who becomes a Oneness Blessing Giver and how often those who are already OBG attend.  It is gratifying to know, we are just statistics but actual people with energy and presence to Amma and Bhagavan.

Directions were given to us as to what to expect when we did the Mukthi Diksha and what it would do to us, for us while we were having fun doing it.  For 49 minutes, we would be constantly moving, dancing, swaying to the music while constantly repeating the following mantra.  I Am Existence, Consciousness, Bliss.  All this chanting and moving to the various tempos of music is changing us at a cellular level and  acclimating our bodies/brains to become more awakened and receive the Diksha.   

As in all that we did this weekend, there was given a time to do Mauna,  inward and reflect, sometimes thru mediation or directly after, but processing of all has to occur.  The silence or inner reflection is given as a directive and even a simple vocal answer of yes or no is  discouraged.  From this inner reflection, we receive a great deal of insight and encouraged to write those down in a journal we brought or was provided for us. 

The other large room was opened, chairs pushed against the wall and room made for all the dancing bodies we would become for the next 49 minutes.  The tempo of the music was fast, slower, then upbeat, then slow, then fast to allow for our movement rhythm to take over.  It is much better than any aerobic exercise known.  You are encouraged to do free movement or free dance, just keep moving.  This has to do with the cells getting oxygen, changing our cellular structure from within  outward.  When I do this at home I have learned to pace myself and not start off fast just keep a moderate tempo of movement for continence.   Chanting the specific mantra  I am Existence, Consciousness, Bliss, is a must as it is also part of the process of changing from within to out and re-structuring  our cells.  Also when I dance, I close my eyes and feel the movement so much more intensely.  I did this at any workshop I attend and seldom bump into any of the swaying, gyrating bodies.  We had ample space to move and that helped.   

After this wonderful accelerating 49 minutes of dancing, we retrieved our yoga mats, blankets, pillows, whatever and found a floor space and rested.  Then one of the trainers would come to usher us to the altar where we would say our prayers, our intensions, give gratitude for all we receive, give homage to the Divine in the many forms of the following but not limited to this list:  Jesus, Sri Amma, Sri Bhagavan, Mother Mary, Buddha, Angels, LOVE, Mother Earth, Tara, Star Beings, Great Spirit, whatever form the Divine comes to you or you perceive. 

When we come to the altar there are statues, photos, something that depicts the divine; and something else -   wooden shoes with a knob to hold them on the feet. These are like the shoes worn by those who were poor, and symbolize the shoes of the master, gurus, any that represent the Divine to you.  When you think in the bible of Jesus washing the feet of his disciples, or Mary washing the feet of Jesus, it is a gesture of service and devotional love.  When you come to this altar and give homage to the Divine as you see or feel them, you feel the essence of all the forms the Divine takes all over the world. 

When Diksha or Deeksha is given, it actually enhances whatever belief system you already have in place.  There is no changing to another belief or person or anything of that nature.  Christians are more profoundly enhanced with their faith an it becomes stronger, Buddhist become more profound in their belief,  If you believe in nature spirits or animal spirits, that becomes more enhanced.  There is no changing, only stronger ties to the Divine as you connect or perceive.

When we first started this Awakening workshop sojourn, I had an intention and wrote it down as I have for each that I have attended.  This time, my intension became manifested. Tears streamed down my cheeks and filled my eyes and continued as I was ushered back to my blanket and for some time after.  For this weekend, it was fulfilling and very healing and awakening.  As abundance manifest in my life I will travel to as many locations as I am called to fulfill my service of love.  This only enhances what my statement of truth has been since the late 1980’s when I professionally started my path.  Whitedove’s Message is ‘Light The Way thru LOVE & Service!”  This I do now with more fervor  as I continue to do what I am called to do and in addition to follow in my service as a Oneness Blessing Giver.
After the rest, we each went for a lunch break and return for an even more enlightening afternoon.  When I became an OBG July 11, 2010 in KC, I was a participant in the 64 Diksha.  Depending on total number of people, that is when you have groups of seven and eight people in a circle and each goes around and gives a blessing or Diksha to the one on their left.  The group of seven had to go an extra round when they gave diksha. They would start off by giving themselves diksha, putting your hands on your head in a specific way and spot, then when the gong sounded the person appointed would get up and  give to the person immediately to their left.  This would go on until each person had a round and then start all over again for eight times.  To make up for the  person not there in a circle of 7, each would give themselves a blessing after.  The circle of 8 was straight forward and start giving yourself, then each would take 8 turns.  This weekend, we learned from Meleena a different way, the way they do it in the LA area.  It did go quicker and we had a break between each session and physically moved from one circle to another so we had different energy to receive and share.  We had a circle of six. The person starting would apply diksha to themselves when the gong sounded, then move to the left, clockwise, and when finished with that round would tap  the next person.  Meanwhile as soon as the person starting would move to give a blessing to the first person, they had their hands on their head and when the gong sounded they would get up and all would proceed and when they finished they would tap the next person.  It went much quicker and after you got into the rhythm, it flowed very well.    We had enough for five circles with four trainers and one OGB acting as the center for that circle.  These five would be stationary and the rest of us moved from one circle to another.  We had a five minute time out between each session.  After we had completed the process for all five circles, we went back to our floor space to do our Mauna, silent inner reflection or sleep or rest or whatever we chose.  When  we had rested a while, music would be turned up and we would rearrange our chairs and sit.  The new Oneness blessing Givers were given their certificate, congratulations, hugs, crying, laughing took place.  We quieted and the trainers gave their expression of thanks for each attending, like many times, tears from the trainers as well are free flowing but also a tribute to those they led in this workshop and sharing the Oneness Blessing Phenomena., the connection from/to the Divine.

In this narrative, if the process of anything is not as it was presented it is due only to my oversight and not to the trainers.  This is the second time that I have had 64 diksha and not completely familiar with the logistics.  Meleena did a wonderful job by making a tape with the gong sounding every 30 seconds and telling each what round it was.  My thanks to you for sharing this new way with us.  My thanks to each of the trainers for taking us thru these timely teachings of Sri AmmaBhagavan and sharing your own emotional experiences when you went to Fiji, Australia and India to become a trainer.  And a big thanks to all the new OBG’s  who shared their personal stories and shared the energy with all of us this weekend.  It was no accident that we all choose this time to come together. Thanks Robyn and Grant for sharing your energy sitting next to me  this weekend. Some were signed to attend and couldn’t, that is the way it is.  Only those who were supposed to attend did. Many by direct inner guidance.  Thank you for paying attention to your inner guidance, this weekend has changed your life. 


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