Tru’sona through Whitedove – June 2009

We are Tru’sona and we are from the present- past- future, for all is the same.
We are LOVE, light, sound frequency, vibration and energy in all dimensions.
We have been monitoring your vibration, Whitedove, and guiding you to universal frequencies and vibrations over the recent years to share with others.

It is good that you are dispelling the fear frequency or energy to all you come in contact.  Through the consistent effort of you and others it is diminishing.  Happy are we also that you continue to reach beyond and interact with other dimensions.  In so doing, all send and instill vital information to you to be shared with others in your classes, your messages and as you live your life as an example. 

Happy are we that you are sharing your wisdom about frequency-vibration-electromagnetic fields and the interconnectedness and compatibility of energy.
In this manner of sharing/teaching you make it fun to learn. When you learn with fun, you retain more because you are in a relaxed mode.  Many of those you share our information are forming their own vibrational connection with the worlds/universes beyond. Their positive thoughts and light are transforming their dull and stress-filled lives into positive high energy they too share with others.  The many modalities you choose to share are but a drop in the your ocean.

As each one grows we guide them to their highest potential dissolving the fear and anger that leaks their energy.  We urge for each to focus on the positive and disallow fear and anger to intercept.  When the latter happens – it again gains control so a roller coaster ride it becomes.

The frequencies – negative fear and anger – positive LOVE and light are increasing and will continue. This increase is a cleansing for all to let go – forget – live in the current moment for the two cannot occupy the same space and energy. MOVE FORWARD! The more each of you resists letting go of old hurts – life patterns – getting even, the change in frequency becomes difficult. You set in motion the degree of difficulty by your own choosing to resist the change.
As you become more adept at co-mingling the higher vibration with what is in your own body, we will consistently -sometimes at a fast rate and other times at a slower- remover all the lower vibrations.  As this happens you will become aware that you are no longer comfortable with thoughts, feelings, interactions with some people, manners in solving problems, and food and drink choices.  ACCEPT and  APPRECIATE all the new found confidence as you move forward.

During this exchange in energy and especially for those open to and used to transformation, and change, you are the WayShow-er and Star Blazer.

When any of you resist the letting go – you will find your energy becomes less as if someone has pulled the plug and all the air is deflating from you.  Many will become alarmed and seek medical advice. And there may be need as your fear has manifested into a physical malady. 

For those who readily accept the co-mingling and energy exchange and listen to their body, there will be short periods of time your energy seems less.  This is your cue to seek more rest for your body and mind. Do not over indulge in food or drink at this time. When your body says you need rest and sleep, pay attention. 

This exchange is frequently administered during your sleep period lasting for three to four nights once or twice a thirty-day period.  At times if any of you start releasing old habits – fear – anger, you may experience an increase  at a time.  This will include days and nights and up to seven to eight in a row.
BE AS GENTLE WITH YOURSELF AS YOU CAN TO ASSIST IN THIS LETTING GO      CLEANSING.  Liken this to your physical body eliminating bad food you ingested to cleanse and balance, once again, the harmony in your system. Listen to your body – rest and drink plenty of pure fresh water.

When this intense cleansing happens, it will be in short spurts, UNLESS you consciously request for it to continue.  We always monitor what is happening – no harm will ever come to you.  If you request for intense cleansing to continue and we KNOW it will not be for your highest good and depleting to your physical body, we will override your request.

We continually share information and guide Whitedove in the various methods – inter-connecting the modalities and manner of application with physical frequencies such as Young Living therapeutic essential oils, acupressure, vita-flex, Raindrop technique, tapping using sound and YL oils, food combinations for highest frequencies as well as universal energy of Reiki and inter-dimensional vibrations such as AGLE.  When needed more will be forthcoming in week and months for sharing and teaching and administering.

Now it is to the point in time, we urge all of you to communicate and ask questions. No longer are you to quietly sit by and allow others to tell you what in your heart you know is not for you.  If any of you reading this have any questions, we refer you to Whitedove  for answers.   If answers are not immediately available she will ask for us to return and answers will be forthcoming.

Whitedove you will now share this with all you have daily contact as well.

Thank you Whitedove for opening to receive our missive today.  Continue in raising your vibration and teaching others how to raise theirs.

We are Tru’sona from the highest source of LOVE and Light.

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